Sunday, October 31, 2010

The Sexualization of Halloween - crazy costumes!

At one point Halloween was about dressing up all scary and going to a few parties.  But over time it's gotten more and more sexy - more daring too.  From parties that push the limits further each season to the sexier outfits all sorts of websites are selling Halloween is for sure getting more adult in nature.

 I don't mind this trend but I wonder just how far it might go.  Soon Halloween might just be naked orgies!  In the mean time, Happy Halloween people!

Bonus Link: 70 sexy Halloween Ladies

Saturday, October 30, 2010

Flaming Bob Marley's - a shot with kick!

I did my first flaming Bob Marley shot at the Hedonism II bar in Negril around 2003.  Sucking on that straw and watching the colors & fire coming up was something I'll never forget, wait, I forgot about it by that next morning, hey...I had a few.  When at an all-inclusive resort where the drinks are "free" you might as well step out of your drink box and try a few new crazy drinks.  Hey, when in Rome...

How do you make one?

Round up the following:

  • Grenadine Syrup (the red)
  • Creme De Menthe (the green)
  • 151 Proof Rum (the yellow)

Quantities for one drink:

  • 1/3 oz Grenadine Syrup
  • 1/3 oz Creme de Menthe
  • 1/3 oz 151 Proof Rum

Blending Instructions:

  • Divide a tall shot glass into thirds, fill the lowest third with grenadine syrup, the middle third with creme de menthe, and float the 151 in the top third.
  • Wet a thin straw, light the 151 by passing a lighter over it, plunge the straw to the bottom of the glass into the grenadine syrup and suck that baby down.
  • Check to see if your face is on fire.  :-)

Friday, October 29, 2010

What's up with the "W"?

So I have this little travel blog and we have a W hotel about 8 miles from us in oh-so-trendy Hollywood.  Last week I had a buddy in town so I decided to spin him around town and we found ourselves high on-top the W taking in the views.  The place was pimping!

(Yours truly at a W deluxe cabana)

With locations like Hollwood, Miami Beach, Atlanta, Chicago, New York, Boston and even overseas in London, Complete List, The W hotels are spreading their hipness across the globe.  W is owned by Starwood Hotels and at most locations a room will cost you at least $240 or more. 

(The W Hotel in H'Wood) 

 While staying at a W you'll enjoy such things as cool pool decks, way cool bars, super cool rooms, free WiFi & shuttle service.   Don't forget about your food and drink!  When you book online at the link below you get TWO free drinks, free parking and breakfast is on the house.  (they better at those rates)  :-)   

But, it's a very cool hotel to stay if you're in the mood for trendy luxury.  If you're looking to save money, you better hit up a Motel 6 or something.


Thursday, October 28, 2010

Should you order ED pills online?


I've known a lot of my gentelmen brothers to take some ED pills while on vacation, or at home, or at cool parties to help give them an extra boost in the bedroom.  I honestly don't think any of them needed it (but how would I know) but I've also wondered is it wise to take them prior to an actual ED need?

Sites like this one, Erectile Dysfunction, sell the famous little pills in generic from just $2 bucks a pill in buying in quantity or around $3-$4 a pill when you make a small 10 pill $40 dollar order.  They are selling all the famous knock offs:  Viagra, Cialis and Levitra. 

How long do they normally last?
Viagra: 5 hours
Levitra:  6 hours
Cialis:  up to 36 hours

(Cialis Pack of 10)

Some side affects of any PDE5 blocker (the stuff most of these are made of) can include color vision errors (mostly with Viagra), headaches, muscle cramps (mostly with Cialis), it may lower your blood pressure and leave you with a killer 4 hour woody!   Of course any of these facts are here-say as I'm not a doctor.  

So are the risks worth the pleasure?  Is the guy on the blue boat in Negril still selling?  :-)

Nude resort in Tampa to be used for a TV show!

Next month "Nak'd Truth. Reality. Stripped" is set to shoot at Tampa's Caliente Resort.   The show will feature seven people ranging in age from 20 to 35 who get the winter job of their lifetime working at Caliente - Caliente Tampa.

 Viewers at home won't get to see much flesh, camera crews plan to shoot creatively from the side or the chest up. All private parts will be blurred.

Do you want in?  Apply for a cast spot on The Nak'd Truth, e-mail the casting director at

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Pirate Latitudes - a great read!

If you'd like a good read while at the airport or in flight here's a nice little 300 page plus read from the recently late Michael Crichton (pronounced like frighten but with a C).  He's the same author that wrote Jurassic Park and came up with the hit TV show ER.  Steven Spielberg also has picked up this book and in 2011 it'll start to turn into a movie.   It features Jamaica and the general Caribbean so it's a great "take me home" read.

Weird fact:  This book was discovered on Crichton's computer by his assistant after death.  Was it really meant to go to press?

(click the link to buy it from just $5, the 
cool old paper looking hardcopy)
 Pirate Latitudes from Amazon

Crichton sets the story in 17th century Port Royal, Jamaica, home to all the shady pirates and privateers of the Caribbean. A motley band of pirates head out to storm a Spanish fortress in the Caribbean and capture a ship of Spanish gold.   Of course things go amiss and the resulting adventure is a sound one. 


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

US Passports - info you might not know!

I'm sure most of you know what passports are, hell, most of you probably have passports.  But here a few things you might not know about that all important travel document...

(the old passport that'll be phased out by 2017)
  • Passports are good for 10 years
  • In 2007, the Department of State issued 18,382,798 passports
  • American passports had green covers from 1941 until 1976
  • It takes about 6 weeks to renew one
  • It current cost $135 for a passport
    (the new, since 2006, passport with
    the cool computer chip)

    Now they have passports cards instead of the book if you're going to just travel back and forth to Canada, Mexico and a few local other countries. (don't try to fly to Europe on one)  Your first passport card will cost $45 if you are an adult, $35 for the kids.  Since 2008 over 1,000,000 of these suckers have been printed off and sent.  At the moment you can't expedite the time of 1-3 months it'll take you to get one but whatever, they're still kinda cool.  To get the scoop go here: Official Passport Card.

    So if you plan on going anywhere further than your own backyard these days you'll need a nice updated, not newer than 6 months (in some cases) and not about to expire passport.  Not to mention, they're kind of a cool travel memorabilia.

    BONUS LINKUS Passport Link

    Monday, October 25, 2010

    Expedia is hooking you up!

    Ok, here's the deal.  You book a roundtrip flight with Expedia by December 20, 2010 for travel by January 3, 2011 and then they'll turn around and give your Expedia account a fresh $200 credit to be used next time you do bussiness with them.   Not bad!
    (click on the coupon to check out the deal)

    You need to redeem that credit through March 31 for travel through April 30, 2011 but other than that, no catches.   And NO, I don't work for these guys or even get paid a penny if you do this deal, just trying to hook you up with deals that I see.

    Dominican model Rosa Acosta!

    Rosa is a hot model from the Dominican Republic that started to model in the DR in 2004 then moved to America in 2006.  She's now 26 years old and making a name for herself by working in music videos and magazines.  
    Here's she's down at Hedonism III in Jamaica for Smooth Girl Magazine, the best magazine on the planet! 

    * click any photo to enlarge it.

    Want a live hottie?


    Sunday, October 24, 2010

    Haunted Hotels

    Staying at a hotel can be scary as it, room service overcharges, weird guests next to you and now bed bugs are the newest news!  But more than a few hotels are rumored to even have paranormal visors.  Below are three spots with such conditions...


    1.  Queen Mary - Long Beach, CA  Map

    RMS Queen Mary, Long Beach, Ca. This vast ocean liner, is now permanently docked at the Haunted Port of Long Beach.  She was commissioned in 1936 and journeyed a thousand Atlantic crossings.   But these days paranormal host Erika Frost, escorts guests via an evening tour to well known haunted areas of the ship in search of the spirits that inhabit the Queen Mary!  Check them out at:


    1.  The Stanley Hotel - Estes Park, Colorado  Map

    The hotel, which opened in 1909, is supposedly haunted by Flora Stanley, the wife of the owner, who likes to play the piano late at night.  Her ghost is said to be very visible and a high profile haunting.  If you are a Stephen King fan, request room 217.  It was in this room that King, inspired by the Stanley Hotel, wrote half of "The Shining."  Check them out at:

    1.  Sagamore Hotel - Bolton Landing, NY  Map

     This very haunted hotel in Haunted Bolton Landing, it is said to be the exclusive haunted home to several lost spirits, including a little ghost boy who walks about haunting the golf course.  Situated in the Adirondack Mountains, The Sagamore features the Historic Hotel, with its elegant decor, and The Lodges, decorated in a relaxed Adirondack style.  Check them out at:


    BONUS LINK:  For more good reads check out: Haunted Travel

    Saturday, October 23, 2010

    Garden of Eden in Key West

    Way down in Key West lies a bar on top a building called Garden of Eden.  Do you want to drink while getting naked?  Then go here:  Google Map.  

    The barstaff sometimes go topless at this bar above Duval in Key West.  They also have an area where often times you'll find a airbrush artist ready to paint you and yours up in a cool design.  Prices have been reported to start from $45 for the services depending on what you get.

    Key West is a very casual city so for many they'll just wear their shorts and tank tops.  For others they'll go full monty here at Garden of Eden.  One rule:  NO PHOTOS ALLOWED.

    For some pretty hilarious reviews check them out on Yelp:  Yelp Reviews

    Friday, October 22, 2010

    "Drinking Rum & Red Bull" - Beenie Man

    Jamaica's Beenie Man came up with a good song,  a man after my own heart.  In this hit song that's curretnly #4 in Jamaica he sings about drinking rum and Red Bull, NICE!

    Beenie Man, born in 1973 Anthony Moses Davis in Kingston, has been making music sicne the late 70's.  Check him out on his Myspace music page at:

    Thursday, October 21, 2010

    Couples: Go as pirates this year, order quickly!

    Arrraggh!  Just in time for Halloween you rum drinking crazy people!  Order these from and you can have them in time for the 31st, give me a peg leg and a siiiide of me shrimp!

    ($35 bucks)
    Pirate Lady Sexy Adult MED/LG 

    And for your man...

    ($26 bucks)
    California Costume Men's Adult-Cutthroat Pirate, Black/Red/White, XL (44-46) 

    Cool new hotel - h2hotel in Cali!

    Located in Northern California's wine country, Google Map, this 36 room hotel is within walking distance of wine tasting rooms, cafes, galleries and shops.  It's very Eco friendly and located in a location that's very romantic - Sonoma Valley!

    With each stay you'll be treated to earth friendly items such as bamboo flooring, water bars with purified sparkling and still water on each floor, all-natural bath products, and organic linens and robes. Do you want to bike around the vineyards?  Complimentary bicycles are available for exploring the town!

    H2Hotel is located in Healdsburg, Calif., which is a one-hour drive north from San Francisco. With rates starting at $215 per night it's a great way to spend some time in wine country.  It's currently ranted #3 among hotels in the area on, not a bad ranking at all!

    Check them out at:

    Wednesday, October 20, 2010

    How much to tip your hotel staff?

    I hope most of you want to tip the hard working staff that make your vacations and travel better.  But of course nobody wants to pay too much because we're in a recession!!!   So I'm going to try to guide you in the right direction player.

    Room service:  Check your bill because often times gratuity is already billed, but 12% to 18%.

    Your morning maid:  It can really vary but call it at LEAST $2 to $6 per day.

    Valet parking:  $1 to $3 when they retrieve your car.

    Doorman:  Depends on what they do.  If they help with bags, $1 to $2 per bag.

    Bellstaff:   (the dude that lugs your baggage to your room) gets $1 to $2 per bag.

    BONUS VIDEO:  Or if you look like Megan Fox this will work!

    Tuesday, October 19, 2010

    When you travel all you need is your I-Pod.

    Two things I love are traveling and I-Phones.  And this dude thinks you can use your I-Phone solely when you travel to stay in touch with peeps back home.  Heck, you can even catch Irie FM on it when at home as I talked about here, Irie FM on your I-Phone.

    But as you travel, these are some of the things you can do
    • It's your computer
    • It's your VoIP Phone
    • It's your camera
    • It's your recorder
    • It's your social networking
    • It's your text message tool
    • It's your entertainment on the road
     (just trying to keep your attention)

     With all the app's the Apple store offers (a lot of them free) and Google Voice/G-Mail you can do just about anything so long as you can get that phone near WiFi.   When you're in the US, not a problem, just use the phone's 3G service.  But when you're out of country, WiFi turns your phone into a virtual phone!

    Do you want to make calls to landlines back in the states?  Get Skype and call all you want.  Do you want people to be able to call you?  Get Google Voice and have them call you in Jamaica on your "local" line.   Text whoever you want using Google Voice as if you were back at work.  Plus, the App store has a ton of cool travel apps, 10 of which are free and outlined here:  10 free travel apps.

    Explore the link below to see just what you can do!

    BONUS LINK:  Official AT&T I-Phone tips:  AT&T Travel Tips

    Monday, October 18, 2010

    A hot model from Jamaica - Lenoie Nicole

    Here's a model from Jamaica named Lenoie Nicole.  What a beauty!  She was featured in Smooth Girl Magazine a few years back, but since that time she's not been around the 'web all that much.   Come back Lenoie!

    * remember to click any photo to enlarge it!

    Sunday, October 17, 2010

    The world goes to hell and trip insurance rises!

    The U.S. Travel Insurance Association held its quarterly meeting last week in South Carolina.  President Jim Grace said between the devastating earthquake in Haiti in January and the Icelandic volcano eruption in April, travel insurance became more popular this year than in the months following the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks.  The insurance covers travelers against natural and man-made disasters, as well as financial problems, such as a cruise line filing for bankruptcy or an airline stopping service. 

     Before the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, about 8 percent of travelers purchased insurance, according to Grace.  That number settled in at about 25 percent but fluctuates with news of a disaster, such as a hurricane. 

    Grace also serves as president and chief executive of leading travel insurance comparison website his company launched a decade ago and, at the time, searched three insurers for the best rates. Today it uses 22 providers in the U.S. and Canada.

    Single greatest photo ever taken at Hedo II?

    You tell me, is this the single best photo ever taken at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica?  It's my favorite travel resort in the Caribbean and with her blessings there, you can't go wrong.  She was there this spring to shoot her TV show "Bad Girls Miami".

    (click on her to enlarge her) 

    Model Catya at Hedonism II Jamaica.  Looks like she's on the prude side near the snack shack and wood carving vendors.  I bet they were keeping an eye out on her walking around.  :-)

    Saturday, October 16, 2010

    Spice Lanzarote - a new lifestyle friendly & all inclusive resort

    We got the resorts in Jamaica plus resorts in Mexico.  Now, if you would rather fly across the Atlantic to the island of Lanzarote that's 81 miles off the norther coast of Africa - you got one more option.  Google Map.   Spice opened up over the summer of 2010 and bills itself as a nudist/lifestyle friendly/all inclusive resort.

    (The island of Lanzarote)
    A few FAQ's off their site read like this...

        Is nudity allowed everywhere?
    If you desire, you may be naked in all areas of the complex at all times of the day and night; however we do ask that guests dress in the restaurant and in reception and if you go out of the resort.

    Is sexual activity permitted everywhere?
    Spice thrives on a sexually charged atmosphere and the freedom to indulge in your fantasies. But please do respect other guests that may not be as liberated as you and may actually find some activities offensive if carried out in public.

     Spice has everythying you could expect from these types of resorts including pools, good food, a sexy disco and even an adult playroom - you can guess what happens there.  SEX!  Theme nights include Spice night, Black and White night, a carnival night and more.

     I'm seeing prices from 108 to 200 per person per night, but mind you I'm pretty sure that's in the Euro.  At press time one euro is worth about $1.45 in American moola.   You do the math.  :-)  They also have several deals where you can book for 7 nights and get a free  night or two.  One side note:  It's a three day minimum stay. 

    To see more about them go direct to their site. 

    Have you been there?  If so, please comment!!!

    Friday, October 15, 2010

    The top airline? Virgin America!

     According to a recent Condé Nast Traveler magazine poll Virgin America came out on top in it's 2010 Readers Choice Awards.  This marks the 3rd year in a row where they took top honors.  I've posted about Virgin before, Virgin Airlines Post, and I do like how they run their show.  Them and Southwest.

    But in the Condé Nast poll JetBlue took the #2 spot.  Globally, Singapore Airlines was the world's top carrier in the poll where they're used to being.  25,916 voters had their say in the poll making this contest one with some interest from the public.

    Vacation Barefoot Blog gives away Smooth Girl #22!

    Ok gang, this is going to be a fun little contest to thank the readers of this blog for your continuing support.  We're giving away (1) one Smooth Girl Magazine #22 shot on location from your favorite resorts in Jamaica.  This is a hard to find magazine filled with over 100 pages of bootyiful women at resorts mostly located in and around Negril, Jamaica.

    Absolutely NO purchase is necessary in this contest and it begins October 15th and runs to November 15th, 2010.   To enter just click the "contact me" button on the upper left part of the blog and e-mail me your name. Then on the 15th of November we'll gather all the names and randomly pick one person to win.  The prize will then be mailed out within 3 days of winning!  

    Good luck and thank you for being a follower of Vacation Barefoot Travel Blog!

    Thursday, October 14, 2010

    Are you willing to pay extra for food on a cruise?

    One reason a lot of people enjoy taking a cruise is the all-you-can-eat concept that they offer.  Most cruise lines provide all meals and snacks as part of the initial costs of jumping on-board. (excluding liquor, damn)

    (the steak-less Carnival Triumph)

    However, Carnival Cruise Lines are kicking around the idea of introducing a 9 ouncer filet mignon or an 18-ounce grilled prime rib chop for an extra $18 per pop!  The three ships with this new propostal will be on the Carnival Paradise, Carnival Triumph and Carnival Inspiration.  Why?  Each of these ships don't have a current $30-a-person steakhouses that the other Carnival ships do have.
    So, are you willing to pony up for some steak on a cruise line?   Not me!
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