Monday, May 28, 2012

DR Nights is HOT HOT HOT

Dan, a blog reader of mine, recently went down to DR Nights on a pimping Golf and Sex Package.  After he returned home he was kind enough to write me with some of his findings.  He had met with one of the newer girls, an 19 year old from the island, who'd only been at the resort for 3 weeks.

Dan snapped a few photos of this hottie but the better pics are on our bulletin board.  Needless to say, Dan had a blast and promised me a nice trip report coming up.

Check out their specials at:

3 great US beaches

Summer is back!  So, let's explore 3 great beaches, right here in the US!

#1.  California 

Orange County's Crystal Cove State Park  isn't just about the beach — gracefully curved coves with reliable waves for surfing and bodysurfing.  On the inland side of Pacific Coast Highway, park trails climb foothills for killer views of the ocean you just swam in.  If swimming and hiking make you hungry, grab a cheeseburger and a rich milkshake at Ruby's Shake Shack. 

Check it out further:

#2.  Florida 

It was for good reason that Siesta Beach , just 15 minutes from downtown Sarasota, was chosen the nation's best beach in 2011 by Stephen Leatherman (aka Dr. Beach). Follow the gently sloping beach to the calm, warm Gulf waters and dig your toes into the powdery white-quartz sand. Lifeguards and free parking make it safe and easy for everyone to enjoy.

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#3.  Hawaii 

There aren't many long stretches of sandy shoreline in Kailua-Kona on the volcanic Big Island, so the 45-minute drive along the Kohala Coast to Hapuna Beach — the largest on the island — is worth the early wake-up. The beach is spacious enough to spread out. And if you still need more room, consider the clear waters, where you can snorkel and swim in calm conditions and body-board in the surf. Grab some snacks from KTA Superstore or a plate lunch from Pine Tree Cafe and make a day of it.

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rudest cities in America

Well piss on this!  I'm from LA and guess what city got the rudest award for 2012...Los Angeles!  Maybe it's the traffic?  Maybe I've just been here too long.  I will admit people that live here from south of our borders do seem to be without manners.  

Here's the top 10...

10. Dallas/Fort Worth
9. Orlando
8. Las Vegas
7. Baltimore
6. Boston
5. Washington
4. Miami
3. Philadelphia
2. New York City
1. Los Angeles

Do you all agree?  The poll was put out by Travel+ Leisure, read the full article HERE

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Photos of Rihanna in her newest video

Rihanna wrapped up filming for her newest video, "Where have you been."   Here are a few pics from her Facebook page of her getting dressed up, or is it dressed down, for the shoot.  She's so sexy...

See all of the photos at:

Friday, May 4, 2012

Sheneka Adams on vacation in the Bahamas

Enjoy these photos of hottie model, Sheneka Adams, on vacation in the Bahamas.  

This girl knows how to fill out a bikini!!!
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