Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Yet another cool waterproof digital camera!

Face it, most of us vacation are just looking to shoot a nice round of photos so that we can check them out later and extend our vacation mentally.   There are digital cameras that are MUCH better than what I blog about but they also cost $500 plus and are designed for the semi-pro which I'm not.  Instead I just want a quality photo from a camera that can put up with my abuse.

Enter in the Stylus Tough 300 from Olympus.

For around $230 (and found on my store here, Barefoot Store) you get a camera that you can throw in the water, drop on the ground, freeze or even take a picture with.  :-D   You can submerse this camera in up to 10 feet of water or take snapshots with it as low as 14 degrees!   And the camera itself is pretty good coming in at 12 megs and you can shoot HD video with it (with sound).

(the Stylus Tough 300 goes flying off the ground with ease)

It also has a shock proof rating for falls up to 5 feet!   I'm 6'3 so I guess I can hold it chest level and let it go flying!  Think about it, kids can use this camera and YOU don't have to worry much.   Plus this camera has cool Dual Image Stabilization so even if you have 3 rum and cokes in your system that shot might come out looking OK after all.

So think of all the uses while on the road OR at home and pick up one of these cameras today!

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Negril Jamaica - get out of that all-inclusive and explore!

A lot of people go to Jamaica and stay at an all-inclusive all week long, never leaving the resort.  And that's fine!  But there ARE other cool places to explore should the desire pop up.   I'm going to review one of those places in Negril, Jamaica.  The Jungle Nightclub and Sports Bar.

The Jungle is located in Negril packed in with all the other resorts running alone Norman Manley Blvd.  It's about a 5 min cab ride from our favorite spots of Hedo II and Breezes of Negril.   For a map, click here Jungle Map.  I personally feel out of safety you should take a respected cab the resort can and will offer.

Negril is mostly safe but I'm going to be honest and let you know that Jamaica should be a place where you are aware in your travels.  The murder rate in Jamaica is high, Crime Rates , but mostly in Negril you're safe.  A lot of that trouble is caused by the drug dealing population on other parts of the Island.  Over all the Jamaican's are great people and NOT out looking to cause you trouble.  (would you walk around East LA or parts of NYC at night)  NO.

The Jungle does charge a cover and they have specials depending on the night and time of night.  Sometimes ladies get in free, other times rates are cheaper before 10pm.  But expect to pay around $10 per person on average to enjoy this 2 story club that's been voted the best on the Island of Jamaica year after year.   Who goes to The Jungle?  A mix of a lot of people.  Sure you get a lot of locals (hey, it's their country) and on most nights they welcome in us tourists with open arms.

(Ladies night at The Jungle on Thursday Nights)

Many famous artists have performed at The Jungle including world's famous Island native Shaggy.  (he just did a February 11th show that was reported at awesome)  They play mostly "Island" music being Dancehall and reggae hits from today and of the past.   Jamaican dancers are super fun to watch, I'm including a clip of a Mr. Vegas song where young dancers make me feel even more nervous to step out there and shake it.  :-D

Sunday, March 28, 2010

How can you use Google Voice in travel?

Keeping in touch with friends, family and work while on vacation is always a topic of concern.  You want to get away from everyone yet sometimes you just HAVE to check in.  So how do you do it with ease and low cost?

Google Voice.

Google Voice is a FREE service, Google Voice Link, that's currently in a beta mode and you can only get GV by special request.   You have to go to GV's web page above and make the request, then in about 2 weeks to months you'll get your invite, let the fun begin.  You choose one free number from them with either your local area code or whatever American area code you want to look like you're from.  (I got a local number)

Once you're setup you can import contacts to GV in a variety of ways outlined here, Import to GV.  From there you can start to SMS (text message) to any of those contacts or any US phone number for FREE.   If you're in Jamaica you could sign onto the 'net and do the same, since it's the internet GV will just go on as normal and you can check and receive text messages as if you're back home!

Google Voice allows you to hear your messages on your phone or your computer.  You can even read your voicemail.  That’s right.  Using voice recognition software, Google Voice converts your voice messages to text.  You can receive these messages by email, by logging onto your GV account or text to your cell phone. (but that could get costly out of country)

You can also setup GV to ring whatever phone you want but I'd just use GV's text and voicemail feature to "check in" and see what's going on.  If you want to make an outgoing call you can and your domestic calls are free.  International calls are, according to Google, “just pennies a minute” depending on where you call.  

There's a lot to know and learn about Google Voice and the below Youtube clip will help.  Youtube is also a Google product as well is Blogger which hosts this blog for free.  GOOGLE RULES!   So go click on a Google ad of mine while we're at it and make me a few pennies.  (only if you have interest in the product mentioned)  :-D

Bob Marley's "Could you be loved"

Just for fun...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Travel to Cuba???

Cuba is a great place for a few reasons.  It's in the Caribbean.  A lot of my friends are from there including my blogging friend Yvette @ Yvette Unedited.  And Vida Guerra, what can I say?  :-D  (huge fan)


Aside from these reasons it remains elusive, mysterious and oh so tempting.  Some Americans make their way to Cuba via Mexico and other routes but in the past this has been risky and costly.  President Obama has hinted with easing these travel restrictions and with the recent changes in Cuban political power the sky is the limit when it comes to change.  For the past 47 year most American's have not been able to even think about getting to Cuba, is change coming?

Reports have it that 9 new hotels are being built and 10 golf courses are being targeted for the new boom in hopefull American travel.   Cuba seems like an amazing island and since it's only 90 miles from Florida it's not hard to get to.  The island has amazing culture, dining is off the hook and of course the beaches are some of the best in the world.

(Vida Guerra Cuban by birth)
Time will tell what happens politically which will change what will happen in travel.  Personally, I can't WAIT to go to Cuba and I hope it happens sooner rather than later.   A good read about Cuba Travel

Friday, March 26, 2010

Fantasy Fest - Key West

Oh fantasy fest.  If you live in Florida no doubt you know what it is.  How do I explain it in a nutshell?  I'd say a bunch of party minded, Florida loving nuts get together and party on Halloween!   It's your chance to get crazy with other Hedonist minded folks. 

The first FF was in 1979 when two Key West businessmen came up with the idea to stimulate business.  I'd say they were successful!   Attendance most years exceeds 100,000 people.   This street party is held each October during that last week leading up to Halloween.  

This year, 2010, the festivities kick off on Friday October 22nd and wrap up October 31st on Halloween Sunday.   For complete list of events try the official site located here, Schedule of events.  Look for a Fetish party, fantasy parade, dungeon of fetish party and more!

Nudity and body-painting are a big part of the celebration so this is most definitely an Adults Only party.  Each year local artists paint up daring women (and some men) with some rather cool designs.  Sample body-painting (rated R).   Warning, if you do go and get topless/nude watch out you WILL end up on the internet.

So where to stay?   Rooms are at a premium and often times booked up to a year in advance so you'll just have to do your best and call around.  You can always book further up the keys and drive in for the events.  If you can book at Marrero's Guest Mansion <---from another post of mine, you'll be in like company beings the resort has a nude pool and daily happy hours.

BONUS LINK:  Sloppy Joe's Stage Cam

Youtube Homemade Bikini Contest!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Virgin Airlines announces new flight routes!

Virgin America, the sexy domestic airlines that offers free in-flight wifi, mood lightning and actual good food onboard, just announced the new routes that they'll be flying with six new aircraft this year.  This summer, Virgin America will begin flying to Toronto and Orlando direct from Los Angeles and San Fransisco.

On Virgin's web site they're offering deals starting from $49 one way.  So check them out at Virgin Airlines and book your hip flight today!   (since WE live in LA, this is great news)

Sexy Jamaican Models!

Gotta love those Jamaican women!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Yet another cool travel accossory!

 Bamboo I-Phone Case

Bamboo is a great product to buy.  It grows in abundance and replenishes itself quickly easing the demands on other trees that take a long time to replace.  It's grown all over the globe and used for many purposes including building materials, food, paper and even medicine.  It's also known as more of a grass or plant than wood but it's very durable as you might know.

Now don't even try to tell me that this case doesn't look wicked cool.  As you travel around why not look eco-cool AND protect that all important phone?   These cases cost around $30 bucks and ship from Amazon to you in about 1 week.   Check my Blog Store, Blog Store , and buy one today!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Barefoot Bucket List!

Ask me where I'd like to go before I kick the bucket and I'll tell you...

It should be places I have not seen yet.  Places that inspire me, places that are of wonder!  This globe is filled with so many cool places it would take a lifetime (and huge bank account) to concur the list.  So with out further due...

1.  Machu Picchu - Peru

This is the lost city in the skies.  Just look above at this photo.  Click on the photo to enlarge it and really look at it.  It's amazing.   South of Ecuador and West of Brazil the county of Peru is an ocean front country of countless beauty.   Machu Picchu was constructed around 1450 and just over 100 years later, it was abandoned.   Few knew about it till around 1911 and 2 years later when in 1913 National Geographic devoted an entire months magazine to it.

Bonus Facts
  • 7,870 feet above sea level and nestled on a small hilltop
  •  Machu Picchu is one of the New Seven Wonders Of The World
  • Machu Picchu comprises of around 140 structures

 2.  Christ the Redeemer - Brazil

This is the largest art deco statue in the world and resting 12,572 feet above sea level and located in Brazil above Rio de Janeiro.  This place must inspire anyone who visits, a believer or not.  Construction took nine years, from 1922 to 1931 and costs $250,000 (a lot of denaro back then).  In 2008 the statue was struck by lightning but it wasn't fazed.   The outside of the giant Jesus is made out of soapstone a material that acts as an insulator.  Truly they don't make them like they used to.

Bonus Facts
  • The statue is 130 feet tall (The Statue of Liberty is 305 feet)
  •  It weights 635 tons (the same as 105 elephants)
  • The statue is also one of the New Seven Wonders Of The World

3.  Devils Tower - USA

Here's one more place I need to visit soon, Devils Tower in Wyoming.  This old exposed lava leftover rises over 1,200 feet over the Midwest plains.  Each year over 400,000 people visit and nearly 1% (or 4,000 people mathematician) of them climb this US National Monument.   Have you seen this in a movie before?  In Closing Encounters of the Third kind an alien spaceship visits it.  However the top of the monument is more flat that hallow.  Summit photo

Bonus Facts
  • Devils Tower was named in 1875 as “Bad God’s Tower.”
  •  The first ascent of Devils Tower by climbers was on June 28, 1937
  • Devils Head is a sacred site to Native Americans

Monday, March 22, 2010

Haulover Beach - Florida's legal nude beach

Actual Beach Sign!

There are not many places in the US where you can go on the beach 100% legally in the buff.  Haulover is one of them.  This park has seen it's fair share of nude sun seekers since the 1980's but eventually the government gave up and legalized it in 1993.   The park can see up to 7,000 visitors per day and guess what, they all pay for parking.  At $6 a pop this income is very helpful to the local government.  (local officials claim upwards to $800,000 annually)

(Haulover is in the Miami area)

The park is open from 7am till dusk daily and has seen a number of local models and other semi-celebrity.  The sand on the beach is very white and of high quality, the waters are safe for swimming and exceptional warm in the summers.  (mid 80's)  You'll be sure to enjoy the sand dunes and even concession stands are serving up goodies. 

What types of people go?  All kinds.  Now this is South Florida so it does tend to be a decent looking crowd but don't let that stop you.  Couples, singles, gay, straight, old and young - everyone is welcomed at the beach.   On New Years Eve 2009 to 2010 beach seekers camped right out on the beach for "Nude Years Eve", Nude Years Eve, and other events are planned.

Here's an excellent Youtube Clip about the beach!

So next time you're in Miami why not hit up this legendary beach.  It'll only cost you $6 bucks, dark shades and a giant bottle of SPF 40.   Don't worry so much about the other guests on the beach, everyone is pretty much worried just like you so really it does not matter.   Directions provided here:  How to get to Haulover

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Peep hole cameras - not cool!

If you've been watching TV lately you might have heard about the case of ESPN's Erin Andrews hotel peeping tom case.  Some scumbag, 49 year old Michael David Barrett, followed Erin to different hotels and filmed her through her hotel room door viewing eye-hole.   Fortunately, this douche-bag got 30 months in the big house and he deserves every minute of it. 

(Tool of the year goes to this idiot)

So how did this pervert do it?  Apparently there are devices like the ones shown below that allow people to film using a doors eye hole device.  Here at our blog we pride ourselves on being free, having fun, enjoying liberal places and the like, but ONLY if it's consensual!  This man took the photos then posted them to the internet where other people spread them around like wildfire.

(what the devices can look like)

So I wanted to give some hotel safety tips for all of us to consider in light of these recent events.  Dectitive Kevin Coffey has some great tips on his page here, Travel Safety Tips, and I'll highlight some of them below.

What to look for in a hotel

Secure locks on windows and adjoining doors.
If possible, select a hotel with has installed modern electronic guest room locks.
Well-lit interior hallways, parking structures and grounds.

 When arriving and checking into your hotel room

Keep a close eye on your luggage, purse, etc when checking in.
When registering, sign only your last name and first initial.
Instruct the desk not to give out your name and room number.

Elevator safety

Women should be accompanied to hotel room and room should be checked.
It is wise to board last and select floor buttons last.
Observe all passengers in elevators.

When checking into your hotel room

Examine the guest room lock and be sure it is functioning properly.
The closets and bathrooms are checked to make sure no one is hiding.
The door to your room must never be opened by anyone unless the guest is absolutely known.

When you leave your hotel room for the day or evening

When you leave your room, always leave the television on.
At night, leave a light on and drapes should be partially opened.
Don't display you guest room key in public or even inside the hotel/swimming pool. 


So have fun, go wild but please people, be safe.  We want you to come back and keep reading this blog!   And if you guys came here looking for the photos taken of Erin Andrews, go jump off a bridge and don't come back.

(shine on Erin Andrews)

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Flag Bikini's from around the globe!


Why not???









Friday, March 19, 2010

Our personal trip report from Breezes Negril!

Travel dates:  October 26th to November 2nd, 2009

First off:  Grand Lido Negril is no more, as we stayed at the resort it was re-branded to Breezes Resort and Spa of Negril.    As of 11.1.09 it's Breezes.  So I'm writing my review mostly about the resort itself, the great staff there and the location.  It's unknown how the new resort name might affect future stays.   A few things are known about the changes...

1.  A discontinuation of room service.
2.  A discontinuation of free manicures/pedicures.
3.  A discontinuation of free laundry service. 

That's mostly it, all other services appear to remain.  And with these services going down, it's supposed to lower prices a bit.   Word at the resort was that the changes were being made by the SuperClub powers-to-be to lower company costs as it's cheaper to have many resorts under one name for bulk purchasing of product.

Review:   The resort itself is very very nice.  I compare it to a 10 year old big Cadillac because of it's look and personality of the guests that attend.  The rooms and resort are very nice but show some signs of age.  The resort was built in the 90's and it looks like some things have not been updated since it's birth.  


A few things in our room didn't work  (AC for one day but they fixed it, a suitcase holder in the closet had a broken leg, window in the bathroom didn't crank)  but over all the room was clean and comfortable.   The mini-bar was stocked with water, sodas and beers, there was a nice big flat screen TV with a surprisingly large amount of American TV channels and a few local channels.  (not a big fan of TV while on vacation).

The room had a nice balcony that overlooked the ocean.  It was a highlight of the room, that and the shower.   The shower had 8 different squirt heads, impossible to come out of that thing dirty!   :-D

Only word of advice with the room is this:  Don't leave food out and exposed as it can attract ants.    *THIS IS THE TROPICS PEOPLE*    Ants and bugs will always be a part of the tropics, if you don't like it, go to the Arctic.   Just don't leave things out to invite the ants to you and you'll be just fine.


The food at this resort is one of the biggest draws.  Breakfast is amazing with a lot to choose from and always a omelet chef ready to make you anything you like.   Remember to say "thank you" and "please", not only with it get you better service but it's the nice thing to do.   

For lunch you can eat at a number of resort grills by the pools or go to the main dining hall where again they give you lots of choices.
For dinner you can choose from 4-5 of the resort restaurants which were all very very good with EXCELLENT service.   Or you can eat in the main dining hall most nights then enjoy a show or live music.   

For drinks you can order about 500 different drink types from about 10 different places.  The main bar is a great place to meet people with it's central location and 20 plus bar stools.  


There is enough to keep you occupied that you don't need to leave the resort during your stay if you don't wish.   We mostly hit the beaches during the day after a nice breakfast then watched the shows after dinner then danced the night away, how you decide to handle your days are up to you.   

(an infamous "boat" guy off the beach)

Pools, hot tubs, water sports, ping pong, pool, a small casino, the piano bar, the disco, laying out in the sun, watching shows, eating like mad, shopping.   You can pretty much do it all.   *note, we saw a guy win $600 on slots one night, cool!

The disco at the resort was mostly hit or miss.  With the typical guest there it was pretty slow during our week.   We made sure the spank the planks ourselves tho and made our own party.   It seems most guests went to bed by 10am or so, this resort is NOT Hedo II or a younger crowd.   If you want to party a lot, go to one of the Hedo's or elsewhere.     Maybe Breezes will attract a more spirited crowd?


Amazing!!!   They have two sides of the resort.  One "normal" and the other a true clothing optional side.   Both have a pool, hot tub and beach.  The "normal" beach is an amazing beach with calm waters and complete with a wide beach with lots of chairs.  This is also where you can find the volleyball courts and the water sport shack.

The clothing optional beach is smaller but also very nice.  It's close to the pool complete with a bar and grill.   The water there was a little more wavy but it was great laying in the water on a Grand Lido raft.


We got married at the resort  (yeahhhh)  as we stayed there and we were mostly pleased with how it went down.   Can't beat the cost as Superclubs paid for it with our 7 night booking.   You can choose at least from 3 different locations and we choose the gazebo overlooking the ocean.   Can't beat that location IMHO.  

They have a spa to help get the ladies ready altho it's costly, $70 for tips.  They also did my now wife's hair and makeup and there was some confusion on the price that they'd charge.  Bottom line, make sure you have prices in writing and sign off on any services.  This being said, she was happy with the spa staff, just not the prices and how we got a "surprise bill".   This we plan on talking to Superclubs about.

Good news, the resort photographer Gary is super cool and helped make our wedding really something special.    He took some amazing shots and was very very nice during the entire process.   You want a person on your big day that's like a friend, and he was.  Good man.

We felt the wedding coordinator at the resort could have helped us a little more with the wedding details but again, we worked things out.   We're NOT high maintenance people either, but beings that that they have people assigned specifically for weddings they could have been a little more organized and helpful.


The staff is 90% amazing.   Jamaica is a special island and these people work their tails off 10-12 hours a day just so you can have a great vacation.   In the dining room it's hard to have an empty drink, at the bar you'll get service quickly and the maid staff cleans your room nicely daily.   Please remember to say "thank you" and "please" and you'll notice even better service on top of what you already get.   They're people too.

Special shout outs to Sade a EC, Gary the photographer, Natalie at the front desk, John the main manager, Ken the sales manager, the wicked cool DJ at the disco and our funny cook at the Japaneses restaurant.  
(Gary the resort photographer and hard working man)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Foods of Love - Food as Aphrodisiacs

Is the quickest way to a man's heart is through his stomach?   I'd say that's pretty accurate.  And if you're going to feed that big lug why not feed him foods that satisfy more than just his hunger! 

For centuries people have found certain foods have a positive affect on ones libido.  So today I'm going to review some of these foods.  After writing this, I'm sure I'll be out the door and heading to the local market!  :-D

Well DUH!  Alcohol will lower ones inhibitions and increases confidence.  Just be careful not to indulge in TOO much of the bubbly otherwise you'll go from a sexy night in bed to a miserable night next to the toilet.  My friend Yvette over at Yvette Unedited Blog is going to share with us some choice wine picks, be on the look out for her tips.

 What do men need to help keep a nice healthy level of testosterone?  Zinc!  And Caviar has plenty of zinc.  Zinc helps the formation of testosterone in the male body, so eat in and wait a few hours.  In a nutshell caviar is a processed, salted, non-fertilized fish egg.  (sturgeons and salmon are often used)  Costs can range from $12 for per ounce to $62 per ounce and up!

(Monica Bellucci covered in caviar)

 We all know chocolate is a natural mood enhancer.  Chocolate was actually banned in some monasteries centuries ago for it's natural positive affects on your love making mojo.   It contains both a sedative which relaxes and lowers inhibitions and a stimulant to increase activity and the desire for physical contact.  Oh la la!

From its obviously phallic shape, the banana easily gets you thinking sexually.  (well, women at least)  More practically, however, the banana has loads of both vitamin B and potassium, which are important in the human production of sex hormones.  Is that a banana in your pants or are you just happy to see me?

(fine fine, something for the ladies)

You might not think of garlic as a sexy food, but after a cert or two it has some very surprising benefits to the body.  Garlic is a bulb that is incredibly high in allicin, a compound that increases blood flow in a serious way, yielding increased sexual stamina and wild energy!  "Garlic confit" has the same benefits yet is milder in odor, always a good idea.

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