Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An old and very costly bottle of Bacardi Gold Rum

I've been posting a lot lately on rum.  Why?  I haven't a clue!  But I do enjoy rum.  I think it's partly the drink, partly the history of the spirit and it has a lot to do with the Caribbean.  So I was cruising the web searching for the oldest and most costly bottle of rum money could buy, and I think I found it!

Presenting to you a bottle of Bacardi Gold Rum from the 1930's.  Yes, this is a complete bottle of rum in the original bottle with the original rum and label.   This is when Bacardi was made in Cuba before Castro decided to start this little revolution, take over the distillery and Bacardi decided to get the hell off the island. 

(click the bottle to enlarge it)

I don't know the back-story to this particular bottle.  How did it stay sealed for 80 plus years?  Where has it been?  Clearly it's been somewhere safe because the label on the bottle looks great!   This is why it's priced, as of today, at 2,100 euro.  And at the conversion rate today that's $2,840 American smack-a-roos.  If I was wealthy for life you bet I would buy it for my collection, till that happens I'll stick with the local market Bacardi for $20.

You can actually buy this bottle at:  I think it's funny that someone on their site left a comment for this bottle, "Best served with coke."  Hahaha, now I agree that Coke and a fine rum make for a delicious drink but if I got my hands on this bottle I would NOT mix it with Coke.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Hedo II EC's putting on a sexy show

Here's a steaming hot 5 minute clip from Hedonism II's 30th anniversary celebration that happened early this month.  It features H2 entertainment corroborators Melody and Fifty doing a very erotic dance on stage.

Fifty has got it all, the great build, sexy coworkers and he works at Hedo II!  Not that working there is perfect, but for these 5 mins, I'd trade my job with him in a second!

Monday, November 28, 2011

Just an update, these headphones ROCK!

I did a post last year, "Cyber-Monday" hot deal at Amazon!, about Boqari Q1M earbuds.  As usual I bought what I blogged about and now, one year later, they're still going strong and are damage free.  My problem was my I-Phone earbuds kept getting damaged with 3-4 months of use.  I don't have these problems now.

The sound is crisp, the cables are very durable and they have great bass.  If you're in the market for a good pair of long lasting ear buds, I'd suggest these.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Paradise found? Rum Cay, Bahamas

I read about this island in a book I was reading by Clive Cussler, the book was Spartan Gold. If you like a great book filled with face paced adventure, make sure to check out the link on the bottom of this page. But to the topic at hand, Rum Cay!

(explore Rum Cay on Google Earth HERE)

In the fictional book a daring couple landed on Rum Cay looking for a hidden ship. But Rum Cay is real! It's a 30 square mile island located in the chain of islands, The Bahamas. The island is believed to have acquired its modern name from a shipwrecked cargo of rum. The main settlement on the island is Port Nelson. It's a barley populated island consisting of just 93 people back in 2005. There are a few former settlements such as Port Boyd, Black Rock and Gin Hill bur are now deserted and overgrown.

Besides having a cool name and just 3 people per square mile, Rum Cay is an island filled with reported hidden pirate caves! That's right, pirates used to frequent this island and it's deep reefs and drop-offs that surround it. At the Grand Canyon, 60-foot coral walls almost reach the surface!

A little more on the pirate history: Pirates roamed these parts for many years with evidence of a sword even being found off of Sumner Point Marina. The spirit of the energy of that sword passed through those hands and continues to roam throughout Rum Cay to this day! Whisperings of Black Gold off Sumner Point still float around the island. The pirates were finally driven out of the Bahamas after Captain Woodes Rogers was appointed Royal Governor in 1718.

If you want to escape to Rum Cay for an isolated vacation here's how you do it. You'll either need to fly in or arrive by a boat. Most people fly in using Rum Cay's 4,500 airstrip that opened up in 2004. See it HERE. If you're in South Florida you can fly using Air Charter Bahamas but it'll cost you about $4,200 for a 1-way flight. A cheaper method is to fly out of Nassau for around $120 per person 1-way. But you'll have to get yourself to Nassau first. This is done with Cat Island Air and they can be reached at 242-377-3318.

(for a ton of amazing Rum Cay pics, go HERE)

One you arrive you can book a 1 bedroom villa from $125 per night from Think about it, if you and your loved one arrive in Rum Cay you'll take the population from 93 to 95 just like that. They have a few little markets and restaurants you can feed yourself at then the island is yours to explore. Diving, exploring old pirate caves, chilling on the beach or fishing. It's island living at it's basics.

All this Rum Cay talk wants me to book a trip myself to see what it's all about. If anyone has gone, please post a comment with your thoughts on the island. And if you're down for the good read, it's posted below...

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Rum on boobs

Plus sized model Jalisa Elite knows what to do with rum...

See more of her @ Barefoot Message Board.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Black Friday camera deal from Amazon!

Black Friday is ON! Here's a wicked good camera from Fujifilm that ordinarily costs $399, yours today for $199. That's a steal! It's a 16 megapixel monster that will take amazing shots on your next travel destination. This is one day deal from Amazon (according to them) so if you're in the market for a new camera, this might be the one for you.
  • All-new 16 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor
  • 15x optical zoom covering 24-360mm (35mm equivalent)
  • 3.0 inch rear LCD with 460,000 pixel and new Rich User Interface using Vector fonts and graphics
  • 1600% wide dynamic range
  • Full resolution high speed shooting at 3fps
  • Full HD movie capture (H.264 MOV file format)
  • Advanced 27 scene mode EXR Auto
  • Film simulation modes
  • 360° Motion Panorama mode
  • Photobook Assist function

Following in the footsteps of the award-winning FinePix F200 EXR and F300 EXR models, this latest recruit to the range is the ideal camera for discerning point-and-shoot photographers or SLR users who want to travel light but don't want to compromise image quality and picture-taking versatility. Superb results are assured with exciting new features including an innovative 16 megapixel EXR CMOS sensor, a 15x wide-angle zoom lens, Full HD video functionality and an improved user interface. With a stylish design and pocketable dimensions, the FinePix F505 EXR is set to become the must-have compact in 2011.

Happy Thanksgiving from Vacation Barefoot Blog

We got 3 good NFL games today...

Green Bay and Detroit @ 12:30pm EST  * My pick?  Green Bay
Miami and Dallas @ 4:15pm EST   * My pick?  Dallas
San Fransisco and Baltimore @ 7:20pm EST   * My pick?  San Fran

Enjoy the day and be safe!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Peninsula Hotels to ban shark fin soup in 2012

Peninsula Hotels have locations in New York; Chicago; Beverly Hills among hotels in Asia.  They also serve shark fin soup!  But as of beginning of 2012, the chain decided to stop that practice to "contribute to preserving the marine ecosystem for the world's future generations."

(Beverly Hill's Peninsula Hotel)

I applaud the effort and despise shark fin soup.  A practice that see's thousands of sharks going to their deaths so people can munch on their fins.  Way to go Peninsula!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Too thick or just right poll - Kai Lei

So here's the super thick Samoan/African American model Kai Lei too thick or just right?   She's curvy for sure coming in at a thick 36DD-28-50.  

(she's 5'4 and 164 pounds)

Vote below and check out the other polls below...
Too thick or just right?

Monday, November 21, 2011

A peak behind the scenes with Yaris Sanchez

Here's a nice 5 min long clip of Dominican hottie Yaris Sanchez from 2010's Smooth Girl Magazine's "Live from Jamaica" issue. She's a 23 year old babe who was featured on another post of ours where she played on the beach, Yaris Sanchez plays on the beach. If you're afraid of seeing her topless, then DON'T click play on the video, if not...disfruta! (enjoy in Spanish) Oh, skip to 2:28 in the video if you want to "fast forward" to 1 of the topless scenes.


FYI - if you're curious, her measurements are a healthy 34D-26-44. Mamacita!

A few random and very naughty Hedo II pics

No rhyme or reason here, just a bunch of people (mostly models) having fun at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.  Does everyone look like this at the resort, absolutely not!  It all depends on the week that you go as they have different events and groups that book the resort.

Hedo II, now in action for more than 30 years!

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Kindle Fire is here!

The Kindle Fire is here in time for the holidays and it's getting rave reviews.  It's not an I-Pad, but it's not $500 plus either!  For the most part, you can do a great deal of what you could on the I-Pad anyway.

"At $199 the Fire is less than half the price of the Apple iPad, which starts at $499.
It is the first tablet from a major company to seriously undercut the iPad in price.
" - New York Times

Kindle Fire, Full Color 7" Display, Wi-Fi - $199

Saturday, November 19, 2011

A SMI trip report

This a “mini trip report” because we only spent one day at Sea Mountain Inn and we didn’t actually stay there for the two nights we were in Desert Hot Springs (got there late Friday night and left Sunday morning with all day Saturday spent at SMI).  This was because A: SMI requires a two night stay over the weekend and we only had one day that we could spend at SMI and B: it’s rather expensive to stay there so paying for a room there for two nights in order to be there for just one day would have been prohibitively expensive.

About SMI. As you may have read in other postings or trip reports, it’s not much to look at from the outside and oddly, it is in a residential neighborhood.  However, on the inside, it is a very nice place.  It’s almost as if you walk into a different world when you ring the bell, give them your name (you must have a reservation in advance, even for day and night passes) and walk onto the property.  You’re greeted by Dewey or his wife (the owners) and brought into the office to check in and sign the membership form ($40 membership good for six months).  You are immediately given margaritas which are very good by the way, and they are just the first of many you will be offered during your stay.  After the paperwork is completed, Dewey gives you a tour of the property and introduces you to everyone around the pool; not individually, but in the form of an announcement.  We were introduced as C and G (actually used our names, of course) from Negril, Jamaica because when they asked us if we were comfortable being nude, we told them that our sixth Hedo trip was coming up in August. 

Right outside the building with the office and the food (more on that in a minute) is the smallish, but adequately sized pool.  Remember the place itself is small so the pool size worked.  The pool temp was warm, I would say at least 85 degrees.  From there you’re walked through the again smallish disco which is nicely appointed and has a stripper pole and very good disco lighting.   Through another large door on the other side of the disco is the Jacuzzi which was fairly large for the size of the place.  All around the pool area and on to the back, more private areas are lots of the most comfortable lounge chairs you will ever find anywhere.  The music is fantastic and best described as “eclectic”.  You will hear unusual and often bizarre versions of old classics, but all very interesting and enjoyable.  The music played in the disco at night is perfect, great dance music.  The DJ’’s at Hedo could take a serious lesson from the SMI DJ.

We got a day/night pass which was good from 10:30am until 2:00am and included lunch and snacks and soft drinks throughout the day as well as margaritas and Dewey's famous “pour in your mouth” shots of variously colored concoctions of undescribed ingredients (but all of which were very tasty).  Cost was, I believe, $139 per couple, but I understand it’s $179 on holiday weekends.  However, beware the long distance shot from the pressurized squirter (think bug or weed repellent sprayer).  I got one of those and I guess I forgot to use my tongue to block my throat and Dewey made a direct hit to my lungs and I almost drowned!  I’ll pass on that one next time.  Many people bring their own booze/beer/mixers that they prefer to drink and coolers are welcome.  Lunch consisted of delicious fried chicken and various salads.  Most people ordered from the take out menu for dinner (you pay for your order when it arrives, but the all female staff – except for Dewey – take the orders and call them in for you).  We got a pizza which was surprisingly good considering we were in the middle of the desert as far away from New York, the undisputed capital of pizza (with all due respect to you Chicago deep dishers), as you can get.

Now for the good stuff.  PDA’s are everywhere and encouraged.  There is a very definite Lifestyle slant to SMI, much more so than Hedo, but you can still enjoy yourself if you are not Lifestylers as long as you don’t mind being surrounded by people who are.  Of course, “no means no” as it does in all lifestyle environments. The vibe is very Hedo-like (especially in the pool) in that you feel the complete freedom you feel at Hedo, everyone is naked and everyone is having a good time.  We found the people to be open and friendly, but perhaps not as much so as at Hedo.  There also seemed to be more “cliquieness” than at Hedo, but in fairness this is based on one day’s experience and I’m sure, like Hedo, the vibe varies based on who’s there on any given day.  We also didn’t see the full array of body types you see at Hedo.  The SMI people that were there on Saturday, at least, were on average, in better shape than the average Hedo guest.  Ages ranged from 20’s to 60’s with the majority being in their 30’s, which is younger than us, but we didn’t feel at all out of place.  All in all it was a great time and a good DIF breaker. 

With Hedo being 5 out of 5 stars, we'd give it 4 stars.  We’ll go back, but next time we might not do the day/night pass because we didn’t make it to anywhere near 2:00am.  That’s a long, long day and without a room of your own to go back to, perhaps take a little nap or just have some alone time we found it to be too long for us.  I don’t know if they have a pass that starts later in the day and goes into the evening.  The day pass goes from 10:30am to 5:30pm and many there seemed to have that pass as the crowd thinned out considerably after 5:30.  Ideal would be a pass that goes from 2:00 or 3:00pm to 2:00am, but I don’t know if there is such a thing.  I suppose you could do the day/night pass and just get there later, but most of the pool fun seemed to take place between about noon and 4:00pm.

Since we didn’t stay there, I can’t say much about the rooms but we did see a couple of them from the outside when doors were open and they looked very nice.

This would be a terrific place for Southern CA (and even Arizona) Hedo folks to meet for a “sorta Hedo weekend/meet N greet” and I think I’ll try to put something like that together on the board for perhaps September to see if there’s enough interest.  Of course, in this case, the 10:30am to 2:00am pass would probably be great since we will all have things in common and some of us will even know each other from Hedo. 

Check them out at:

Friday, November 18, 2011

Another look at Google Flights

I love Google.  They come up with so many cool ideas and products including Google Flights that debuted this summer.   Users can search for flights at and then filter their flight queries by price, airlines and routes.   It offers a super clean interface that's quick and very easy to use.  Another cool factor:  it shows on the map prices for others cities across the nation.

(sample screen-shot)

I decided to check it out for myself.  Flying out of Los Angeles I added "Sin City", Las Vegas.  For a round trip starting Friday December 16th to Monday December 19th I found fares from $118 on Spirit all the way up to $503 flying Delta.

Now you don't book your flight with Google directly.  Once you find the price you want to book you select it and you'll be whisked off to the website of the airline who's price you like.   I don't know how Google makes money off it and ordinarily I'd research it and find out, but I'm trying to watch a game of Football on the side here, so you're on your own buck-a-roos!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

UK models party topless on vacation

This is nuts!  British model Rosie Jones and her friends took a vacation and decided to get the party started early in the airplane.  Then once on ground, the nudity keep going!   Enjoy...

Looks like they went to Cabo

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Hotels with wood burning fireplaces

It's that time of the year again where a nice wood-burning fireplace just sounds so nice.  I think all couples could enjoy a night next to a fire during the holidays.   Here's a list of 3 hotels that have just what you need...

* all sample room price quotes were done on the hotel's direct website for Friday December 9th, 2011 for one night for two adults.

TAJ Boston - Boston, MA

TAJ Boston has 273 guest rooms including 44 suites that have cozy wood-burning fireplaces.  It's an older hotel that underwent a complete restoration in 2002 to celebrate its 75th anniversary.  The hotel is surrounded by art galleries, boutiques and restaurants.  You can score a room from $195 and up by checking out their website:

Goldmine Lodge - Big Bear, CA

Here's a fun way to visit Big Bear in the winter, with your very own cabin that not only include the wood-burning fireplace, but a heart shaped spa with "never ending hot water."  Cheesy, yes.  Fun, you bet!   You can score a room from $199 (but you have to book 3 nights) by checking out their website:

Salish Lodge & Spa - Seattle, WA
If you find yourself in cold rainy Seattle this winter check out this place.  All 89 rooms all rooms feature over-sized two-person whirlpool tubs and wood-burning fireplaces with many overlooking the Snoqualmie River.  You can score a room from $279 by checking out their website:

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Bad Girls go black in Jamaica with "Men of Steel"

Here's an 8 minute video clip of the TV show Bad Girls Club in Jamaica.  This footage is from 2010 and features hottie model Catya.  Check out last years post here:  Oxygen's "Bad Girls Club - Miami" films at Hedo II.

Check out Catya in a photo shoot in Miami last year:  Catya Photo Shoot.

Monday, November 14, 2011

A G-Shock GA-100 review

At the end of October I posted a post called "A cool travel watch" which lightly reviewed a watch I was trying to get you all to buy so I could make a lousy $4 bucks per watch sold.  I liked the product so much I ended up ordering it myself and I wanted to sing it's praises even more.  

The watch is a Casio G-Shock GA-100 Military bad-boy.   The watch came about 9 days after I ordered it so I had plenty of time to read other reviews out there on the 'net.  People raved about the watch and the only reoccurring complaint was the fact that it's hard to see in the dark.   I have to agree with the others, it's an extremely cool watch that makes you feel like a special 'ops solider just wearing it.  While it has a large face it's light on the arm and had already gotten me compliments.

The photo taken below is the actual watch I got, plus a leftover Halloween mini pumpkin.  :-)

(click to enlarge)

And for sure I plan on using it in my travels.  It's good for 200 meters, that's 656 feet!  (I had to Google it)  So next time I'm in the Caribbean I know I can dive, swim, and chill by the beach with it on.   It's also a G-Shock watch so you can beat the hell out of it and it'll stand up to it.  So while your banging your way around in taxis, planes and boats, you won't have to worry about hurting the watch.  It's also runs frozen in a block of ice, so if you forget and leave it in the freezer for some weird reason, you'll be ok there too!   Other travel handy features include:  a stopwatch, timer, multiple alarms, world time and the fact that the watch picks up the time from the airways and sets itself.

But it also looks good for that evening out when you want to hit the club or dine.  I have more expensive watches I might wear to a 4 star restaurant, but for most places, this bad boy will blend in.  So weather you need a strong watch for your travels, for the gym or just bumming around home, I'd seriously consider this watch.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Random cruise ship facts

I would dare say that most people have taken a cruise or at least know someone who has.  It's turned into a viable option for many who want the room, the fun and the food all in one place - the ocean!   I took my first and only cruise back in the 90's and loved it, it's time to book another.   In the meantime, here's some random facts and figures about the cruise industry and the ships that carter to hundreds of thousands each year.

(Carnival's 2003 ship "Glory" in action)
  • Nearly 13.5 million travelers worldwide enjoyed a cruise vacation in 2009
  • There are over 2,000 ports of call around our planet that cruise ships can visit
  • More people cruise to the Caribbean than any other destination in the world
  • There are more than 300 sea-going cruise ships in the world at any given time
  • The ships can cost a cruise line a half-billion US dollars before the 1st passenger boards
  • Almost 90% of cruise tickets are sold through travel agents
  • In a week most ships produce 210,000 gallons of human sewage
  • Most cruise ships sail around 20 to 25 knots (23-29 mph)
 I'm getting exctied reading about these ships...perhaps we'll be on the sea before you know it.  I'm thinking an Alaskan cruise would be awesome in the fall of 2012, if we survive that whole Mayan calendar thing.  :-)

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Rihanna vacation photos

Superstar Rihanna has posted some of her "behind the scenes" photos of her cruise this summer with her gal-pals in Italy.   It looks like they were having a blast on this private cruise ship.  Lucky girls!

* click any photo to enlarge it

(Rihanna and her tight little ass, I love it)

She, and her party friends, took this private cruise in late August of 2011.  They even got to dive Christ Of The Abyss statue in San Fruttuoso Bay, near Portofino, Italy.  One day she'll slow down, but for now, she's rich, popular, young and on the GO!

Friday, November 11, 2011

When dining alone how do you pass time?

Dining alone on the road always comes with a few choices - what do you do once you pick a place to eat?  Do you take a bar seat and people-watch?  Do you bring a book or a magazine to read?  Do you just sit alone hoping to find someone else to chat it up with?

These days another option keeps most busy while dining: the smartphone.  You can text, surf the web, Facebook, take photos of your meal and post them on Twitter, whatever!   I see so many people on their phones at the bar I begin to wonder when bars will start adding power outlets for their customers.

What do you do while dining alone?

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Buy cool pirate coins and other artifacts

Here's a cool site I found that I in NO way, shape or form guarantee it's authenticity - that being said, it looks pretty legit.   On this site you can purchase pirate coins, guns and even canyons.   They got coins starting off at $25 (plus shipping) and up.  A lot of the coins are in the $300 dollar range.

Most of the coins seem to come from the wreck of the Consolacion from 1681.   According to their website...

"The Consolacion, a Spanish Armada del Sur (South Sea Armada) galleon, was lost in 1681 after striking a reef near Guayaquil Ecuador.  A delay in receiving silver coins from the mint in Potosi prevented the Santa Maria de la Consolacion from sailing with the rest of the armada from Callao, Chile.  When the lone ship met pirates, the captain decided to ground the Consolacion on Santa Clara island, nicknamed Isla de Muerto (Island of the Dead), but struck a reef in the process.  The vessel was evacuated and intentionally set on fire by the crew to prevent the plunder of treasure; Consolacion coins are thus true pirate treasure coins.  Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity & history."

So if you're down for some authentic pirate booty check them out at: Pirate & Shipwreck Treasure Coins.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Good luck Alaska - massive storm moves in

A massive storm is moving in towards the west coast of Alaska today.  There have already been reports of storm damage in an area that's used to rocky weather.  Officials with the national weather service say the forecasts call for up to 14 inches of snow, sustained winds of 50 miles per hour, gusts to 75 and 8-9 feet of storm surge in Nome, Alaska - population 3,505.

A satellite loop showing the storm approach and enter the Bering Sea on Tuesday, November 8 into Wednesday, November 9, 2011.


Hang in there people!   Read the a full story about the storm over at, Bering Sea Superstorm Slamming West Alaska.

UPDATE:   Check out the footage from Nome:  Alaska's Epic Storm November 2011.

Super booty model Pebbelz at Hedo II

Off the charts curvey model Pebbelz was at Hedo II in Negril, Jamaica recently and here's a few of the photos.  I'm not sure I could handle that, wow.

* click a photo to enlarge it

Pebbelz is a model boasting a 34-26-45 body, 45 on the booty!  Amazing.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

30th Anniversary photos coming out of Hedo II

It's been 30 years baby!  In November of 1981 "Negril Beach Village" became "Hedonism II".   It's been a non-stop party ever since.  On Tuesday of last week, the 1st, the resort had a huge anniversary bash that was SOLD OUT. 

(Hedo II EC, Ashley)

Here's to another 30 years!

Monday, November 7, 2011

DR Nights has a "couples" package

Dr. Nights welcomes couples who are seeking to spice up their love life, we have put together packages below keeping in mind a woman's keen perception to details, yes, it has to be perfect, safe, comfortable, romantic, candle lit etc.  DR Nights knows how you want it!


  • Airport transfer with 2 sexy bi-sexual girls who greet you at the airport
  • Complimentary drinks and cigars upon your arrival
  • You get a reception party once there where you’ll meet 8-10 girls
  • Personal chauffeur
  • Personal guide and activities coordinator
  • All inclusive resort including all food, drinks, entertainment, water-sports a suite and girls!
  • And Gratuity is already included in your package price!
      Note that all expenses have already been included except a $10 USA tourists visa fee which you must pay on arrival at customs, other than that, you can literally come down with no money and be OK!   The only way you will spend any additional money is if you want to buy gifts or travel outside of resort to other businesses or reception house.

Check out the package more at:

Sunday, November 6, 2011

A cool song by Parov Stelar

This is the song from Parov Stelar that I bogged about last week.  It's featured in the commercial for The Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas.  It's a great song and you can grab it off Amazon for .99 cents.

Once you download the song from Amazon you're free to do with it as you wish.  All their music downloads are DRM-free, so you're not restricted in how you use the music you buy.  Install them on your I-Pod/Pad/Phone, your other MP3 players, burn a CD, whatever.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Model Nina Santiago at Hedo III

Hedonism III may be over but former Smooth Girl Magazine model, Nina Santiago, isn't.  She posted this clip of her and a sexy friend at Hedo III before it closed in August of 2010.

I love that vintage Jamaica shirt her friend is wearing, it's like the one made famous in the Jamaica tourist poster featuring model Sintra Arunte from 1972.

Friday, November 4, 2011

A way cheap all-inclusive in the Dominican Republic

All-inclusive resorts are so very nice because once you pay, you're done baby.   Forget about paying more for meals, drinks, entertainment and even tips - just relax and have a good time.  I've personally been on 6 all-inclusive trips (5 times to Hedo II and 1 time to Grand Lido/Breezes) and I've very much enjoyed the "keep the money clip in the room safe" concept.

The Hotel Riu Naiboa in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic, has a current special starting at a pretty amazing $63 per person, per night, meals and drinks included!   Punta Cana, with dozens of all-inclusives along miles of white-sand beach, is popular with Americans as a safe place to travel.

Hotel Riu was just renovated this fall and offers over 362 guests rooms spread out over 20 acres of land right on the beach.  Hotel amenities include mini-market, pool with children's section, miniclub, complimentary sun loungers, towels and umbrellas by the pool, 4 tennis courts, a sun terrace and free Wi-Fi in lobby.  The all-inclusive part of the resort also offers 24-hr snack and beverage services, daily programs for adults and children (ages 4-12), nightly entertainment live music or shows.

 The renovated guests room includes Air conditioning, ceiling fan, 1 double bed or 1 double bed and 1 twin bed, direct dial phone, regularly replenished mini-bar, new liquor dispensers, satellite TV, in-room safe for free. Bathroom equipped with bathtub and shower, amenities kit. Balcony or terrace.

Most of the sale prices are for next month, so if you're down, go here:

Thursday, November 3, 2011

A few photos coming out of Hedo II's Halloween bash!

By all account Hedonism's 30th Halloween went off in spoootacular fashion!  I got friends down there now who Facebook'ed me saying then were having a blast, while making us very jealous!   The resort had a show following dinner and a contest.  After that crowds moved onto the disco, the piano bar, the hot tubs and perhaps...even to their rooms.

(new Hedo II model, Mel)

Hedonism's very own Melody (ex-EC) was even on hand to help judge some of the shows and costumes.   Check her out in the new Smooth Girl Magazine and enter our contest to win an issue by going here Contest Post.

Update:  If you want more of the photos just go to Facebook and find the Hedonism II fan site.  It's a public group with photos that users post onto Facebook to share.   If you need the link, contact me.

A cool commercial from The Cosmopolitan in Vegas

Have you guys seen this commercial?  It's pretty awesome and it has an awesome song called "Booty Swing" by Austrian artist called Parov Stelar.  I especially like the old guy dancing around at the end of the commercial.

The Cosmopolitan is a 3.9 BILLION dollar luxury hotel that features two towers and over 100,000 square feet of casino floor space.  It also has 3 different pools to choose from, each with it's own vibe.  The resort also has a sexy nightclub called the Marquee Nightclub which has a pool 8 stories above the strip!

Rates as low as $140 at the Cosmo depending on the night you book and the size of the room.   Check them out further at

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The best midpriced hotel for business travel?

According to a survey put out by Business Travel News, Holiday Inn Express takes the #1 spot this year.   The 2011 survey asked 519 business travelers their thougths on different hotels for business and Holiday Inn Express got a 3.86 score was the highest among the midprice hotels.

(a Holiday Inn Express in Pennsylvania)

There are now over 1,500 Holiday Inn Expresses in the world.  This is a nice jump since the line of hotels didn't take off till 1990.   At most HIE's you'll find 60 to 80 rooms, free internet use and business centers with computers, printers and fax machines.  The idea of the Express line was to provide guests a cheaper hotel option while keeping things clean and nice.  Most nights you can find rooms from $120 and $200 at a HIE.

Official site for Holiday Inn Expres:

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

A special shoutout to Hedo II

Happy 30 year anniversary Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica!

Keep on keeping on!

Beef, booze and babes in Las Vegas!

A new steakhouse is set to open next month in Las Vegas that's owned by good time ex-Las Vegas mayor, Oscar Goodman.  Oscar's Steakhouse will be in the newly renovated Plaza Hotel and Casino downtown Las Vegas.  Their official website says that "the decor of Oscar's will be glamorous and uniquely Las Vegas, incorporating memorabilia from Goodman's 12-year tenure as mayor and classic photographs of Las Vegas over the years.

  Oscar's will have attractive hostesses who'll talk with diners "about topics like sports, wine and politics."  They will even eat and drink with guests, says Oscar.   The fun loving ex-mayor also said, "I want them to drink so much that they won't even care that the steak is prime — which it will be, I assure you."

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