Saturday, February 12, 2011

Would you like to take a piece of The Standard Hotel home with you?

Way back I posted about The Standard Hotel in NYC (check "you might also like" below) and how this hotel is one sexy/naughty hotel spot.  As a recap, they have wall-to-ceiling glass that allows the guests to flaunt it all for the world below to see, and they do watch.  

Well, now you can take home Standard light bulbs for $65 for a 3 pack.  What makes these light bulbs worth that?  The light bulbs are designed by swank designer Brian Donnelly who at one point was a hip graffiti artist.  In the late 90's Brian gained fame for his vinyl toys, T-shirts, shoes and wallets, many of which feature the "XX" logo found on the Standard's light bulbs.

(the bulbs in place at The Standard)

And now they're selling 1,000 of the 3 packs to the public and each pack has a purple, red and green light bulb with XX's as the filaments.   You can buy these bulbs at:  Standard Shopping, but if you're gonna do it, do it before they sell out.   Personally, I won't be picking these up, but they do seem pretty cool.

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