Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Save your MPG on the road

As the summer kicks in and the prices of gas goes up it's the perfect time to remember a few gas saving tips.  If you travel from Manhattan to Boston it's about 225 miles.  Take a car that gets around 25MPG and you got yourself using 9 gallons of fuel.  At $4 bucks a gallon gasprices.mapquest.com, you'll be spending $36 in fuel.  

How could you insure you're getting the best in gas mileage?

#1.  Just slow down  (lower RPM's = higher MPG)
#2.  Keep the tires properly inflated (duh)
#3.  Go easy when you accelerate  (you're not in a race)
#4.  Hang with the big rigs  (they don't stop and go as much)
#5.  Clean out your car (toss out that trash and weight less)

It's just the little things that can add another 20% to your fuel efficiency.  The bottom line, keep your car's maintenance current and don't drive like a damn race car driver.  Your money clip will be thanking you later.

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