Thursday, March 31, 2011

Travel Bucket List - Running with the Bulls

First up on my travel bucket list is the running of the bulls in Spain.  Why on earth would I want to do that?!?  Why not!  Don't tell me that 90% of red blooded males haven't thought of running with the bulls made famous due in part to Ernest Hemingway's legendary book, "The Sun Also Rises."

(it's location in Spain)

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What is it?  The running of the bulls is an annual tradition that takes place in Pamplona, Spain each July.  It's part of a festival to honor Saint San Fermin.  The basic purpose of the event it to get the bulls from their corrals to the bull ring where some good old fashion (non-PC) bull fighting will occur.   Officials pre-line up the streets with wooden barricades to keep the bulls on track to the ring.  In most places, daredevil runners can slip thru the wooden fence if need be but the slots are too small for a raging bull.

Try watching this and NOT getting excited

For 7 straight days you can join in on the insanity at 8am so long as you're 18+, sober and crazy enough to do it.  Officials send up a rocket signaling the corral gates are open.  Runners sing a benediction twice, once in Spanish then in Basque, then it's go time.   Once you hear a second rocket, you know that all six bulls and six steers have been released.    Run boy run, you might be getting trampled by them soon...

About the run:  The run itself  is 903 yards (compare to a 100 yard football field Americans) and the speed of the beasts is usually about 15MPH.  Beings a typical runner can hit 15-20 MPH on a good day without inference, you don't stand a good chance of just running ahead of the bulls.    So keep good footing and keep your eyes out for barricades where you can jump thru and save your life (or ass)!

Have people died?   Yes.  Since 1910 15 people have been killed.  In 1995 USA runner, Matthew Tassio was killed by a bull from goring.  Each year about 200 to 300 people are injured but a lot of those are from falls on their own and aren't that serious.

So let's recap:  It's an event where you run with bulls risking injury or even death just to watch the bulls get killed that night just to honor a Saint.   Ok, I'm in!    Why do it?   For me, it's about facing a challenge in life full on.  This event is deep in history and tradition, I just want to do it to feel alive. 

A hotel in Russia comes out with a sexy staff calendar!

Congress Hotel in Nizhny Novgorod, Russia had a problem.  All of their employees thought they were the hottest things in Russia.  So how to solve the problem?   Release a calendar for the hotel and let the public vote!   They have a whole bunch of photos in the link below, but I prefer them dark, so this is the one you guys get.  :-)

(my favorite but I can't tell what place she's in, it's in Russian)

Congress Hotel is located in Russia's 4th larges city and has over 500 guests suites and apparently a lot of sexy employees.    They have prices ranging from 3,300 rubles to 15,000+ per night ($117 to $532 per night US) according to this posts release dates conversion rates.  Convert for yourself here:  RUB to USD.
See more of the ladies

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Female rapper, Foxy Brown, get's the boot off a cruise ship

What do you get when you cross a cruise ship and a diva passenger throwing a mega-bitch fit over something that was her fault in the first place?   The unruly passenger "walks the plank" at the first port-of-call the ship can find.   

Last week, 32 year old Foxy Brown was on a Royal Caribbean cruise as a performer for the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise which is an annual event for fans of Joyner's radio show.   Word has it that she had a manicure scheduled with the ships beauty department but ran about 3 hours late.  When she finally did arrive they were booked and couldn't do her nails.  So Foxy went nuclear and cause a MAJOR scene. 

(the un-manicured Foxy)

Ship officials escorted her back to her room and kept her under guard till the ship could make it to the next port-of-call, Grand Cayman, where they asked her to get off the boat!   As reported, you have to be pretty wicked nasty to get kicked off a cruise ship.  Way to go Foxy!

The Voyager of the Seas was on a round-trip sailing from Galveston, Texas, that departed March 20.

Summer is coming back

Call this a booty loving, summer 2011, warm up special post...


The end

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you like the entertainment coordinator's of Hedo?

There's a growing battle over at Denny P message board about Hedonism II's entertainment coordinators in Negril Jamaica.  Should they still be there?  Do they serve a purpose?  Would you vote to keep them there?

(hand check)

Myself, I like them.  They're not always useful but hey, they're fun to have around.  They tend to be both good looking and younger and often times with tons of excess energy.  That's what bothers some, they feel the EC's are just too loud.

As one frustrated resort guest wrote, "I find them loud and obnoxious.I come to Jamaica to relax and enjoy myself. I do not need the loud packs of immature hooligans disrupting the place."

Or as another guest wrote, "The best times I have spent with any of the EC's has been when we get to talk to them and just get to know some of them. Turns out some are pretty cool people."

           POLL TIME
Do you like the EC's of Hedo?

Save your MPG on the road

As the summer kicks in and the prices of gas goes up it's the perfect time to remember a few gas saving tips.  If you travel from Manhattan to Boston it's about 225 miles.  Take a car that gets around 25MPG and you got yourself using 9 gallons of fuel.  At $4 bucks a gallon, you'll be spending $36 in fuel.  

How could you insure you're getting the best in gas mileage?

#1.  Just slow down  (lower RPM's = higher MPG)
#2.  Keep the tires properly inflated (duh)
#3.  Go easy when you accelerate  (you're not in a race)
#4.  Hang with the big rigs  (they don't stop and go as much)
#5.  Clean out your car (toss out that trash and weight less)

It's just the little things that can add another 20% to your fuel efficiency.  The bottom line, keep your car's maintenance current and don't drive like a damn race car driver.  Your money clip will be thanking you later.

Monday, March 28, 2011

My travel bucket list

I've been thinking a lot lately.  I'm not getting any younger and while I can still move around, I have things I want to do!   So I'm going to come up with a travel bucket list of the things I'd like to do, while I still can.   I'm not talking about spending a week at the beach in Florida.  I'm talking extreme activities!   

So without further a due, here's my bucket list...

1.  Run with the bulls in Spain

2.  Climb Devil's Tower in Wyoming

3.  Sail from the US to Honduras and back

I'll be doing subsequent post later that highlight each of my planned adventures in more detail.  Hell, you might even want to try any of those 3, live big!!!

Is this Senera Willimas commerical too hot for TV?

Here's a commercial put out by a gaming company for promotion.  It never made it mainstream because some people thought it was too hot for TV.   It features curvy tennis phenom Senera Williams "playing" tennis with a gaming champ...

Maybe I've just seen too much in my life, but I don't think this video is that bad.  Maybe it's not for daytime TV but come one....really, is it too sexy?  I know I like the clip about 9 seconds into it...:-)

 Top Spin 4
Top Spin 4 for $54

BONUS PIC:  Huge Senera Booty on the Beach.

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Get a cheap Pedometer today on Amazon

How many miles are you putting in on that cruise stop, or in that foreign city?  Here's one way to find a digital pocket pedometer.  It works off your steps, and it takes about 2,000 to 2,500 steps to equal one mile.  

Omron HJ-112 Digital Pocket Pedometer

Attach at the hip, put it in your pocket, or clip it to a bag and start your workout. View your step count, distance traveled, time spent, and calorie consumption on the LCD display. The unit stores seven days of data in memory and comes with a belt holder and security strap.

The list price of this gadget is $34 bucks but most days you can find it for $20 on Amazon,'s only $16!   So 'step up' and get one...get it?  Step up?  Ok, I'm going back to bed.  :-D

Angie's Resturant - Fort Hancock, TX

While driving thru West Texas I made a stop at a Shell gas station to get some fuel.  Well, a guy can get hungry on the road!   So right next door was a small concrete block building that looked at least like a restaurant.  But in this area of the world you see lots of former restaurants now turned ghost buildings, was this one of those?

I poked my head in this Angie's Restaurant and found it to be open, I think.  We went back and filled up the truck and decided, what the hell, and went into Angie's Restaurant.  There were about 3 what looked to be locals in there dining and Angie, the Angie.  She sat us down and gave us a few menus but I couldn't help but to look around at the decor and restaurant itself.  It's hard to describe.  It smelled like years of home cooking, Texas dust and an old house.  Our booth had it's seats partially held together by old duct tape.  I'm pretty sure if Angeie's was in Los Angeles it's have a F rating in terms of cleanliness.

The menu was surprisingly expensive for the type of establishment that it was.  Our lunch of a Mexican platter (rice, beans, cheese enchiladas and two tacos), a plate of fries (the frozen kind you get at your local market in a bag) and two ice teas ended up costing $16.75.   Add in a tip and 1 and 1/2 lunch turned into a $20.

But what about the food?   Angie whips up her own salsa daily and it was pretty good.  The food itself was nothing special.  Being so close to Mexico I would have figured for more authentic Mexican comida but it wasn't that bad.  I was afraid to eat from the kitchen truthfully and that's why I went for a can of Coke and the fries.  

View Larger Map

I guess places like Angie's are awesome to visit for the sake of an adventure.  Would I really be sitting here blogging had we hit a chain restaurant?   So if you're in West Texas and feeling adventurous, hit up Angie's, and see what adventures await you. 

Saturday, March 26, 2011

United Continental to add Wi-Fi to more than 200 aircraft

United Continental woke up this year and decided to install WiFi on more than 200 domestic aircraft ending it's run of one of the last major airlines NOT to have WiFi.

 United Continental also includes Continental, which merged with United late last year.  The two airlines are trying to merge to make one more familiar brand.  Passengers will have access both to Wi-Fi access and to more than 95 LiveTV stations, United Continental says in a release.

Welcome to the 2000's United.   Read about how airplanes get WiFi here:  WiFi in the sky - how do they do it.

More photos DR Nights Erotic Resort

We got more photos coming out of the worlds hottest escort resort, DR Nights.  This is THE resort for guys (or women) that want to take an all-inclusive vacation where the food, drinks, room, entertainment and even the LADIES are included.  They have specials that start off at a grand (air not included) and they go up to 100k if you're a big spender.

Check out their web site to see any current specials they got going on:  DR Nights.  They've also recently hired 4 more escorts for guests to "get to know."  :-)

(DR Nights is right on the ocean, in fact, you can fish there)

If you like Hedonism II then you'll REALLY love DR Nights.  It's pretty much the same thing, but ladies are included. 

(Escort Yvonne is chilling till you get there)

(take a swim in the pool with your new lady friend, whichever one you choose)

(the end)

Again, visit them at, DR Nights for more photos.

Friday, March 25, 2011

The only video I've posted twice...

And I think you understand why.

That beach sure looks nice.

The Standard Hotel in Los Angeles - A review

We've reviewed Andre Balaz's hotel 'The Standard' in NYC with their infamous exhibitionist windows & how you can buy a piece of The Standard.

Now it's time to check out The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles.  First the stats:  It's a former oil headquarter office building built in 1952 and it's been converted into this hip hotel.  The hotel has 184 rooms (plus 23 suites) and rates can be as cheap as the upper $100's up to the lower $500's depending on the room and day you book.

Amenities include a gift shop, hair salon, a 2-story lobby lounge that dubs as a disco complete with pool tables plus DJ and a restaurant that's open 24/7.   It's best feature is it's roof top pool and bar.  It's got amazing views of Downtown LA plus the scene there is much like a Hollywood club, it's jamming.

(the 12 story The Standard in Downtown Los Angeles - since 2002)

One sexy feature of the hotel is the bathrooms in the rooms.  They feature glass walls so you better not be shy.  Lots of reviewers either like it or hate it, depending on who they booked the room with.  If you're with your SO, it's great....if you're with a casual friend on business, yikes.

(the infamous glass bathroom walls, you can curtain up the commode)

The roof top pool is always hot.  They got a DJ up there so if you're on floors 10 or up you might be hearing the noise till they shut down around 1:30am, but this hotel is not a place where you come to relax, it's the more a hip party type of hotel.  Drink prices can be pricey at $15 and more but as a guest of the hotel, at least you don't have the pay the $20 cover charge for the roof top club on Friday and Saturday nights.

You might remember the pool at this Standard from 2007 when Brittany Spears decided to get topless in the pool with some random college dude.  Check the story here:   Brittany parties at The Standard.
  • Free Wifi for guest
  • Parking is $30 for one day
  • The beds are platform beds
  • 24-hour gym facilities
  • 24/7 room service available
  • On-site dry cleaning
(locals tip:  you can go to the pool for FREE, even as a guest)

 For more info, visit them at:  Standard Hotel.

An air traffic controller possibly snoozes on the job

Federal aviation officials are investigating why an air-traffic supervisor at Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport failed to answer the radio and phone for at least 20 minutes this week while controllers at a nearby facility repeatedly called the tower and juggled flights heading to the airport.

(Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport's air traffic tower)

Two flights were speculated to land and it appears the air traffic controller was snoozing on the job.  So the American Airlines flight 1012 coming of Dallas and United Airlines flight 628T out of  Chicago ended up landing safety next to the silent tower using the help from another air control tower in Warrenton, Va., about 40 miles from Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport.

Luckily, the planes landed safely and now the investigation begins.  They should have 2 controllers in the booths at all times, not just one, so that is also being checked out.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poll time - should airlines have separate seating in flight?

There's a growing debate 30,000 feet above earth over seating in airlines.  Single people want their own area of the plane.  Families want their own segregated seating to get away from the rude singles.   And these days where fliers are instantly posting their frustrations via Twitter or Facebook, the airlines are being forced to listen.

Vote above, do you think airlines should have sections in the planes just for people with kids?   Then another for people without kids?   Do you think they should have a section on the plane for people who are plus sized and need bigger seats?

I'm 6'3, I'd love a section where I could NOT worry about the person in front of me suddenly reclining their seats crushing my kneecaps.   Should I have to pay more for that?   It's not my fault I'm tall.  The overweight people might be able to loose weight, I can't shrink in height.

A.M. Commercial

Here's a funny Ashley Madison commercial.  I'm glad I have a good marriage and don't have to worry about this stuff, but if you don't....this is a good website for you.  They have a package that will guarantee you find a hook up with someone local.  If not, you get your money back. 

Check them out at:

A hotel room idea? Sexual Energy Kabbalah Candle

This beautiful fragrant candle collection is made by the world class Slatkin & Co., ranked the #1 burning candle in today's marketplace.  Each candle uses ancient aromatic formulas to connect with specific spiritual frequencies.  The fragrances, are based upon the 72 Names of God.  Unique in style and quality these luxury candles are housed in a red tin, which symbolizes life and energy.  

Included inside the tins are the luxurious candles you see below, as well as an envelope holding a red string which is to be tied around one's left wrist to ward off the evil eye.  Sexual Energy is a blend of Amyris, Saffron, Red Plum, Red Pepper Rose, Clove and Red Leather.  You purify your desires so that you share love and energy with your partner, putting his or her needs ahead of your own.  You ignite sexual energy so that your passion helps elevate all existence. 

Slatkin & Co. Sexual Energy Kabbalah Candle

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Tam Berry did Jamaica - Smooth Girl Magazine

Tam Berry is a hot 26 year old model out of Chicago.  Last year, she found herself in Jamaica posing for Smooth Girl Magazine in their annual issue from Jamaica.  This hottie is 5'5 and 140 can find her on Twitter at  Thank you Tam for your time in Jamaica and thank you Smooth Girl Magazine for always bringing us the hottest in models.

* click on any photo to enlarge it.

Check out Smooth Girl Magazine here:

A cruise passenger is suing Carnival Cruise Line

What for?  Because the cruise ship was going too fast!   A woman from Indiana filed a case with the Indiana Court of Appeals claiming she got sick on a Carnival ship because it was going too fast.   

The catch is that the woman filed the lawsuit in 2009 in a small claims court in Lake County, Indiana, one year after Carnival claims their one-year statute of limitations provided for in the cruise contract ran out.  Plus she filed the case in Indiana and per Carnival's wording in Carnival's cruise contract, such cases must be filed in Florida.   We'll have to see how this case plays out.

Most ships in the Carnival fleet are capable of sailing at speeds no greater than 22 to 24 knots -- about 25 to 28 miles per hour.  Exactly how fast this ship was going, we don't know.   Personally, whatever the speed, I think the lady should have been tossed over the edge of the top deck a few times, that'd give her a better reason to sue.

Will travel insurance cover the Japan 'quake?

With the recent events in Japan I wonder.  Will travel insurance cover the Japan 'quake?  What's more is the radiation that continues to leak from the failed nuclear power plants, would you be covered if you couldn't travel in those areas due to the radiation

Insurers are already struggling with these questions, with different outcomes.   But most trip insurance plans do agree on one point:  Unless you had added a so called 'cancel-for-any-reason' rider to your policy, you won’t be reimbursed for your trip deposits and other costs if you cancel your Japan trip solely because you worry that you might encounter radiation.

(road damage in Japan after the massive 2011 earthquake)

Travel insurance provided by way cool Virgin (Richard Bronson's empire) are considering situations on a case-by-case basis.  They even have a website to help their customers out, Virgin Travel Insurance Help.  Here in the states you can buy Virgin's travel insurance here:  TravelGuard.

Virgin, you're welcome for the free plug.  :-)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Former Hedoism III property is for sale

Our former beloved Hedonism III is now for sale in Jamaica.   John Lee with Jamaica's Pricewaterhouse-Cooper has property to sale.  His task is to cover the loans from 4 different banks for a total debt of 20 million, US.   Most of you know that Hedo 3 then became SuperFun Resort.  Well, SuperFun is managed by SuperClubs of Jamaica but it's owned by Runaway Bay Developments.   

(Zein Issa Nakash of SuperClubs says they're
willing to run the hotel after the sale)

So for now, till the property is sold, SuperClubs get to continue to manage SuperFun Resort.  The sale comes as SuperClubs announced that it was cutting ties with another government-owned property, Breezes Rio Bueno.  Lee will be advertising for sale the 225-room hotel, which sits on 10 acres of beachfront property and an adjoining three acres of land.  The hotel and its adjoining lands are Runaway Bay Developments sole assets.

The bottom line:  Hedo III is still gone.  SuperFun Resort is doing ok.  The owners of the land and hotel are in deep koo hoo.

Save an extra 20% at either Aria or Mirage in Vegas

Always on the hunt for deals I came across this one that last still the end of March, 2011.  Book and get 20% off a room at Aria or Mirage.  Go to the offer site, Aria and Mirage Offer, and get in on the deal!

Both casinos have great pool parties during the day and hot clubs at night.  Typical rates at either can start from the $70's during the week on up to the $300's if you want a pimping room on a weekend.  But at least the 20% off will help.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Royal Caribbean now offers "all you can drink" packages

One problem with taking a cruise is the drink factor.  You can visit any number of 'all-inclusive' resorts where EVERYTHING is included but on a cruise ship, you don't typically get your booze included in the cost.  And on ships where drinks cost $5 and much higher this can really add up.  But Royal Caribbean is responding to customers requests for drink packages, so they came up with 3 new "all you can drink" packages.

So how much is this new offer?  If you want their "Beer and Wine Package" it'll cost you $29 bucks per day.  You can drink all the beer and house wine you can manage and you also get a 25% discount on all other wines and liquors.

Or you can choose the the "Classic Package."  This deal costs $39 bucks per day and includes all beers, house wine by the glass, all liquor (except premium and specialty brands), cocktails and 25% discount on all other wines and premium and specialty liquors.

Lastly, you can choose the "Premium Package" for those of you who live to drink on a boat.  At $49 bucks per day you get  all that is included in the Classic Package plus glasses of wine that normally sell for up to $10, cocktails, premium liquor brands and a 25% discount on all bottles of wine, glasses of wine over $10 and specialty liquors.

You can pick the days you want to lush out or book a package for each night while on the ship.  What do you guys think?   Good deal, bad deal?

Vida Guerra hits the beach in Miami

Everyone's favorite Cuban was in Miami enjoying some South Florida weather and we got the proof right here...

BONUS PHOTOS:  Vida Guerra Cell Phone Pics.


Florida's most picturesque city - Monticello?

Just south of the Florida/Georga border by about 7 miles, Google Map, is a small town of 2,500 called Monticello that's one-of-a-kind.  I had the chance to see it recently and was blown away by it's charm.  It's a small city in route to either the 10 West (that goes from coast to coast) and one of the last stops before heading into George in the panhandle of Florida.

There's not much to do in this small town but you can swing by the 120 year old opera house called Perkins that still host shows today.  Currently they have children shows, musicals and it's even used for weddings.  And this old theater is recognized on the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.

(the historic Perkins Opera House)

Monticello will remind you of one of those towns you might see in the movies from the 60's looking all perfect with nice trees, cool homes and friendly people.  Being the small town that it is, there's not a lot accommodations, but there is a Super 8 and a Quality Inn.  I could see myself chilling in Monticello for a quick one day and staying the night at one of those hotels, it's cheap, around $50 to $70 for a room.  

A.M. has a "for sure" hook up package is the website that people go to when they're looking for something HOT HOT HOT.  It's not like E-Harmony or these other sites that take more time (and money) to find someone for you.  This is the place for like-minded people to hook up at.

Check them out, it's free to surf the profile BUT if you wanna talk to whoever you like then you gotta pony up some cash to talk with them.  But the good news is, if they're on this site, they're looking to score.   Go get 'em.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 states in 7 days...

So for the last week I've been hitting the US on family business.  I managed to find myself in 10 states in just 7 days.  Suuuure, Pennsylvania was a stop on a flight, but hey, I was there 3 hours and I ate, so I'm counting it.  :-D

(states yours truly visited in 7 days in March, 2011)

I blogged about this cool map, Where have you been in the US, last October and show you how YOU too can make a cool map of where you've been.  You can visit the site at: and see for yourself on a map where YOU'VE been.

I logged in 2 flights with 4 different airports:  Los Angeles, Tampa, Philadelphia and Phoenix.  I also somehow survived a 2,200 mile road trip from Florida to Arizona.  I slammed down about 17 energy drinks, but I got there in less than 48 hours.   Power traveler!
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