Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Hedo II is having an Entertainment Coordinator reunion

Hedonism II is right smack in the middle of a Entertainment Coordinator reunion that's designed for it's past "EC's" to come back to the resort they used to work at and party!  The dates for the event are August 28th to September 4th, 2011 and as of today it looks like about 8-10 EC's are on hand for the festivities.

I blogged about this event back in March:  Hedonism 2 Reunion.

(Kevin Levee, general manager, with 2 lovely EC's)

(Marvelous Marie & Temptress)

(Melody is second from the left, in brown)

It looks like a fun week, I wish we were down there!  Thanks all current and past  Entertainment Coordinators for keeping the energy high on our vacations.   I'll post more pics as then come in...


(current EC, Ashely, joins in on the reunion)

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

The Titanic was a pimp ship!

Is there a person on this planet that hasn't heard of the Titanic?  I'm betting it's the most famous cruise ship that the world has ever known.  But do you really know that much about it?   Well...first off ship stats...

  • It was built in 1909 to 1911 in Belfast, UK
  • It's first and only voyage held 2,240 passengers
  • The ship was 882 feet long and 9 total decks
  • It cost around $7,000,000 in 1909 dollars to build
  • The Titanic could cruise up to 23 knots (26mph)
  • It put out 46k of horsepower pushing 3 propellers

But the Titanic was a ship of both mass proportions AND modern features.  You got to remember, this was back in the early 1900's yet the ship had a heated pool, a squash court, wireless radio, a library, an internal phone system, a barber shop, a Turkish bathhouse, a gymnasium and a Verandah Cafe!   

(The Titanic as she departs Queenstown on April 11, 1912)

Plus if you were one of the lucky 1st class passengers your suites included fancy wood panelling, expensive furniture and Café Parisien which served cuisine for the first-class passengers only in a sunlit veranda.  Also in first class were 3 electric elevators (plus a 3rd one in second class) and a costly message system that allowed passengers to send telegrams back home.

How much did it cost to ride in this high-tech cruise?   The most costly ride on the ship that sunk was $4,375 in 1912 money wish equals about $99,000 in 2010.   That was on the 1st class level in a parlor suite.  If you wanted to book something much cheaper you could have gotten in on a second class room for $60 ($1,390) and third class rides were $35-$40 bucks ($928).   All numbers are in 2010 US prices.

Of course none of this matters when you run into a iceberg at 20 knots.  Had the ship just ran into the iceberg head-on it probably would have survived the crash.  But since they tried to swerve around it the 'berg ripped a huge gash into the side of the ship and it slowly filled up with water sinking at 2:20am, after hitting the ice at 11:40pm.

Studs at Hedo III for the ladies

Well, Hedonism III closed down September of 2010 but apparently these guys got in a shoot for a 2011 calendar at the resort before all that went down.  So ladies...enjoy this one last piece of Hedo III history!

Anyone can get the calendar & DVD of the shoot at for just $19.95 where 50% of the photos are "artistic nudes" and the other half are clothed images.

Monday, August 29, 2011

17 have died so far in 2011 at Yosemite National Park

There's a record being set this year in Yosemite National Park, a record of death!  In the first 8 months alone 17 park visitors have passed away.   In a lot of cases it's due to the rivers being higher than normal thanks to a healthy snow-pack from this past winter.

A few hikers have fallen off the famous face of Half Dome.   A few got caught up in swollen rivers and drowned.  One man slipped from mist slipped on the granite steps of the Mist Trail below Vernal Fall and drowned in the swollen Merced River.  Mist Trail is a steep, 1.5-mile-long trail which attracts upwards of 1,500 visitors a day.

(Looking down at the Yosemite's Mist Trail on the way to Half Dome)

It's also been busy at Yosemite with over 730,000 visitors in the month of July alone.  That's the most in any one month since 1985!  So given the higher crowds and swollen rivers it's easy to see how more accidents are happening.  But if you make it to Yosemite, or to any national park, just play it safe.  Falling down 2,500 feet in front of astonished hikers to your death is just not a fun way to spend a vacation!

BONUS LINK  <--tips on how to be safe in Yosemite.

Random people at Hedonism II in Jamaica

Here's a few photos of the non-stop party that's been going on for 30 years this coming November 5th.  It was only in 1959 was a road cut to Negril, launching the development of what was then a tiny fishing village. Electricity and telephones came later.  The sleepy beachfront village soon became a popular holiday spot for Jamaicans.

 Then in 1976 the first major resort, Negril Beach Village, opened its doors to a relatively affluent crowd seeking an uninhibited style vacation.  ”Negril Beach Village” changed its name in name in 1981 and became Hedonism II.

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Barefoot Cay in Roatan

Ahhhh Roatan, Honduras...still one of my dream spots on earth.  And I still want to start up a resort in Roatan that's a cross between Hedonism II in Jamaica and any one of the dive resorts currently on the island.  In fact, check out my website to learn more.  Moving on...

Already on the island is Barefoot Cay, a Boutique resort that features 9 luxury accommodations with your choice of beachfront or ocean views.   Out of 35 hotels reviewed on Barefoot Cay comes in #1!   Maybe all things called Barefoot are just that good.  :-D

The hotel/resort itself is on a tiny island just off the mainland of Roatan.  So it's very private and exclusive. Each villa or bungalow at Barefoot Cay has a private beach where you can wade out into the warm waters of the Caribbean and look for exotic fish.  While there, the staff takes excellent care of you.  From cooking local foods to fixing island cocktails, they seem to do it all.  They also have an on-site dive shop for the awesome coral reef system that circles around the island.  

(the island's private pool)

You can choose a package price that includes all dining or you can pay per meal, it's your choice.  The restaurant on the little island is only for Barefoot Cay guests so it's never crowed and the food is cooked fresh as you wait.  Check out a list of current specials on their website for different booking options.  They have deals from $750 per person for a week, all inclusive minus a dive package.  If you need to get in on the diving just pay an extra $300 per person plus taxes for a 10 dive package.

So if you're down for a nice week on your own island resort, then Barefoot Cay might just be the place to go.  That is, till I get my own resort on the island.  :-)

Check out their main webpage at:

Saturday, August 27, 2011

Saturday "Hurricane Irene" update

Wow!  Saturday @ 11:20am PST.  Irene is just got done beating up North Carolina and now it's near Virgina smacking them around.  Next up - NYC?  She's not a mega-powerful hurricane but still it will end up doing damage to the east coast and it's beaches.

Get more maps here:

Two Dutch vistors die in California desert heat

A Dutch man and woman died this week in the 105 degree weather in California's Joshua Tree National Park.  The man who was 44 and his woman who was 38 were found were found about a mile apart on Black Eagle Mine dirt road after they left their rental car a few miles away.

View Larger Map

Black Eagle Mine dirt road is for 4 wheelers only and the rental these two had might have gotten stuck, according to reports.  It looks like the couple tried to hike their way to civilization but didn't make it.  A few empty water bottles were found in the abandoned rental car and near the bodies.

LA Weekly said the two European tourists may have been on a mission: to find the spot where the album cover for the 1987 U2 album Joshua Tree was shot.  Apparently, the tree and it's location is not all that easy to find.  Check out this diary of someone who'd been there:  U2's Fallen Joshua Tree.

Have a discreet affair - Guaranteed!

Have you all heard about   It's a dating website with a different edge, they guarantee that you'll have a sex filled affair.  The site has been featured on Hannity, Howard Stern, TIME, BusinessWeek, Sports Illustrated, Maxim and has the slogan of " 'Life is short. Have an affair."

The fact that they got 10 million members says something.  People are out there looking to hook up.  Each and every month the website has over 700,000 visitors alone and every 60 seconds another woman signs up, this all according to  

Well, last month one of my blog readers who would only let me call him "John" bought the  "Affair Guarantee package" for $249 and decided to see what happened.  John lives in North Carolina and exactly a week and a half later booked a date with a local woman 2 years younger than him.  After a few days of steamy e-mails they met up for dinner then made their way over to some hotel where they had a night John described as "sexually exhausting."

(nice work John)

Had John not scored he could have acted on the "Affair Guarantee package".  With the guarantee if you don't find someone within the initial 3 months after purchasing the "Affair Guarantee" Membership Package, we'll refund you the amount you paid for participating in the program.  Not bad!

Check them out at:

Friday, August 26, 2011

2 hurt at LAX getting off airplane

An airline passenger and a pilot were getting off a a 737 at LAX in Los Angeles this week when the loading bridge collapsed sending the unlucky two 10 feet down causing minor injures.  The flight, which originated in Boston and had a stopover in Chicago, was carrying 107 passengers and crew members.

Both were transported to Daniel Freeman Memorial Hospital in Marina del Rey in fair condition, a fire department spokesman said. They complained of pain to their ankles, back and necks, according to the Los Angeles Times.

Red Stripe Babe

Just for fun...

Beer and babes, what could be better?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Virgin America adds NFL games to flights

California-based airline, Virgin America, is looking to beef up its sports content in time for the football season.  So it's adding more network channels to its in-flight entertainment system.  Virgin has a "Red system" which is an in-flight entertainment system that now has more content with live sports and news for it's guests.

(inside a Virgin airplane)

To the system they just added 4 new stations, NBC-NY/WNBC,  FOX News,  TBS and FOX-NY/WNYW, all channels that are live TV.  The Red system also provides more than 35 on-demand films, 3,000 audio files and video games.   Sweet!  All of the new channels mean one thing, more NFL football for people!  Since the stations are LIVE you can catch your favorite team playing now.  Double sweet!

Check out Virgin's cool website: where they have current deals like Los Angeles to Chicago for $119 (plus tax and all that jazz)

Miss Black Nude Beauty Pageant 2011

The Miss Black Nude Beauty Pageant has been in Negril, Jamaica at Hedonism II the past 17 years.  Each year visitors from all over US, Europe and Canada make their way to Hedo II the last week of September to check out the sexy ladies.  This year you can be wicked for a week, along with the ladies of Club 2046 and join the ladies for a most exciting week of fun and activities.  The dates are September 25th to October 1st, 2011.

The show features young ladies of African American decent showcasing their swimwear, evening gowns and lingerie.  Competition categories include "Talent" and "Totally Nude" and the show has even been features on HBO's show, Real Sex.

Check them out more at:

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Did the VA earthquake really damage the Washington Monument?

At 1:51 p.m in Virgina a 5.8 earthquake shook several states including Washington, DC and it's famed Washington Monument.  Even tho the monument is 89 miles northeast of the quake's epicenter the monument did suffer light damage.

Officials say the Washington Monument, the 170-meter obelisk located on the National Mall, is closed indefinitely after cracks were found at the top.  A helicopter inspection discovered a crack near the pyramid-shaped tip after Tuesday's quake and another inspection is planned today.  Meanwhile, it remains closed.

Hurricane Irene Update

Hurricane Irene is now a Category 3 storm that's taking aim at the Bahama's as it sweeps east of the US.  South Florida, including Key West, are out of danger but it could end up landing on the Northern coast of the US by Saturday/Sunday.

(courtesy of

Fellow Vacation Barefoot Blog hot spot, Jamaica, is also safe from this storm but it's only August and Hurricane season runs till the end of November. 

For up-to-date info about Hurricane Irene I'd hit up

Friday morning update:   Hurricane Irene has weakened somewhat over the Atlantic as it roars toward the U.S. East Coast, but it could intensify again before slamming into North Carolina, and federal officials Friday extended watches and warnings as far north as Martha's Vineyard, Mass.

As of 5 a.m. Eastern time, Irene was 420 miles from Cape Hatteras, N.C., with sustained winds of 110 mph, making it a Category 2 hurricane, according to a National Hurricane Center bulletin issued early today.

I vote to ban cellphones in restaurants!

I'm all about my I-Phone and I do love eating out.  But...the two don't mix!   I see people at nice restaurants Facebook'ing, calling friends, taking photos of their dinner and texting.  That's all fine till you start screaming in your phone to the babysitter.

(cell phone free Rouge 24 in DC)

High-end restaurant, Rogue 24, a new spot in Washington, D.C., has a policy in place banning cell phones and cameras at their restaurant.  I'd enjoy eating at a place like that.  If you have a true emergency then maybe it's just not the place to eat at.  But for 95% of the world, a few phone calls can wait.

So vote below...

Should phones be banned while dining?

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A California man pleads guilty to dropping a cruise ship anchor

Do you guys remember the story of a drunken 45 year old California man who went into a control room on Holland's America's Ryndam and released an anchor while the ship was in motion?  Well, the dude did all of that November of 2011 and now he's facing up to 20 years in prison!

(Holland America's Ryndam on a better day)

Luckily nobody got hurt in his stupid stunt but homeboy could be thinking about pulling anchors for the next 20 years.  I feel that's a little too much (too much tax dollars locking up an idiot) but he should have some type of punishment.   Also lucky was the fact that the cruise ship avoided damage after the 18-ton stern anchor failed to reach the sea floor.   Idiot.

Wife bangs guests at Hedo II in Jamaica

Here's a story out of Jamaica's Hedonism II that features sex, sex and more sex.  Not that this story can't be true, for anyone who's been to Hedo II knows that sex is a part of your vacation.  A lot of people want to research up and see if the rumors are true, well, they are.  Outdoor sex, indoor sex, sex with your spouse, sex with another all can and does happen here.

 "Before we left for Jamaica, I researched Hedonism on the internet. We would be staying on the nude side but there were a variety of themed nights where Sally could wear interesting outfits. So we packed several sexy bikinis, teddies, and other lingerie for evening wear. From what I could read, I realized that Sally’s fantasy might really come true..."

To see more, go to our X rated message board and read the full story! 

Monday, August 22, 2011

Buy a cool house in Montego Bay for $375,000 US

For those of us who can't get enough of Jamaica, here's an idea.  Just buy a house down there!   How far will our American dollars go down there?   Here's a 4BR 3BA house in Montego Bay for sale at $375,000 US.  For an extra $20,000 you can even have the house sold as furnished.  (beats shipping your stuff from the states)

The house itself has 3,690 sq. ft. and it sits on 17,943 of Jamaican soil.  It all sits behind a long driveway on a little hill protected by an electric gate and a fence all around the house.  It's a two story home and you do get views of the Caribbean from several rooms in the house.

Check it out more at:

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Sailor Jerry - a rum review

I finally grabbed a bottle of Sailor Jerry when I found it at the local market priced at $16 for a big ass bottle (1500 mls?).   The guy who worked the counter was saying it sells #2 for him just behind Bacardi Rum.  So what the hell, let's give it a shot.  Sailor Jerry Rum is a blend of Caribbean rums based on a recipe of tattoo legend Sailor Jerry.  The bottle itself has a vintage look that's simple and has hula girl designed by Jerry himself.

(personal stock)

On the nose:   I unscrewed the cap (no cork) to my new bottle of rum and was hit with a spiced/sweet smell.  Let me see...caramel smells and fruit.  Is it cherry?  Banana?

To the eye:  It's a nice rich looking dark rum that reeks of either lots of years in wooden barrels or fake coloring added.   I'll research that later.

On the tongue:  Sailor Jerry is good!  It has that nice spiced Caribbean flavor but also hits you with smooth caramel, banana and cherry flavors softening it's 92 proof potency.

Overall:  I think it's an excellent rum that mixes VERY well with a cold Coke on the rocks.  Or you could enjoy it straight up and be very happy.  I wouldn't used it on a Mojito, I'd stick with 10 Cane for blended tropical drinks.   But it's a very very nice Rum and Coke blend.

Model Khrysti Hill for Show Magazine

Here's 21 year old model Khrysti Hill posing for Show Magazine for a recent photo shoot.  She's 5'4 and comes in at a very curvy 36DD-26-44.  Khrysti was born in Mississippi and grew up in Columbus, Ohio.

Bonus LinkKhrysti Hill's Twitter.

Saturday, August 20, 2011

What $179 per ticket buys you in Los Angeles for a concert

So we hit up the Sade concert last night in Los Angeles at the Staples Center and it was AWESOME!   We had scored tickets almost a year ago and our seats were pretty decent.  Sade rocked out a lot of her old hits plus new songs of her latest album, Soldier of Love.

(Sade from our seats)

The concert lasted about 3 hours total which included a warm-up set by a surprisingly good John Legend.

An unofficial nude beach - Little Beach in Maui, Hawaii

If you're looking for a place to bare all in Hawaii then Little Beach on the souther tips of Maui is for you!  While nudity is not generally allowed on Hawaiian beaches, the courts have agreed to look the other way in the case of Little Beach, making it Maui's unofficial clothing-optional destination.  This beautiful strip of sand was a favorite of the hippie population during the 1960s and remains a popular destination for naturalists from all over the world.

Bonus videoBusty teen gets naughty at Little Beach.

The swimming and snorkeling are reported to be sensational at this popular sunbathing spot.  Plus people meet up every Sunday at sunset for the drum circle and fire dance.   However, Little Beach is inaccessible by car, so be prepared to park at Makena (otherwise known as Big Beach) and hoof it from there.  Google Map of Little Beach.  But here's a tip, car break-in's have been noted at the Big Beach parking lot, so be mindful of your valuables. 

Check out the Friends of Little Beach for more info about Little Beach.

Friday, August 19, 2011

The "disco" at Hedonism II

If you've been to Hedo II in Negril Jamaica then I'm sure you've been to the disco.  It's official name is "Club Hurricane" but not many people really call it that, to most, it's simply "the disco."   It's where some locals come to meet people and where the weekly PJ Parties happen.  It's also a place that some people, who frequent Hedonism II, complain about being too loud, too hot and having the occasional prostitute working at.

It's advertised hours run from 10:30pm till 5am or till the last person leaves.

Now one topic that comes up a lot over at the Denny P message boards is the music selection that's played.  Most nights the resident DJ's play mostly Jamaican dancehall music - more modern hits, that come from the island, such as Mr. Vegas, Bennie Man and Vybz Kartel.

(the disco with it's glass wall facing the waterslide pool)

But a lot of guests want "their" music played.   Music from their era back in the States.  Well, IMHO, when in Jamaica, you get Jamaican music!   I like the hits of the island so it works for me and you can't expect the DJ's to play whatever music YOU like wherever YOU go.   Sure, you can cater to the guests of a resort, but the guests themselves need to be mindful of the island traditions and music.  You also can't expect a club in Jamaica to just play Bob Marley 24/7.

 How's the vibe at the disco?  Most nights you'll find a mix of guests plus locals who buy their way in with a night pass.  But the mix is around 70% guests/30% locals.  It used to be deathly hot in the disco but recently they've installed a new AC system so it can be even chilly now.  The disco also has a bar as you walk in and restrooms just out side it.    It also has a few cubby-holes that have been known to be visited by a few risky couples to mess around in.

One thing I've seen is the local guys at the disco looking to hook up with ladies dancing there.  I'm sure they've had some luck and the ladies are just as happy.  For the guys you'll sometimes see a few attractive ladies around that are actually, "women of the night."  They buy their way into the resort looking for single guys (or couples I guess) to hook up with, for pay.

But overall the disco is a fun place to dance, meet up with friends you've meet at the resort and party.  You can get pretty wacky on the dance floor in terms of sexiness and nudity too.

BONUS LINKJamaican Top 20 Hits.

PG -13 rated photos from DR Nights

DR Nights is a sweet little resort in the Dominican Republic where the food, drinks AND women are all included for one price.  And recently one of my blog readers went down there for a 3 night stay (lucky bastard) and came back with a few photos for me.  Funny thing is, he can't even remember this escorts name.  The problem is - is that he had 4 different girls during his stay and apparently a few too many drinks.

Whatever the case he (he didn't want his name out there) had a blast and sent back a few photos of this busty babe he got to hang out with.  These were taken after lunch on his third day there.  Speaking of food, it's a good thing DR Nights as a nice menu selection to keep up that energy the a guy might need at a place like DR Nights.   His trip cost him around $3,950 and that put him in a very nice Caribe suite deluxe room.  All in all a great time!

Check them out further at:

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Sea Mountian Inn is hosting "Shedonism"

Sea Mountian Inn in Desert Hot Springs, CA is hosting a desert party called "SHEdonism" September 20th, 2011.   SMI is that wild party place out in the California where just about anything goes.  Think Hedonism II in Jamaica but add another 2-3 layers of naughtiness to it.

Shedonism is a new and original Sea Mountain concept where the celebration of women as the co-conspirators of the freedoms of SMI rule!  The SHEdonism package is only $159 per couple and includes all day and evening at the resort.  It also includes a spa lunch, beverages, use of the pools and entire retreat.   And don't miss out on the sexy ultra lingerie rave which includes dancing with an open bar, snacks and a costume lingerie contest with $1k in prizes!

Come for the day and enjoy the sun and stay 'til the small hours of the morning with music and sensational fun for just $159 for two of you!   Lunch and beverages included!    The package is from 10:30am in the morning 'til 2am the next day and you may come and go as you please.   You can also contact SMI to book for the night if they have room, if not, they're hotel rooms you can book in the area for good prices.

The VIP Spa Number is: VIP69V for your bookings.

Call them @ 760.251.1230 or check them out further @

Las Vegas has plansfor a massive Ferris wheel

Next month,Vegas company Caesars Entertainment, plans to start digging in preparation to lay the foundation for a huge 550-foot-tall observation wheel behind Imperial Palace and Flamingo hotels that it expects to open late 2013. 

(an artist rendering of the proposed Ferris wheel)

The new plans mark a 16 month with an increase in Vegas tourists.  For a while, things were down, but Vegas is coming back and with plans for a cool new Ferris wheel you can see that investors are feeling good about prospects in Sin City.

The current tallest Ferris wheel in the world is the Singapore Flyer, in Singapore (duh), which is 541 ft tall.  It officially opened to the public on March 1st.  But this new Vegas Ferris wheel, when completed, will take the title for worlds largest Ferris wheel!   Cool.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Starwood Hotels brings back it's popular 'pay your birth year' deal

Starwood Hotels is offering a cool special designed on your birth year.  Here's the 411:  the hotel determines the first night's rate, under the promo, you'll get your second and third nights' rate for a cut rate based on your birth year.  So let's say the first night was $125, fine.  But the second and third night at the hotel would be $72 bucks per night for me since I was born in 1972. 

All you have to do is book and use your travel dates before the end of this year, December 31st 2011.   Starwood has been doing this special since 2008 and it's proven very popular.   There is some fine print that changes things a touch.  For example...if you book at the Los Angeles W Hotel you can't get this exact deal - you have to pay another $100 in addition to your birth year for your second and third nights.  Still cheaper, but not as good as it could be for other Starwood hotels.

Read the fine print here and see if this deal works for you.

Halle Berry parties in Malibu

The amazing looking Halle Berry turned 45 recently and decided to celebrate it on the beach in Malibu.   Does this woman ever age?  She's looking tremendous!   Halle has a house in the area so she went down to the beach with her kid and friends.

I hope she didn't hop in the water, the Pacific in that area is 61 degrees at the time of this post.  Brrrrrrrrrr... Wait, women tend to look better cold, go jump in Halle!!!

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

New Orleans Omni

 I was watching that travel show the other day with Laura McKenzie and she was down in the Big Easy for a tour.  She stayed at the  New Orleans Omni and had nothing but glowing remarks about the hotel.  In fact, she pointed out that the word "cocktail" was started at this French inspired hotel when patrons at the hotels bar were having a hard time pronouncing the French word Coquetel.

(the hotel is located at 621 St. Louis Street New Orleans)

The hotel itself has 346 rooms and ranks in high over at TripAdvisor.  Out of 146 area hotels the Omni comes in at #4 in terms of places for people to stay.  Room rates can be found in the low $130's and climb from there depending on the size and when you stay.

JohnNYC over at TripAdvisor had this to say about the hotel:  "The New Orleans Omni is one of the Best locations in the French Quarter, with the Napoleon House on one corner and Brennan's across the street, street musicians enliven your stroll down Royal and the hotel staff is sincerely at your beck and call.  Room service is prompt and beautifully delivered or left outside the door with a discreet knock to let you know it's arrived.  Breakfast in the Rib Room has the best scrambled eggs and bacon in town." 

You can check out The New Orleans Omni at their official website:

Monday, August 15, 2011

Paradise Cove in Malibu

Next time you're in Malibu, California you might notice something...parking can be a challenge when busy.  Where to park?  The street if you can, often times the surfers got all the early parking.  Another option is Paradise Cove.  Located at 28128 Pacific Coast Hwy, Paradise Cove is a restaurant on the beach with a parking gimmick - park for $30 OR spend $25+ at the restaurant and parking is $3.

(Note:  the parking info above it for 4 hours)

Reviews of the food go both ways.  Some people enjoy the selection of seafood's and traditional American dishes (think burgers), others...don't like the food much.  I've been there a few times and it's about what you'd expect from a beach bar/restaurant IHMO.   You go to Paradise Cove for the beach, not 5 star dining.  Sample dishes include:  Clam Chowder, Iced Seafood Samplers, Grilled MahiMahi, Hickory Baby Back Ribs and more.

 So for me Paradise Cove is a pretty cool spot that does a few things for you.  It gives you easy parking, a decent lunch and the best part...a great beach.  Check them out at:

Sunday, August 14, 2011

7 mile beach in Negril migth be eroding away!

7 mile beach in Negril, Jamaica is famous for it's white sand, calm warm waters and the resorts that call this beach home.  It's also seemingly eroding away.   An article in the Jamaica Gleaner spotlights how quickly the sand on this famous beach is heading out into Bloody Bay.

View Larger Map

When I was living on the beaches of Tampa Bay we used to have these problems.  Every 3-4 years they'd dredge up a bunch of sand from the gulf and spray it on the beaches restoring them and costing the taxpayers of Florida millions.   Now in Negril the same seems needed.   Officials in Jamaica are saying it'll cost about 25 million in US dollars to resort the beaches and they're hoping that cost will be picked up by a hotel room tax being collected by the Government. 

(Negril contributed around 25% US$2 billion gross earnings of Jamaica)

It seems Negril beaches need about 30 meters of sand pumped in to restore the beaches to where they were back in the 1970's.   See, this is what happens to natural areas.  Prior to the 70's Negril was a pretty sleepy town.  With the boom of new resorts and visitors (like me) it's caused it's delicate balance from nature to be jeopardized.   

Will the situation be resolved?   I'm sure it will.  Tourism dollars outweigh the cost of fixing the beaches.

Jamaican model Tina Ingram

Jamaica has some of the most beautiful features on earth.  Beaches, mountains, coral and women!  Here we have Jamaican born Tina Ingram who's 28 years old.  She's 5'9, 145 pounds and very curvy.  She's a former track athlete and these days...well, it's hard to tell what she's doing.

Check her out more at:

Saturday, August 13, 2011

The Ty Warner Penthouse @ Four Seasons Hotel - NYC

Do you have an extra $34,000 laying around you want to blow on a hotel room, for just one night?  Then travel no further than Manhattan to the Four Seasons and book yourself in the Ty Warner Penthouse!

The $50 million Ty Warner Penthouse at the Four Seasons in NY was designed by legendary architect I.M. Pei, Peter Marino and hotel owner Ty Warner.
  • Located on the 52nd floor
  • Unlimited global telephone calling
  • Unlimited Rolls Royce Phantom transportation
  • 360 views of the city
  • TVs programmed for every channel worldwide
  • 4,300 sq. ft. of space

The nine-room suite has walls inlaid with mother of pearl, gold and platinum-woven fabrics. The suite is located on the 52nd floor of New York’s tallest hotel with floor-to-ceiling bay windows offering a breathtaking 360 degree view of the City. If that is not relaxing enough you can enjoy a waterfall in the Zen Room, play the grand piano in the library or soak in a tub overlooking Central Park.

Full spa treatments, a personal trainer and a 24/7 butler are all included, and if you still find a will to leave, you can choose to be chauffeured in a Rolls Royce or Maybach, and you’re always guaranteed a table at the hotel’s renowned L’Atelier de Joël Robuchon restaurant.

So if you're ready to book then check it out at:
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