Monday, January 31, 2011

An ad for Negril Beach Village in 1977

As found in the January 10th, 1977 issue of New York Magazine...

(click to enlarge, note the shark teeth they used to give out)

This full page ad was on page 4 of the magazine, a pretty prominent (and expensive) placement.  Negril Beach Village opened up sometime in 1976, but which month I don't know, it opened up December of 1976.  So this ad was when the resort was less than one year old.  In 1981 the resort changed names to Hedonism II.

View the magazine at:  New York Magazine - January 1977

UPDATE:  "International Mikey" told us he was next door at Sundowner (which is now Sandals) in early summer/late Fall of 1976 when he noted the new Negril Beach Village.  He was able to walk around the property, purchase the legendary sharks teeth, dance at the disco and take in a show.  In fact, he says that was his start of being a "Hedo-phile" and has been back to Hedonism II 30+ times after that trip back in the day.

American Express Prepaid Gift Cards for travel

Here's yet another good way to travel, using American Express Prepaid Gift Cards.  Think about it, you can keep your "real" credit cards tucked away for car rental needs, hotel booking needs, etc.  But when you're in a strange city/new place who knows what crooks are out there waiting for you.

So let's say you visit New York City and hit up a nice restaurant.  When it comes time to pay that bill you could whip out your American Express Prepaid Gift Card and use that.  The name on the card reads, "Gift Card" and it will be accepted anywhere they accept an AMEX card.  The benefits?  If you got a crook waiter who wanted to do a card rub he can only do damage to some temporary card.  Sure, banks can help you with fraud on your real cards but that can take time and when you're on the road, it's a pain.

They're also a nice option for people who don’t have bank accounts or credit cards.  At least you can have a card on-the-go.  The cards can be loaded with amounts starting at $25 all the way up to $5,000. They also come with the security of knowing that if the card is lost or stolen the remaining balance is not gone, but instead is placed on a new card and reissued.  Cool!

A new feature from American Express is their photo cards.  You can go online with them, AMEX Gift Cards, and order photo gift cards (where you can upload a photo and have it put on a card, it cost $6 bucks) or personalized gift cards (any name will be embossed onto the card, it costs $2)

Sunday, January 30, 2011

US issues travel warnings for Egypt

Just today, the U.S. Department of State gave warnings to US Citizens in Egypt due to the escalating trouble against the government of President Hosni Mubarak.  Link:  Looters broke into Cairo's Egyptian Museum on Saturday ripping the heads off mummys (how rude) and doing other damage.  It's getting nuts over there.

Hotels are sealing up the grounds and traveler famous "Sharm el-Sheik Resort" is barricaded and by at least 14 security officers while the mood of the resort dramatically changed. 

For American's stuck in Egypt or for loved ones wishing to check on your Egypt stuck peeps are encouraged to make contact with U.S. Embassy in Cairo at, or at 1-202-501-4444.

Mallory Square in Key West, FL - THE place to be at sunset

Way down in Key West, FL is perhaps one of the best spots to catch a sunset in all of the United States of America, Mallory Square.  Mallory Square is located in Key West in "Old Town" near a cruise ship port that went into action in 1984 with controversy from folks that felt it could ruin the sunset shows.  So, the city came up with a policy that required all cruise ships to leave port 2 hours before sunset - problem solved.

View Larger Map

The "sunset celebration" happens each and every day of the year and starts 2 hours before the sun dips into the water.  The celebration includes arts and crafts exhibitors, street performers, food carts and a lot of locals and tourists alike.   The price is right - FREE - but you can spend money on the crafts, shows and snacks, if you want.  One year there we got a few coconut drinks, some finger food and tipped a few street artists and maybe spent $20 total, not bad.

A lot of sunset photos are snapped at Mallory Square but the king daddy photo of all is the rare phenom known as the "green flash" sunset.  This happens in the last few seconds of a sunset and requires the atmosphere to be JUST perfect.  The green flash happens due to the refraction of light (as in a prism) in the atmosphere and this just does not happen that often. 

Example video 
(if you can stomach the waves)

So next time you find yourself in Key West you should 100% make sure you swing by Mallory Square and catch at least one sunset.  You might not see the green flash but you'll see lots of interesting people, blue Caribbean-like water and enjoy the Florida lifestyle to it's fullest.

In honor of Jimmy Buffett - Jamaica Farewell

You might have heard that Jimmy Buffett took a tumble off a concert stage this week and damn near killed himself.  The good word is that he's OK and for that, we're thankful.  Here Jimmy Buffett is singing Harry Belafonte's original song, "Jamaica Farewell."


Down the way where the nights are gay
And the sun shines daily on the mountain top
I took a trip on a sailing ship
And when I reached Jamaica I made a stop

But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way
Won't be back for many a day
My heart is down, my head is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town

Sounds of laughter everywhere
And the dancing girls swaying to and fro
I must declare that my heart is there
Though I've been from Maine to Mexico

But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way
Won't be back for many a day
My heart is down, my head is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town

Down at the market you can hear
Ladies cry out while on their head they bear
Ackie rice and salt fish is nice
And the rum is good any time of year

But I'm sad to say, I'm on my way
Won't be back for many a day
My heart is down, my head is turning around
I had to leave a little girl in Kingston town


Saturday, January 29, 2011

Google Places - a new I-Phone App review

In this man's humble opinion, Google has it's search engine and host of products down to a science.   And now if you have an I-Phone, and who doesn't, you can download the FREE app from Google called "Google Places."

It's a simple app that pinpoints where you are using your phones GPS system then you can click on 9 little icons to find things near where you area.  Bars, ATM's, restaurants, gas stations and more can all be located quickly and without drama, the signature style of Google.

(this app came out Jan 6th and it's 6.? megs)

I did a quick search or two for the important things, like bars, and found the information pretty accurate.  You can even sign in using your Google log in and give places ratings helping the next person that comes along looking for a rum and Coke in your area.  So this might be an app you'll find handy when traveling or just out of your usual spots you visit.  Who knows when you'll wanna find a slice of pizza and the post office.  :-D

Too thick or just right?

Ok people, it's time for another poll.  Too thick or just right?  (or something in the middle).  Here's a chick that posted her photos on MySpace for everyone to enjoy, she's out of Atlanta and took these photos in October while at the beach.

* click a photo to enlarge it


Friday, January 28, 2011

Toples photos of Rihanna leak, but she's cool with it!

Rihanna is pretty cool, I must admit.  Photos of her leaked out today on the internet thanks to   In the photos Rihanna stands looking as hot as ever holding up her phone and snapping a shot of herself.  Too bad her arms get in the way of the "goods."

(credit for the photo)

Rumor has it that her ex-boyfriend, Matt Kemp, leaked the photos after their breakup.  And here's where it gets funny:  Today on Twitter a fan referenced the photo to Rihanna and asked her about the authenticity of it.  Rihanna wrote back too...

 PinaRihanna: @rihanna Heeey boo! what is thiss ?
Rihanna: @ that would be... ME when I was skinny!"

Haha, no denying it, no shame, no fear.  You gotta love the girl.  Go buy her MP3 album "Loud" below for $8

Loud [Explicit]
Loud [Explicit] for $7.99

UPDATE - 1-29-2011
A Rihanna quote today about her sending the photos, "They should be hot, they were for my boyfriend at the time. If you don't send your boyfriend naked pictures, then I feel bad for him"

More video out of Hedonism II in Jamaica

Here are a few more Hedonism II Resort entertainment coordinators putting on a show for guests from Saturday night.  Not everyone likes having the EC's around, but I sure do.  They work hard to keep us entertained and they're also a nice group of young people.

And man can they dance!  Here they get down and also show us how to "dagger."

Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica - the best resort on Planet Earth!

A free Ziggy Marley MP3

Yes, I bring you the coolest deals out there, including FREE stuff.  Here's a FREE Ziggy Marley (Bob Marley's son) MP3 song that features Paul Simon - "Walk Tall."

Walk Tall (feat. Paul Simon)

It's Compatible with most MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes and Windows Media Player.  It's not a bad tune either.  Get on it.  

If you need a cool new i-pod, then click below and pick one up for $230, the 160 gig model.   It'll hold 40,000 songs, 25,000 photos, or 200 hours of video - boooo ya!

Apple iPod classic 160 GB Black (7th Generation) NEWEST MODEL

Super Bowl Vegas Style - how to bet

A lot of people just watch the Super Bowl for fun and others just for the commercials.  Others are in the business of making money off the Super Bowl by betting online or in Vegas.

A recent betting site in Las Vegas put out all the categories you can bet on, if you decide...

  • SUPER BOWL XL proposition bets
So if you got the extra money and want to make the game more interesting, there you go.  For me, I'll stick to the pizza, beer and other unhealthy snacks.   At the moment the Packers have a 2.5 point advantage over the Steelers.  Interesting...

(don't blame me if you loose your kids college fund, :-))

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles

If you've ever been Downtown Los Angeles no doubt you've seen the big, shiny, crazy looking building at Grand Ave and 1st Street, Google Map.  Some call it the best thing in Downtown Los Angeles, others call it one big shiny building, still others don't know what to think.  

It went from idea to an actual project in the early 90's when the widow of Walt Disney decided to donate 50 million dollars to fund the project.  That same year an underground parking garage was dug out and constructed and was completed 4 years later in 1996 at the cost of whopping 110 million dollars.    In 1996 construction of the actual concert hall begun after they raised more money to fund the project along.   Things wrapped up in 2003 as more people chipped in including another 34.5 million and the Disney company itself donated 25 million bringing the total Disney contribution to 109.5 million bucks, no wonder it's called "Walt Disney Concert Hall."   

*  The total cost was around 240 million.

After it was completed, the Philharmonic was blown away by the buildings excellent acoustics while local businesses and residents complained about the extra shiny exterior of the hall.  It was made with sheets of shiny stainless steel (think of your butter knife surface) which sometimes blinded travelers.  Also, a few local condo owners noted the exterior acted like giant mirrors and lit up their condos by more than 30 extra degrees causing HUGE utility bills.  In 2005 they brushed down much of the surface to prevent such glare.

The concert hall seats 2,265 guests where shows and concerts take place on a weekly basis.   It currently serves as the home of the Los Angeles Philharmonic orchestra and the Los Angeles Master Chorale.  It's excellent sound quality is accomplished by walls and the ceiling that's finished with Douglas-fir while the floor is finished with oak.   In 2004, a special organ donated by the good folks over at Toyota, was installed.   German organ builder, Caspar Glatter-Götz, created this beauty with 72 stops, 109 ranks, and 6,125 pipes.   The pipes themselves range in size from that of a pencil to a pipe that's 32 feet long!  

Check out the hall when you're in Los Angeles, tickets, where most shows run $80 bucks and up, plus parking ($15).   Or check them out now online at:   About the Hall.   It's just one of the many places you really should visit if you find yourself in town as a tourist. 

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

A few photos from DR Nights Erotic Resort

A single man's paradise is located in the Dominican Republic called DR Nights.  I blogged about it a few weeks ago, DR Nights Review, and ended up getting a lot of e-mails about the place.  I've never been there but those who have rave that it's the new best resort of this type out there.

DR Nights (the DR stands for Dominican Republic) always has twice as many women than men on-site and you can meet and greet any of them you like and choose who you wanna hang out with that day & night.
Here are a few more photos of the of the ladies that await you...

* click to enlarge any photo


Right now they got a $760 2 night special below, I think the special ends soon.  A guy named "Chuck" from Seattle e-mailed me and he's got 3 times now, I guess that tells you something.  :-)

CLICK BELOW TO VISIT THEM (more pics too) 

VISIT THEM AT: DR Nights Special Offer

Bikini catfight at a Vegas pool...ohhhh yeah!

Word has it that a bikini catfight went down at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino swimming pool last week.  It all sounds like fun and games but this smackdown is heading to court!  Apparently, bikini clad hottie #1 was mocking another bikini clad hotties choice of swimsuit and decided she should go over to her and rip it off!  Works for me.  But security got involved and broke up the fight.

("Rehab", HRC's pool, on a better day)

30 mins later, the drama kicked in again as bikini clad hottie #1 returned and proceeded to pound away at the poor girls face with a drink cup.  This caused her cuts and bruises and now according to her lawyer, perhaps she'll even need plastic surgery.  Naturally, they're also suing the Hard Rock because failed to provide proper security, according to the lawsuit.

What happens in Vegas, ends in a courtroom.

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

If you can stomach daily sales pitches, here's a deal...

Would you like staying in the Dominican Republic for $28 per night?  If so, there's a story in USA Today, story, about a resort in the Caribbean where you can do just that - with a catch.   The deal is for double occupancy $28 bucks per day, with tax AND food included.  But you have to sit in some sales meetings where well trained sales people will try to talk you into buying travel packages.

(Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa, the subject resort)

You'll have sales guys at breakfast and lunch trying to lurk you down and trying to sell you packages but if you're able to say no then maybe it's worth it to you.  You can learn more at (look for Lifestyle Tropical Beach Resort & Spa) and if you go, please report back to us to let us know the 411. 

Jolina Bonita in Jamaica

 Here's another sample out of the latest Smooth Girl Magazine that was shot in Jamaica of last year.  Jolina Bonita,, is a hot Latina babe that's of Argentina and Brazilian roots.   This 25 year old found herself on the beaches of Negril at Hedonism II last year for Smooth Girl Magazine and these are some of the results.

* click to enlarge any photo

BONUS Photos

Monday, January 24, 2011

Pirate's Cove in Avila Beach, CA (near Santa Barbara)

Pirate's Cove north of Santa Barbara, Pirate's Cove, is a non-official nude beach that's been in action for years.  On most days you'll find an older crowd and maybe a few creepy guys hanging around waiting for some hot babe to show up but that doesn't happen all that often.   But the plus side is the Volleyball, decent seclusion and a nice group of nudists. 

This Pirate's Cove in Avila Bay should not be confused with Pirate's Cove in Los Angeles.  This one is for nudists and the other....not.  It's a quarter of a mile long of wonderful beach and even has a decent mix of ladies.  Getting there, directions, is not too hard, but it's not in the heart of Los Angeles.  We'll have to get up there personally and give you a better review.

(Here you can join Gaby Sun Heart, Photos, as she tours Pirate's)

Sunday, January 23, 2011

An animated GIF, just for fun. :-D

File this one under: "just for kicks." 

Them skinny jeans are hard to get into huh?

The U.S. has no airline fatalities in 2010!

For the 3rd time in the last 4 years, the US lost not a soul in airline travel.  It's been safe skies lately, a trend the airlines desperately want to continue.   In 2010 U.S. carriers flew more than 10 million flights and hauled more than 700 million passengers and yet nobody was lost.  There were 14 serious injuries, but they all recovered.

Deaths by Year
2010 - 0
  2009 - 50
2008 - 0
2007 - 0
  2006 - 50
  2005 - 22
  2004 - 13
  2003 - 22
2002 - 0
      2001 - 266*
  2000 - 89

* does not include the 9-11 death tolls

Old Photos of Hedonism II - shot 19 years ago!

Here are a few old photos of Hedonism II from Negril back in the day.  This resort and spa has been jamming in the warm sun of Negril, Jamaica since 1976 when it opened up first as Negril Beach Village.  In 1981 it became Hedonism II and since then, the party has yet to ever stop.

*click any photo to enlarge

Here's a photo of the old prude beach bar in 1992

Off the nude beach Hedo II used to have
floating platforms, now they're all gone!

Delroy, the head bartender of Hedo II, is
still going strong nearly 19 years later...

This "orgy stump" was carved from a tree but it's
long gone.  It was near the start of the nude
beach where they still keep the sailboats.

And lastly, the rooms.  They pretty much look
the same today, but with TV's now.

Hedonism is still THE place to go even after all these years.  Check out SuperClubs where you can book yourself a deal at:  Hedonism II.   They have specials that can get you in on the party from $140 per night/per person (up to $254) for the all-inclusive fun.

Business travel lessesn due to conference calls

Business executives with an upcoming meeting have two choices: they can pack their things, travel to the airport, catch a flight, unpack in a hotel, and take a cab to an office or they can go into the next room and hook up with their business contacts via a conference call.

These days, more and more business is being done with conference calls.  In 2010 alone it's said that business being done either using conference calls, web conferencing and/or sites like have reduced travel by 37% among the suits in the sky.

And it's gotten easier as technology has improved.  Gone are the days when you had to buy expensive equipment for video conferencing and yet settle for hazy picture and unsettling time lag in voice.  Web conferencing technology has made great strides in the past few years.  Firms are also seeing productivity increasing as they don't have their employees sitting around airports getting tired.

I don't airplanes will EVER go out of style, even for the business travelers but there is a trend going on here.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

2 nights at Mandalay Bay and show tickets for $200

Here's a hot deal out of Las Vegas.  You get 2 nights at Mandalay Bay plus two tickets for their signature show, "The Lion King."  The offer ends May 26th, 2011.   Use promo codePDISN11.

(An actress from the show at Mandalay Bay)

Click here:  Mandalay Bay Offer to get in on the deal.  The deal runs  January 27, 2011 - May 31, 2011, so you can't wait too long.  You can get the deal from $200 for the package, depending on the night you go.

Tanning beds before a trip - smart?

Ok, being a big white guy I'll admit that I've seen the inside of a few tanning beds in my life.  Most the time I used them it was preparing for an upcoming vacation to some sunny place where I wanted to both look good when I got there and be more ready for the hot tropical sun.

BUT, as I've aged I've stopped using them as much in fear of the SPF rays and cancer.  But how dangerous are they?   Well, studies show that the risk of melanoma was increased by 300% for those using tanning beds occasionally and by 800% for those using tanning beds more than 10 times a year.   Also, studies show that exposure to ultraviolet (UV) light is a definite risk factor for melanoma.

Other options

So given the dangers of tanning beds what else can you do?   If you have access to natural sun then do that at least but use a modern sunscreen that blocks all types of UV rays.  Or you can do a "mystic tan" and fake it.  You'll look good and be safe but you'll still be a sitting duck in the hot sun.  So if you mystic tan it, at least SPF the hell out of your body once you arrive in the tropics.

The bottom line:  Just stay out of the beds, they're not safe.

California Baby SPF 30 Sunscreen Lotion

Friday, January 21, 2011

There's gold in them casinos!

Coming straight from the strip in Las Vegas is the first gold dispensing ATM machine.   And where else would it be but The Golden Nugget Hotel and Casino, Google Map!   Recent guests at the Golden Nugget reported seeing this heavily guarded ATM setup and a few people buying their 24k gold instead of gambling their money away.

(For those who've always wanted to get into
the gold market, the machine makes it easy)


Well, it looks like a regular ATM machine but inside it contains gold bars and coins that the customer can buy.  With the daily flucation of gold prices (at the time of this blog one once cost $1,389) the ATM is computer connected to the most up-to-date gold quotes and the ATM figure out how much to charge you for your gold purchase.  

Then you stick your payment card in there and WHAM, out comes your gold!   The gold bars being sold at The Golden Nugget even come out with their logo stamped in the gold.  (kinda cheesy)   And the prices this ATM charges you tend to be a few bucks higher than market rates but I guess you have to call that a convenience fee.

Visit the ATM company "GOLD to go" on the web:

And this heavily bolted down machine is does not spit out the gold to be used at the casinos, rather it's an investment tool for people in Vegas.  But, will such an ATM be used much?   Would you to to Vegas and buy gold instead of having fun?

BONUS LINKLive Gold Quotes.

Chris the wood carver at Hedo II

If any of you have been to Hedonism II in Negril Jamaica in the last decade there's a great chance you've ran into Hedo's resident wood carver and all around great guy Chris.  He's been on scene for years at Hedo II doing custom wood carvings for Hedo guests to take back home and treasure, we have ours.

Well, he's still at it and looking as young as ever, does he ever age?   I would highly recommend supporting your local Jamaica artists while on vacation and if you're at Hedonism II then commission Chris for a custom wood carving.  He'll have it ready in a few days and he charges very fair prices for his talents.

Koodos to you Chris, you're a hero among many!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Rooftop Resort in South Florida - a review

Down in warm South Florida, Google Map, is a hot hotel/resort for daring couples and single guys who want to hook up with them.   It's Rooftop Resort,, a pleasure palace with 5 different types of rooms you can book:  Standard room $89 to $169, Efficiency $119 to $189, Studio Suite$149 to $219, Standard Theme Room $129 to $179 and a Efficiency Theme Room $139 to $189.   All prices are vary due to day of the week and if it's winter Dec 15 through May 31 or summer June 1 through Dec 14, winter being more.

(check in at 3pm, check out at 11am)

The hotel itself had a heated rooftop clothing optional pool, AC in all rooms, private bathrooms, free parking and on-site guest laundry.   With popular theme rooms such as Roman Holiday, Royal Rooms, Lust and Lace and a Hawaiian get-a-way room this resort stays booked pretty much all year long.   

If you're a single dude and want to check in for a "day pass" then you can BUT you need to buy a pass good for 6 months first for $100 then for another $40 to $60 bucks you can hang out from most the day and night.  For more details about that, visit here:  Day Passes.  Single women pay TOPS $10 on the weekends and during the week they get in free.  Couples slide in for either $20 or $40 depending on the day.

Now let's get to the good stuff.....SEX AND NUDITY!   Yes, Rooftop Resort is a lifestyle friendly and the entire resort is clothing optional.  So yes, it's one wild place.  On most nights you'll find a mix of 60% couples 35% single men and MAYBE 5% single women.  Most days and nights you'll see open sex in the pool and especially in the play room that's like an open orgy pit.  To read more about all the good stuff check out this trip report:  Rooftop Resort Trip Report Part I and Rooftop Resort Trip Report part II.

(ALL of Rooftop Resort is clothing optional, despite the PR photo)

A few other good things, it's close to Haulover Beach and the entire resort has WiFi should you need it to blog about your sex adventures.  So if you're down for one wild and crazy hotel, then check out the events they got coming up at:  Events at Rooftop Resort.

BONUS LINKRooftop Resort Message Board.  <---more like a hookup board.
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