Sunday, March 20, 2011

10 states in 7 days...

So for the last week I've been hitting the US on family business.  I managed to find myself in 10 states in just 7 days.  Suuuure, Pennsylvania was a stop on a flight, but hey, I was there 3 hours and I ate, so I'm counting it.  :-D

(states yours truly visited in 7 days in March, 2011)

I blogged about this cool map, Where have you been in the US, last October and show you how YOU too can make a cool map of where you've been.  You can visit the site at: and see for yourself on a map where YOU'VE been.

I logged in 2 flights with 4 different airports:  Los Angeles, Tampa, Philadelphia and Phoenix.  I also somehow survived a 2,200 mile road trip from Florida to Arizona.  I slammed down about 17 energy drinks, but I got there in less than 48 hours.   Power traveler!

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