Thursday, June 30, 2011

3 needed items for good vacation sex!

A lot of couples find a vacation a great time to reconnect on several different levels, sex being one of them.  At home it can get busy, work gets in the way, kids, etc.   But when you're on vacation, you can better concentrate on each other.   Here's a list of 3 things you might to help set the mood on the go...

#1.  Oceanus Naturals' Sensual Massage Lubricant.

Ocean Sensuals Sensual Massage Lubricant 

 End a day of stress or begin a night of passion with Sensual Massage. This long-lasting, silky glide is specially formulated to enhance the power of touch and leave your skin radiant and sexy smooth. Set the mood and arouse your lover's entire body with Sensual Massage - for the perfect intimate massage and whatever happens next. It's a sexy 2-in-1 lubricant for your most intimate moments.

#2. Good music - Erotic Lounge, Vol. 4

Erotic Lounge, Vol. 4: Bare Jewels

 This volume of Erotic Lounge has two CD's, just like the other erotic lounge releases, one CD labeled "Soft and Lazy" and the other "Quick and Dirty".  The overall sound of the songs featured on "Bare Jewels" mainly focus on acid jazz, break beat, trip hop, and whatever is in between. 

#3. Soy Massage Candle w/pheromones

Wish Pheromone Soy Massage Candle - 4 Oz Vanilla

First It's A Candle, Then It'S A Massage Oil! The Wish Pheromone Soy Massage Candle Has A Fabulous Vanilla Fragrance That Fills Up The Room.   Plus as it melts you can use it as even more as a massage oil.  Now you got your after love making massage oil - guys, think about giving your girl a nice foot massage.

USA today puts out a story - Do you think women should go topless at the beach?

 Nudity is the topic of conversation now in the mainstream media!  A recent poll showed that vacationers thought going topless was okay on beaches & pools where it's allowed.  The story,, showed that 78% of respondents think toplessness is OK in destinations where it's "culturally acceptable."

 Other things polled...

6% say "European" sunbathing is acceptable at any beach or pool
85% of survey respondents get irritated at people who hog beach chairs at resorts
60% of respondents would like to see child-free zones at beaches
 28% say six feet is the closest acceptable distance to sit next to a stranger
34% say it is an etiquette violation for a man to sport a Speedo

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

La Chiappa France - a nude beach

The Caribbean and America ain't the only places in the world where people can go get naked on the beach.  Let's not forget about Europe where nudity is often times not a big deal like it is over on this side of the pond.  For example, if you find yourself in France and wanna skinny dip check out La Chiappa Beach right next to the Mediterranean Sea.

(this hottie was found at La Chiappa recently)

If you find yourself headed to Corsica (which is France's Island) you'll for sure want to check out La Chiappa.  It offers nude guests bungalows and a 2-mile stretch of  beach, nudists can bare it all while enjoying the warm Mediterranean waters, swimming pools and white sand.

Zumba in Los Angeles - 18 stories up on a hotel

Zumba is a Latin inspired dance fitness program created by dancer and choreographer Alberto "Beto" Perez in Colombia during the 1990s.   And now you can do the Zumba here in Los Angeles on top the InterContinental in Century City.  The hotel is offering the fitness on their helipad rooftop for guests (and anyone willing to pay) at their hotel.

(InterContinental's rooftop from above)

You can get in on the action each Thursday from 5:30pm to 6:30pm if you're a guest at the hotel.  If you're willing to pay just $15 bucks (as a non guest) you'll get valet parking and use of the hotel spa's locker room with a small sauna and steam room.  For $40, you'll also gain access to the hotel's large fitness center, large outdoor pool and outdoor jacuzzi.   Sounds pretty cool to me!

You can check out the hotel further at:

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Is US Airways fair is their clothing policy?

Last week US Airways kicked off a 20-year-old University of New Mexico football player for having sagging pants.  The player, DeShon Marman, was in San Francisco to attend a funeral.  While boarding the plane to fly back to New Mexico he was surrounded by 3 US Airways employees who told him to pull his sagging pants up, when he refused the police were called who then arrested him.

Did you even know US Airways doesn't even have a "dress code policy?"  This means US Airways employees can pick and choose who they feel are dressed appropriately.   Now here's where it gets interesting:  on June 9th, 2011 a white man in Florida was allowed to board a US Airways flight to Phoenix wearing a disgusting looking outfit that consisted of blue panties and some weird ass top.    


Above you got the actual photo of the white guy at the airport taken by a passenger named Jill Tarlow on June 9th, 2011 in Florida.  To the right is DeShon Marman the football player who had his "pants on the ground, pants on the ground, looking like a fool with your pants on the ground." US Airways fair in their unofficial dress code policy?   It'd be hard to argue that the airline is being fair.  How about this for a cure:  How about EVERYBODY wear decent clothes while flying.  I don't like seeing ass at the airport unless it's Kim Kardashian.  But I do feel if they were going to allow this old guy freak to board then they should have allowed the football player to board.

UPDATE:   July 14th, 2011 - California prosecutors have decided not to file charges against the 20-year-old University of New Mexico football player who was booted off a US Airways flight in June in a dispute over his "saggy pants.

Bodypainting at Hedo II


Body-painting at Hedonism II is always a good time.  Often times entertainment coordinators "EC's" will hit the beach around 4pm with paint and the fun ensues.   Here's a few photos courtesy of showing off a few more professional creations.

It all went down recently and here's the link where you can see more:

Monday, June 27, 2011

Black Pearl Golf Course in Roatan

When most people think of Roatan, Honduras they think of diving, diving and diving.  Well, that's a pretty big reason most visitors do visit Roatan.  But the island itself is gorgeous.  With views of over 900 feet and amazing beaches all around this 40 mile long island you'll have plenty to do other than just diving.

Like golf!  

Enter in The Black Pearl Golf Course, Roatan’s first and only golf course.  The course is a part of and it offers 18 holes of golf for those tired of looking at fish.  This 18-hole, par-72, 7200 yard championship golf course was created by world famous golf course architect Pete Dye. The course starts at the ocean’s doorstep, rises into the island’s rolling foothills, then takes golfers on a wild ride back to the seaside clubhouse. 


It features one of Dye’s signature island greens, and 14 holes offer stunning vistas of the ocean and the Meso-American Barrier Reef.  The Black Pearl is not only a haven for golfers, but for the vast wildlife on Roatan as well. With more than 100,000 plants and trees, the golf course is one of the largest sanctuaries of plant and animal life on the island.  

The Black Pearl also features state of the art practice facilities including a lighted driving range, ocean front warm-up range, and a practice chipping green.   This is a semi-private course with a myriad of membership options available including temporary resident memberships, corporate and executive memberships, and yearly memberships. 

Check out The Black Pearl further at:

Schick Hydro shaving system

You know what sucks?  Shaving with a dull crappy razor.  You know what doesn't suck?  Shaving with a Schick Hydro razor.  I got one the other day and when I used it to shave it felt like my 2 day beard just melted off like butter.   I was thinking if you were on a vacation and wishing to look good, this would be a nice razor to have. 

Schick Hydro 5 (1 Razor + 1 Cartridge)

According to one other user over at, "Like many, I've been using Gillette for quite awhile, however, while in Vegas I checked into a high end spa, and when ready for cleaning up I asked if they had complimentary razors.  Hey did, and I was handed a Hydro 5.  It's about as good a shave as I've ever had, and what's better, the blade lasted quite a long while once I got home.  After I threw the blade away I went back to my old brand, but wasn't the same.  The aloe solution gives a very comfortable feel on every pass. I'm definitely now sticking with the Hydro."

Sunday, June 26, 2011

DominicanPoison is on cam tonight!

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Lover's leap in Jamaica

The legend of Lover's Leap is one of the best known Jamaican folk tales.  As with many Jamaican stories, parts of the tale are probably factual.  According to the story, two young slaves were in love.  They used to meet in secret at a property near Lover's Leap.  Their owner wanted the girl for himself, and arranged to have her lover sold.  Getting wind of the plan to separate them, the two tried to escape.  The master gave chase, and they fled to Lover's Leap.   Preferring death to capture, they jumped hand in hand over the cliff,  hence the name Lover's Leap.

An old woman watching saw them jump, but said they did not die.  The moon caught them in a shining net and pulled them up.  They were last seen holding hands on the moon as it descended into the sea.  Thousands of people from across the globe have set eyes on one of the most picturesque scenes on earth located here.

View Larger Map

The view is awesome, breathtakingly beautiful, and only eyes can describe it best. It is a 1,700ft. cliff overlooking the turquoise waters of the Caribbean Sea.  Nearly half of Jamaica's south coast is visible from the cliff, not to mention the sky meeting the sea in one oval blue, never seen anywhere on earth.  Visitors say it's one of the most amazing views they've ever seen.

To learn more about Lover's Leap check out some Jamaican school kids who tell you more about the story and the location:

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Another Hedonism II trip report

This is the Baron’s (and da Boss’s) official trip report from our 19th visit to Hedonism 2 resort from 05/23/11 to 06/03/11.  We spent 13 glorious days at our favorite place and enjoyed every minute of it. 
This was also the 6th year in a row for the Fantasy Girls Extreme fashion show, which was also incredible.  The Fantasy Girls EXtreme (FGX) show was born, bred, and produced  by my baby boy the first two years.  It’s always done the week before Memorial Day.  He decided to ask dear old dad to help with the music and announcing four years ago and we haven’t looked back since.    We had our best show ever this past Memorial Day.

Be warned.  This is a long one!  Read when you have plenty of time, hopefully with a nice beverage and good attitude.  For those of you that don’t know, I am a 30 year veteran professional entertainer, I do  voice work for companies all over the country along with corporate celebrations and such.  If you listen to the radio or watch TV, you’ve probably heard my voice somewhere.  I’ve played for audiences from L.A. to Vegas to Chicago to the Giant Rodent in Florida and most points between.  

After the show, momma and I always stay four extra days to ketch our breath and enjoy ourselves, which we did this trip.  I wanted to touch on some points strictly from “my” point of view.  This is not up for discussion or debate because I don’t care how you feel about how “I” feel.  This is “my” view only.  I’m not trying to push it on you or anyone else.  However, there is a polite request at the end.  Watch for it.  So, when reading, please keep that in mind.  It’s been a long time since I’ve done a trip report because of the tendency of some to tear folks who do post a report a new hole.  They have been rude, crude, and downright mean.  Because of that, I stopped doing trip reports some time ago, but, after some board chatter earlier this year, I promised the Dmon that I’d do one again, for him.  So, here ya go.

Let’s talk food.  Breakfast is and always has been my favorite meal.  It’s the same now.  Sometimes I’d go to Charlie. Sometimes, to Judge on the back wall, Charlies replacement on the weekends.  Judge is the dark complexioned  man on the other side of the egg station.  Charlies booming voice and soothing morning singing always puts a song in my heart and soul.  He just gits a little bizzy, yah no.   Judge can scramble eggs with the best of them.  Those eggs with a slice of that wonderful , sweet, unsalty ham,  a couple of slices of wheat toast and biggo glassa OJ and I’m cookin’.    Lunch is usually soup and sammich with some fruit.  Dinner is a prob, at least for me, cause I’m not really…. hungry when it’s time to eat.   Butcha know you gotta eat something, cause if you don’t, you gonna be in trouble when everything shuts down.  Course you have the midnight buffet.  I finally figgered out how to enjoy a “burger” at hedo.  I don’t do that weird  “bun” thing, just the meat and cheese.  If I do bread, I do the sammich bread the cook has behind him.  you gotta ask, but, you can get it.  Da pink weiner things?  I don’t think so.  Fries are always good, anytime of the day or night.  I even love the sweet catchup.  It’s….different.  It’s Jamaica, mon!  The fruit tray is my fav.  I can tear some watermelon and cantaloupe up!  Did the Japanese thing this time.  Great!  The chef was training a new cook, so, no flippin’ and turnin’ with the utensils.  No prob.  Good and plenty to eat!  Denva in Martinos was spot on!  Champagne was bubbly.  Loved the cool crisp a/c.  Yah Mon!  seafood pasta dish was a bit chewy, but, workable.  I was good.

Let’s talk drinks.  Not really much of a drinker, but, they’ve got all the best liquors, in moderation.  Actually, I love the local Jamaican soft drink TING.  I drank them dry in about four days.  They never got any more in during my entire trip, darn it.  Wasn’t happy bout that, but, not the end of the world.  It’s all in the way you deal wit it. Switched to diet pepsi.  I lived.   8-)   

Room stayed ice cold.  Actually had to turn dat ac off a time or two.  I understand centigrade, but, didn’t wanna mess with the t-stat.  it was all good.  TV was good.  Great reception.  I enjoy the bollywood channel.  Dey funnie!  Remote worked from the start!  Glory be!  One day we woke up and had all the hot watta we could stand, but, nothing was coming out of the cold faucet.  Nothing!  Called maintenance, after one day, they finally got it right.  Hedo did us right too.  No complaints.  Maid was stupendous!  We made sure we showed our extreme gratitude.  Security?  Had all my equipment out all over the room allatime.  Computer, wireless mike and receiver, cables, ipod, mixer.  Nothing left the room unless “I” took it out.  Wasn’t worried one bit.  Was on a bottom floor on the nude side right next to the first walk way.  Waved and grinned at nekkid people for 12 days in a row.  Biggo smiles and nothing else on, but, a towel, sometimes.  Very cool.

They have integrated the H-3 EC’s with H-2’s.  Actually, they’ve cleared out most, if not all of the old H-2 EC’s with the ones from H-3.  Megga is no longer involved with anything to do with entertainment.  No ec’ing, no singing, no nothing.  I did talk with him briefly, and he seems to be happy doing the tennis thing.  He was on vacation during our stay.  But, he is stillll Megga.  Big boomig voice.  Very large and “in charge”.   The new entertainment director from H-3 “Nick” is the man in charge.  They’ve changed their concept of entertainment a great deal, whereas, the young folks (and there are a lot of them!) work very hard to produce and perform numerous dance routines nightly.  Looks like most of them are choreographed by Bro. Winston.  There’s no way you can lose with his fingers all in it.  That man sure can dance in some high heels!!  Most of the dancers are quite good, actually.  My opinion only, Sticky Nicky has a way to go with the dancing thing.  If anybody was “off” or going to be, it was going to be her.  For the most part, they all dance very well and you can tell that they put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into each and every performance.  They’re not all “great”, but, they’re not all “bad”.  One dance routine was absolutely fantastic one night.  The Boss and I made a special point to track down Winston and let him know how much we appreciated the show and his hard work.  Please do that if you enjoy the shows, he enjoys the adulation.  A lot!    8-)  Disco was jumping most every night.  Dean from the ec crew is now the resident dj and does a great job.  I’m not a piano bar fan, so, I never went.  From what I understand, Mr. Dion is still doing a bang up job.  If that’s yo thang.

The one weak point with the new EC’s is their singing.  The melodious “Melody” needs to quit.  She is not very good.  She has one key that she can sing in and sing well.  When she tries for those other keys, forget it!  That’s the one thing that has always gets to me about Jamaican performers.  If they’re not very good, no one will tell them, so, they just keep on hitting those sour notes!  Lawd help me!  It’s not rocket science.  Damn, can’t you hear that?  If you’re off key, you’re off!  And there was some off key sangin’ during our visit.  It’s probably because I’m so used to playing and hearing the “real” thing that when I hear someone just slap “off key”, it drives me bonkers!  I had to git outta there a couple few times when Melody sang.  That hurt.   The bigger woman (ec) is much better.  I can’t remember her name right now.  You’ll know. 

Nude/prude:  alright.  This is a biggie.  The nude side was packed the whole time, except Sunday!   With 3 closing, hedo now has that market all to themselves.  It’s packed!!!  As most of you know, I used to be a nude side freak maself.  For my first 5 years in a row, I was in ma “spot”.  King of the cool pool, hanging over the edge, watchin’ da silliness.  So, I know how it works.  I’m not going to go into the specifics of what turned me off to the nude side.  If you’ve been on Dmon’s board long enough, you know.  If you’re not familiar with his board.  Don’t worry bout it, don’t really matter.  I had the honor of playing music for the Wicked Wildcat’s nude pool party one afternoon when their dj had a delayed flight.  I was there, had my equipment, Hedo asked me to help out and I said, sure, no prob.   It was my first time back to the nude side in, gracious, four years?  Nothing’s changed.  Still same old nude side.  They where having their fun.  Party on!  Just ain’t ma thang anymore, but, I don’t knock those who enjoy it.  Live and let live, but, mostly, to each his own.

There has been a lot of debate about nudes on the prude side.  Since the demise of “H-3”, Hedo seems to have taken a hands off approach.  It looks like, If nobody bitches, tain’t no thang.  I don’t think anybody did while I was there.  At least, what I could see or hear.  When I wanted to relax I went to the lower prude bar, you know, da cold watta.  Momma is and always will be hesitant, but, worked with me cause it’s ma favorite place to be now.  I LOVE the crispness of that cool watta when it’s so blamed HOT!  There were nudes who came over several times, who, I’m gathering, got tired of the noise and rowdiness of the nude side.  Personally, “I” didn’t have a problem with them….kinda.  What burned my goat wasn’t the fact that they were nekkid.  I’m good with that.  What bothered me was the licking and sucking thing.  Now, why you gotta go there?  Realizing a lot of you have no idea how many folks actually enjoy the prude side, guests and locals, you can’t really speak with authority on this.  “I” can.  There actually are quite of few folks that come thru there!  You just never see them cause you’re “over there”.  I’m not.  Remember the word “respect”?  Some don’t grasp the true meaning of it when it comes to Jamaica.  You are a GUEST in their country, not the other way around..  Yes, you’ve paid thousands of dollars to be there.  But you are still a GUEST.  You’ve have paid thousands to git yo freak on.  Keep your ass over there and do it!  Reading the Dmon’s board, it amazes me how many of you take actual ownership of “Hedo” during your paltry 7 to 14 days at their resort.  Remember that there are 300 + more days that you are NOT there.  Hedo makes a lot of money selling day passes to locals every day, who really do come to there to enjoy it just like you do – without the freakiness.  They have a blast!  It’s great to see them enjoying their time off doing the watta thang, playing beach volleyball, drinking at the bar, talking that beautiful patois (sp)  and the sort.  From what I can see, nekkid white folks don’t really “bother” them.  They just kinda ignore you.  But, C’mon man!   Have enough respect for them and yourselves to keep the freaky stuff over on the side you’re paying to have policed so hard so you can do yo freaky stuff.  

For example, i went to Ms. Anna (my friend and a wonderful woman!  She calls me Mister B) and asked her permission to bring my little radio, set it on the bar, and put it on the local Jamaican radio station “irie-fm”.  After all, it’s “her” space and I give her that respect of running it.  She always seems to enjoy when I come cause she says “You bring da music wit you, Mon.”  8-)  She makes me smile.  So, It’s about 3pm, Radio was playing reggae jams, several guests and locals where on the cabanas laughing, talking, enjoying themselves, and here comes 4 couples sauntering over from the nude side, butt booty nekkid.  They proceed to get in the pool and sit on the sides.  Now, I’m the only one in there, wit ma trunks on.  Tain’t no thang.  I didn’t say a word.  Had ma sunglasses and my biggo cabana hat on, so, they couldn’t see ma eyes or expressions.  They sat for a bit, laughing and doing the loud nekkid talking thing, maybe twenty minutes or so.  We cool.  Then one of the women decided to give her man a good lick and suck while he’s sitting on the side.  You know what I’m talkin’ bout.  Well, the whole vibe changed, at least for “me”.  It just didn’t sit right with me.  I still didn’t say anything to them.   Allavasudden, they all just jumped up and went either back to the nude side or to their rooms, or wherever, I was not mad at em for leavin’!  Good riddance!   C’mon  Man!  That is not necessary at the prude pool!!!     R-E-S-P-E-C-T!!!   for  yourselves and our gracious hosts.  You cannot go ANYWHERE else on this planet and have the freedom to do that BUT on the nude side of H-2.  Stay on your side and knock yourselves out!!!   Just my two cents.  If I can get one of you hardheads, just ONE, to understand how boorish and crass that makes you look, and to please cut it out.   I’ll feel I’ve accomplished ….something!  Think about what I’m asking.  Please??????   I’ve said ma piece about this, now I’m finished with it, forever.  No more posts, No more discussions.  R-E-S-P-E-C-T!   Live and let live!!!!!!

I don’t really know how to post pics, so, I’m sending requested pics of the finished bridge to Dmon.  I’m sure he can handle it and place them where they need to be.

Thank you for your time and interest.  As promised, Dmon.  For you and only for you.  All of your hard work and dedication is not wasted.  I love you, my friend.  

One love.

The Baron

A nice visual for Saturday - Esther Baxter!

Model Esther Baxter was hitting the pool this week in California and here is the result...

* click to enlarge

Follow her on Twitter @!/esther_baxter

Friday, June 24, 2011

Score a Android tablet for only $175, today only! has this little thing called a "Gold Box Deal" where each day they run some deeply discounted item.  Most days it's not something you could really use in travel, but today, it's different...

Today's item is a Android Tablet.  Think of it as a I-Pad/I-Pod wanna-be.  It's a palm sized device that allows you to check your email, play games, check flight times and more.    Yesterday it was $219, but today, it's $175 w/free shipping!

Archos 43 4.3-Inch 16 GB Internet Tablet with Android

Amazon's write-up:  "This palm-sized Android tablet is not your average media player. With a simple tap on the home screen, you'll have access to HD video playback, a built-in HD camcorder, the latest Android apps, your emails, full Internet browsing, and plenty more."

A Sea Mountian Inn trip report

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Thursday, June 23, 2011

A super sexy hotel - The Setai, Miami, Florida

Located in trendy South Florida is The Setai, a costly but very sexy hotel.   It's a 75 unit hotel located in Miami with awesome views of the ocean.   The hotel itself was originally built between 1936 and 1938 as as the famed Dempsey Vanderbilt Hotel.  These days it's The Setai where celebrities like Eva Longoria, Paris Hilton, Jay-Z and Lenny Kravitz often will be spotted.

(most rooms run $825 at The Setai)

According to TripAdvisor (where it ranked #8 out of 202):   "If money is no object, this stunning oceanfront resort in the heart of South Beach offers a spectacularly seductive spot.  Guest rooms boast a modern, Asian-influenced design, and feature black granite baths, rainfall showers and mood-lighting, to add romance at the touch of a button. The sunken pods in the outdoor courtyard also make an alluring retreat, with one TripAdvisor traveler commenting, “Very romantic setting outside with many comfortable and secluded sitting areas — very sexy.”

Check them out further at:

2 women getting on in Vegas - where is this???

Ok, help me out loyal followers.  What hotel is this?  Is this the Hef pad at The Palms???

Please comment and help solve the mystery!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Mini Battery Extender and Charger for iPod and iPhone

Here's a travel product that could come in handy for you I-Phone/Pod/Pad users.  It's a Kensington Mini Battery Extender and Charger.  

Power and charge your iPhone or iPod on-the-go, and enjoy an extended playtime of up to 30 hours of music; 6 hours of video; or 3 hours of talk. The high-capacity, rechargeable Lithium-Ion Polymer battery pack is small and unobtrusive enough to keep connected to your iPhone or iPod while you're using it.

The LED battery meter lets you visualize how much juice you have left, and the included retractable USB charging cable makes powering up the battery pack a snap. Backed by Kensington's 1-year warranty.

Kensington Mini Battery Extender and Charger for iPod and iPhone 1G, 3G, 4G (Black)

According to one reviewer who spoke of the charger back in July of 2010, "The iPhone battery isn't great. This little guy comes in handy. I have had for a few weeks and I have only used it a few times - but it certainly did the job. It held its own charge for at least a week and charged my phone. I use it with my 3GS."

Photos coming out of Hedonism II

Here's a set of photos I found on Flicker that were shot at infamous Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica back in 2009 for   It features photos taken by Downtown Pat Brown.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Pick up some cool old Jamaican postcards

I was surfing around the 'net and found this company,, that had some way cool yet way OLD postcards.  You can get them from 3 to 13 euros.

#1.  Here's some workers from around 1910 working in the sugar cane fields of the island.  Around this time Jamaica was producing about 100,000 tons of sugar per year.  Sugar is still a product the island produces.

#2.  Here's a water wheel that was built in 1799 along the Martha Brae River.  The photo is from the 1920's.  The water wheels were often times used to help process sugar cane into rum.  Other times it was used to pump in fresh water into local homes.

#3.  This is a postcard from 1905 that features the Spanish Town Cathedral.  The Cathedral was re-built in 1714 after a hurricane destroyed it in 1712.   Learn more about it here.  See it here.

Check them out at

Summer of 2011 bikini babe post!

Well, Summer of 2011 is officially here, June 21st!  What better way of kicking it off then with bikini babes???

* click any photo to enlarge it

The end
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