Thursday, March 24, 2011

A hotel room idea? Sexual Energy Kabbalah Candle

This beautiful fragrant candle collection is made by the world class Slatkin & Co., ranked the #1 burning candle in today's marketplace.  Each candle uses ancient aromatic formulas to connect with specific spiritual frequencies.  The fragrances, are based upon the 72 Names of God.  Unique in style and quality these luxury candles are housed in a red tin, which symbolizes life and energy.  

Included inside the tins are the luxurious candles you see below, as well as an envelope holding a red string which is to be tied around one's left wrist to ward off the evil eye.  Sexual Energy is a blend of Amyris, Saffron, Red Plum, Red Pepper Rose, Clove and Red Leather.  You purify your desires so that you share love and energy with your partner, putting his or her needs ahead of your own.  You ignite sexual energy so that your passion helps elevate all existence. 

Slatkin & Co. Sexual Energy Kabbalah Candle

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