Thursday, March 24, 2011

Poll time - should airlines have separate seating in flight?

There's a growing debate 30,000 feet above earth over seating in airlines.  Single people want their own area of the plane.  Families want their own segregated seating to get away from the rude singles.   And these days where fliers are instantly posting their frustrations via Twitter or Facebook, the airlines are being forced to listen.

Vote above, do you think airlines should have sections in the planes just for people with kids?   Then another for people without kids?   Do you think they should have a section on the plane for people who are plus sized and need bigger seats?

I'm 6'3, I'd love a section where I could NOT worry about the person in front of me suddenly reclining their seats crushing my kneecaps.   Should I have to pay more for that?   It's not my fault I'm tall.  The overweight people might be able to loose weight, I can't shrink in height.

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