Sunday, March 27, 2011

Angie's Resturant - Fort Hancock, TX

While driving thru West Texas I made a stop at a Shell gas station to get some fuel.  Well, a guy can get hungry on the road!   So right next door was a small concrete block building that looked at least like a restaurant.  But in this area of the world you see lots of former restaurants now turned ghost buildings, was this one of those?

I poked my head in this Angie's Restaurant and found it to be open, I think.  We went back and filled up the truck and decided, what the hell, and went into Angie's Restaurant.  There were about 3 what looked to be locals in there dining and Angie, the Angie.  She sat us down and gave us a few menus but I couldn't help but to look around at the decor and restaurant itself.  It's hard to describe.  It smelled like years of home cooking, Texas dust and an old house.  Our booth had it's seats partially held together by old duct tape.  I'm pretty sure if Angeie's was in Los Angeles it's have a F rating in terms of cleanliness.

The menu was surprisingly expensive for the type of establishment that it was.  Our lunch of a Mexican platter (rice, beans, cheese enchiladas and two tacos), a plate of fries (the frozen kind you get at your local market in a bag) and two ice teas ended up costing $16.75.   Add in a tip and 1 and 1/2 lunch turned into a $20.

But what about the food?   Angie whips up her own salsa daily and it was pretty good.  The food itself was nothing special.  Being so close to Mexico I would have figured for more authentic Mexican comida but it wasn't that bad.  I was afraid to eat from the kitchen truthfully and that's why I went for a can of Coke and the fries.  

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I guess places like Angie's are awesome to visit for the sake of an adventure.  Would I really be sitting here blogging had we hit a chain restaurant?   So if you're in West Texas and feeling adventurous, hit up Angie's, and see what adventures await you. 


  1. Sounds like a bit of a time warp. You never know with these places, sometimes you get lucky and find an undiscovered gem of a restaurant.

  2. I was on the 2nd day of my Trans-Texas Bicycle Odyssey, 12JUN20111,and Angie's was GREAT for brunch/lunch!Not only was the breakfast excellent, but the A/C was a magnificent deliverance from the arid heat outside. That superb nutrition kept me alive and pedaling until I got into Sierra Blanca several hours later. Never, never, judge what's inside by the outside--this is one of those hidden gems of the world! I highly recommend it to everybody, unless you want to pay too much or have to use a card (cash only).


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