Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Come fly the friendly Russian skies!

How's this for an airline ad?

You want to book with them?  Check here!  Nova Airways.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Jamaica's "Cockpit" Country!

One of the highlights of flying from Montego Bay to Kingston aboard Air Jamaica’s jet service is the ability to catch a glimpse of one of Jamaica’s best treasures.

Comprising approximately 530 Square kilometres in Jamaica’s largest wilderness area, the Cock Pit Country even from that distant vantage point of the skies, is a specimen to behold. An endless grand landscape of green hillocks tightly woven together; the uninhabited natural haven is centred in the parish of Trelawny, extending to the parishes of St Elizabeth and St James.

 The viewpoint from the skies though appreciated will never match up to an up close and personal encounter with this vast countryside.

(BONUS:  Map of the Cockpit Country - zoom in or out)

View Larger Map

No roads trespass this area, only a few footpaths skirt the perimeter of wet limestone rainforest, a karst topography that over eons have been eroded by rainfall leaving behind a unique mix of conical hills divided by steep ravines. This all fits together like a puzzle sprawling over 5000 cock pits on a dazzling terrain likened to a inverted egg carton.

 The area is more than rolling hills as it is also riddled with caves, underground rivers and waterfalls.  An ecological expose', the beauty of the Cockpit Country is in its endemic plants and animals. There are over 500 species of fern, 79 species of birds, 100 endemic species of tree plants, 16 species of amphibians and 22 species of reptile found only on these lands, some being observed exclusively on a single hillock. Making this not only Jamaica’s most important refuge but an area under study by those who are attracted to the tropics, as much is still to be discovered.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

The oil spill has brides pulling the plugs on beach weddings!

Who wants to walk down the beach in your new Maggie Sottero wedding dress dragging it in oil?!?   The Florida panhandle which has been known as the "Vegas of weddings" for Florida has been witnessing oil wash up on it's amazing beaches in the last few weeks.  

(recent views from Pensacola Beach)

Those in the wedding business say they are suffering along with the oil workers, shrimpers, fishermen, hoteliers and restaurateurs whose jobs and businesses have been undercut by the spill.  DJs, caterers, photographers, ministers, wedding planners and even the people putting the chairs out on the beach all lose out on an otherwise regular stream of money.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's the 411 on Montego Bay?

Montego Bay Jamaica.  A lot of us have been there, a few of us longer than others.  But for many travelers heading to Negril, MoBay is just a place to board the airplane.  Let's explore this city just a touch more...

(Montego Bay in 1824)

Montego Bay is the 2nd largest city (in size) in all of Jamaica with a population around 100,000 in 2010.   And it wasn't until 1980 that Montego Bay was even claimed as a city in the Parish of St. James by an act of act of parliament.  Now MoBay is a thriving port for cruise ships, it has a big airport, and a well respected hospital - Cornwall Regional Hospital.

This is all well and good but what to do when in town?  Plenty!  MoBay has spacious golf courses, amazing beaches, restaurants galore and many resorts and hotels to pick from. 

(Margaritaville in MoBay)

The thing we always notice in Jamaica is the abundance of green and blue.  Such a strong contrast in coming back to the urban lifestyle of Los Angeles.   If you wish to hit the links here are few places you can!

A few good places to consider staying

(Riu in MoBay)

So perhaps the next time you find yourself in Montego Bay book a room and visit the city before moving on, you'll be happy you did.  It's a hustling hub of activity with a lot of wonderful people.  Plus since Montego Bay has Sangster Airport, Sangster Airport Link, it's even esier to take advantage of your time since you won't have to travel as much!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mandalay Bay for $69 a night? Mama mia!

Do you want to stay at this hotel as cheaply as $69 bucks a night?  Jeepers, that's a deal.

(Mandalay Bay)

Mandalay Bay has the following deal but hurry, it runs out July 31st,  2010!   The hotel has a huge 135k sq. ft. casino, over 3,300 rooms, restaurants, clubs, a underground shark tank and a pool where the sexy go to be seen.

(click on photo to link to the special)

Amber Easton's Hedonism photo shoot!

Coming out of Texas and into the warm Caribbean is Amber Easton!  Here she is at Hedo II getting a photo shoot done of herself.  Smooth Girl Magazine does it again with classy yet ultra sexy spread.  Plus they always rep Hedonism in the best light.  Word!

*  Remember to click on any pic to enlarge!

BONUS LINK:  Check out this wild vixen on her personal site,

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday to Southwest Airlines!

Southwest is turning 39 years old so instead of you getting them a gift, they're offering a one day super sale on airfare!   Book by midnight June 24th, 2010 (TODAY) and get these deals...
  • $39 for travel up to 450 miles
  • $79 for travel  451 to 1,000 miles
  • $119 for travel more than 1,000 miles

 For example, fly from Los Angeles to Las Vegas for $39, Denver and to San Francisco for $79 and Minneapolis to New York for $119.   Note this is for travel Sept. 8 through Nov. 17 (excluding Fridays and Sundays).

Happy Birthday Southwest!

Check their rates here:  Southwest Airlines Birthday Sale

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Safe natual sunscreens that work too!!!!

Here are some safe sunscreens not only protect your skin from sun damage and cancer, but also come free of suspects ingredients, like parabens, oxybenzone and retinyl palmitate.  Some people have linked the new cases of skin cancer to the USE of chemical sunscreens as opposed to too much sun.  Either way, these products can help. 

(bad girl)

#1 - Soleo Sunscreen
 Soléo's formula is made from 22.3% zinc oxide, along with natural ingredients like oils, beeswax, green tea and chamomile.

Sunscreen SPF 30 2.6 oz by Soleo Organics 

#2 - Carribean Sol
 Caribbean Sol's formula is made from titanium dioxide and zinc oxide to offer broad spectrum protection. Cucumber, hibiscus and wild pansy extract offer a calming, tropical scent. 

SPF 25 Biodegradable Sunscreen 6 Ounces 

#2 - Desert Essence
In addition to protecting skin against damaging UVA and UVB exposure, this product also contains the antioxidant grape seed extract, which helps prevent the signs of aging.

Sunscreen-Age Reversal SPF 3 Ounces 

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dudus is CAUGHT!

Christopher "Dudus" Coke is behind bars.

Let's hope peace comes to the island of Jamaica.

45 human heads found on a Southwest flight!

So here's a story that's just plain sick.  A Southwest Airlines cargo worker came across 3 packages that were unmarked so he opened them to investigate.  Inside he found 45 human heads that were bound for a medical laboratory in Fort Worth to help train neurosurgeons.  

Even tho it sounds unusual body parts used for medical purposes are often shipped by air.  But because the boxes on the Southwest flight were not properly labeled or packaged, the airline alerted the local authorities and the Federal Aviation Administration. 

(makes you wonder about organ donations)

 The company involved in the shipping had it's business license revoked last year so there is a investigation ongoing to see if these heads were even shipped legally or not.  That might explain the lack of paperwork.
Either way, I hope they gave the Southwest employee a day or two off to recover!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Should a couple go to a strip club for excitement?

For most men going to a strip club is a solo act or a guys night out.  But some couples looking for extra spice in their relationship have been known to hit a strip club together.  If flinging dollar bills at a stage together sounds like your kind of night, here are four simple tips for getting the most out of your money:

 Get in the mood even before goingMake the most of this pre-club foreplay by grabbing some drinks first and flirting across the table.  The anticipation is a great mood setter.

Check your jealousy at the door - There are two kinds of jealousy:  the kind that destroys relationships and the kind that keeps things hot.  This second the type of jealousy that reminds you how sexy your partner still is, even when it sends a little pang to your chest to see another person flirt with your spouse.

Set the rules before heading in - What's allowed and what's not?  Remember guys YOUR woman is the most sexy out of them all, don't go overboard in checking out the dancers.   Pay attention to any clues that your spouse is uncomfortable and immediately stop if she is.  You don't want that jealousy to be the first type.

Turn the fantasy into a realityFor most men, the real turn on of going to a strip club has nothing to do with them and everything to do with their wife.  It's super sexy to have your beautiful wife in such a erotic setting.  Watching her eyes explore the action is most of the fun! 

 So the next time you and your spouse want a night you won't soon forget, trying hitting a local club.  Just remember the rules and guidelines then proceed with an open mind and lots of one dollar bills.  I'll bet both of you will be home later that night remembering the nights show and enjoying each other till the wee hours of the morning.

A sexy woman walks the beach!

Seen recently in the warm Caribbean!

Don't you just love the beach?  :-)

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Jamaican musicians rally to support 'Dudus' Coke

Christopher "Dudus" Coke may still be in hiding in Jamaica but local artists are coming out in support of their "Robin Hood".

"Dudus is a man of peace who makes sure people in his Tivoli Gardens community don't commit crimes," says Wailer, a founding member of the Wailers alongside Bob Marley. 

This year Jamaica agreed to let the USA extradite Dudus setting off a firestorm of violence in May that saw Citizens & gangs taking on the Jamaican Police.  So far it seems as if the police are losing. 

Saturday, June 19, 2010

3 Luxury Hotels Under $200

"Luxury" and "affordable" usually go together like oil and water.  But here at Barefoot we've managed to find a few places that you might want to check out!   Here are three that you might want to check out!  One here in the states, one in India and the last in Argentina.

 The Venetian
Las Vegas, Nevada
Best rate: $159 per night

  Vegas has tons of deals, but the key is to look past the questionable $87-a-night offerings and focus on the amazing prices at some of the city's poshest hotels. You can even find rooms for $200 or less at the brand-new luxury Aria. The Venetian is the gold standard, though. It's one of the Strip's only all-suite resorts and, while most Vegas guest rooms are jumbo-sized, the Venetian's Luxury Suites start at a whopping 650-square-feet. If you can find your way out of the room, the hotel has 11 restaurants from star chefs, the exclusive Canyon Ranch SpaClub, and the famous Grand Canal Shoppes that you can browse via gondola.

Taj Lands End
Mumbai, India
Best rate: $189

  India's burgeoning economy allows for incredibly sophisticated hotels that are still wallet-friendly. Taj Hotels are known for their luxe rooms and impeccable service, and the Lands End is no exception. Fronting the Arabian Sea in the posh Mumbai suburb of Bandra, the Taj Lands End offers resort-style amenities like a lagoon pool, yoga classes and a spa offering Ayurvedic treatments. Plus every room has a sea view. You'll still be close enough to the bustling city to easily see the sites, but this will be the calm retreat you'll want to return to at the end of the day.

Iguazú Grand
Puerto Iguazú, Argentina
Best rate: $194

 No trip to South America is complete without a visit to one of the world's greatest natural wonders: Iguazú Falls. A short flight from Buenos Aires brings you to the lush rainforest that holds the falls as well as this posh all-suite hotel. The Iguazú Grand is just a few minutes from the falls, but guests might not want to leave its luxurious surroundings after lounging poolside, getting a massage at the Spa del Paraíso, playing poker at the in-house casino, and letting the kids go wild at the Playland center.

Friday, June 18, 2010

Standard travel insurance NOT covering the oil spill in the Gulf!

We've covered the topic of travel insurance a few times here at Vacation Barefoot, travel insurance and a volcano, and I feel that if you can afford it, get it.  This way you can relax if the unthinking should happen.  Sickness, natural disaters or otherwise.  But what about the oil problems in the Gulf?  


The problem is is that travel insurance only covers "natural disasters" and BP's big problem was a man made problem.  So when booking your travel insurance we recommend that consumers consider buy "cancel for any reason" travel insurance as an alternative to more restrictive standard policies.

 Visitors to Florida, Texas, Louisiana or Alabama who are thinking of canceling their trips might want to double check that insurance plan to see if they're even covered.

Thursday, June 17, 2010

Bolt's new babe! A Jamaican beauty.

Meet Taneish Simpson or perhaps you know her as "Lava" from VH1's show "For the love of Ray J".   Now you can know her as Jamaica superstar Usain Bolt's new girlfriend according to Taneish who announced that on TV.

We don't know much about her other that she's from Portland, Jamaica, a model and HOT!  Whatever the case, nice work Mr. Bolt!

(Bolt posing with Simpson)


Wednesday, June 16, 2010

How to Get a Comped Hotel Room in Las Vegas!

In Las Vegas comps are a hotel casino standard, but how do YOU get in on it?  The best way?  Waste your money on the tables and then the hotels really start digging you.  But the best way to increase your changes are highlighted below with 5 great tips.

Ask for things - Casinos are never going to just give you free stuff unless you ask.  So check with the front desk or the concierge and see what happens.

Join the casino's "Player Club" - Most casinos have clubs that not only track your play but register you with the hotel so they can tell that you're a frequent visitor.  The more you gamble the more they'll up your chances for free stuff.

Gamble BIG - Especially when the pit boss is looking!  The more you gamble the more you'll get things.  And when that pit boss is around go big and when not, save your money.  Don't forget to look like a loser, that might even get you a pity comp!

Charge everything to your hotel room - Dinners, shopping, drinks, it all adds up. You can't avoid having to spend quality time at a high limit table to earn a comp, but charging anything and everything you can to your hotel room certainly doesn't hurt your chances for ending up comped.

 Spend all your money at the hotel at which you want the comp - The folks in charge of comp giving are more likely to hand you freebies when they see that you've kept a lot of business in the hotel.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Use that sun for personal power! Solar Chargers

That sun beats down especially hard in the summer months, so take advantage of this never-ending power source with a portable solar charger!   Introducing the Solio Classic I-Solar Charger!

This bad boy is FREAKING cool.  To date over 1 million people have purchased and tend to agree with me.  I can give you all the specs but the bottom line is, you lay this in the sun and it holds a mean charge for any number of personal electronics.  With changing tips it can work with well over 3,000 gizmos and it holds it's charge for a years time - amazing.

No sun?  No problem, you can also charge the device with a USB cable or plug it into the wall, but the sun is the way to go.  It can't be overcharged so you don't have to think too much about blowing it up!  :-D   When exposed to the sun it's charge ready in about 8 hours and that power will remain in the device for a year.  This amount of power will give you about 10 hours of talk time, cool!

  It's priced around $80 it could be the only charger you need while on the road and traveling.  When you order you get one free tip and you can then buy others.   Order below and start being GREEN today!

Solio Classic-i Solar Charger (iGo Ready) for iPod, iPhone, & Other USB Devices - Gun Metal 

Monday, June 14, 2010

A Kew West Hotel offers a "Clean Beach Guarantee"!

To counter the oil washing up in the Florida Keys the historic, 311-room Casa Marina Resort and the newer, 150-room Reach Resort in Key West have come up with a way to easy the minds of would be visitors.  A Clean Beach Guarantee!

(Reach Resort)

Now keep in mind this is a preemptive move, no oil has washed up in Key West - yet.  But these two hotels wanted to double insure there would be no problem so they enacted this measure.  

(Casa Marina Resort)

If tar balls or oil require the closure of beaches, the Casa Marina and Reach hotels will refund guests their room rate and taxes, though not their bill for food and beverages - so long as they do it within 72 hours of their booked visit.  When oil first started showing up in the Keys (and experts say it's probably not even from the BP mess) that booking were down 50% from the same time last year.  

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