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A review of my #1 favorite resort EVER! Hedo II

Hedonism II - Negril, Jamaica

What can I say about my favorite vacation spot that hasn't already been said? I've been there now SIX (6) time so I know all about it. For those of you that have been there, you don't even need to read this. For those of you that haven't been - read on...

"Hedo II" has been entertaining party minded folks since 1981 and prior to that since 1976 as Negril Beach Village. Hedo II sits on 22 lush acres on the North-Western tip of Jamaica and has 280 rooms that can often times be completely sold out.

Hotel amenities officially include: A "prude resort side" and a "nude resort side" each with it's own grills, bars, pools, hot tubs, beaches and more. Overall the resort has a disco, fitness center, main dining hall (with daily lunch and dinner shows), rock climbing wall, water sports, basketball courts, volleyball, tennis and things I'm sure I'm forgetting about.

What you don't see "officially" advertised is the attitude, the mindset of the people that go and the general positive vibe of the resort. You need to understand that Jamaica has to be one of the coolest places on the planet then when SuperClubs started this club on that island it pretty much made paradise on earth. Hedo II has the highest return rate of any hotel in the Caribbean and I'd gamble to say pretty much anywhere on Planet Earth.

Hedo II is all-inclusive. Meaning book your trip, pay, go, don't pay anymore. Don't even tip people, it's not allowed. Now that does not mean you can't smile and say thank you to all the hard working people making your vacation special. All dinners, drinks, entertainment and even scuba diving is included, PAID!

Depending on what side of the resort you book, nude or prude, you might see a difference in age and type of guests. In general, the younger crown books on the prude side while the "older" crowd books the nude side. What's "older" 30's plus I'd say. (don't get offended people, I'm in that group too).

A few cool features: Hedo II has a Piano Bar that's packed nightly. Some nights you'll find karaoke, other nights a skilled piano man keeping you singing along with him. The piano bar has seen more than a few women stripping on top of the piano while favorite songs are playing. Ohhhh, Hedo.

How about the disco? (currently called Club Hurricane) It has a back drop of the prude side swimming pool so if you seen swimmers as your order your favorite included drink, don't worry. Also, the club has a stripper pole. How fun is that?

Care to partake in Hedo II's theme nights? Hedo has a weekly PJ night and Toga night among others that'll keep you in the fun. The saying goes on toga night, "No sheet, no eat!". Kidding, but come on people, join in on the fun.

SuperClubs has a "Sunshine Guarantee". The guarantee says basically you can get a free day for every day of your vacation that the sun fails to shine. BUT... If you experience a cloudy day, make sure you get your voucher BEFORE you depart the resort or you may NOT see it. Do NOT leave the resort without your Sunshine Guarantee voucher or document.

Do you hear wedding bells in your future? Then why not get married at Hedo II, paradise! Marriage ceremonies are free to guests with a 2 day residency requirement. There is a $150 administrative charge by the local parish to register your marriage certificate but even that will sometimes be waived, check with the resort before going.

Dining: Jerk Chicken. That's all I got to say. The resort offers several on-site restaurants and bars. There is a buffet-style dining at the Terrace Room. It serves Caribbean cuisine as well as traditional American fare. There also is a Japanese restaurant, Italian restaurant, a restaurant featuring Jamaican cuisine. There also are two beach grills, one on the nude beach and the other on the main beach.

he second hardest thing about the nude beach at Hedo is taking your clothes off the first time. The hardest thing is putting them back on. To ease into the nude beach at Hedonism II, you’ll find a long tree-covered stretch of beach between the prude and nude sides of the resort. It’s quiet, relatively uncrowded, and can be a transition zone for newbies to the nude beach where you can bare or not.

Get your drink on at Hedo II. At Hedonism II, there are five bars, two of which are swim-up bars. Popular Hedo II drinks include: Purple Rains, Dirty Bananas, Jamaican Run Punch, Hummingbirds, Purple Mother F**kers, Flaming Bob Marley shots and Jamaica Delights.

Prices at Hedo II all depend on when you're going. I've seen them around $110 per person, per day and up to $2?? per person, per day. Either way that price includes EVERYTHING other than getting yourself there.

I'll blog again about the great Hedo II, it's the type of place one could spend hours on. But mostly you just need to go and explore this Hedonistic paradise for yourself. Just remember, what happens at Hedo definitely needs to stay at Hedo. :-D

I'm not a travel agent so call your favorite agent or call Superclubs at 877.467.8737 and/or visit them at

(A fun read about Hedo II)


  1. Nice overview. but it's nothing like actually going there :)

  2. do u work for Hedo???

  3. How about some "real" pictures?

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