Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Behind the scenes of Rihanna's video "Man Down"

Rihanna was in Kingston, Jamaica a few weeks back to shoot a video for "Man Down" a single off her album Loud.  Here's a short peak of her on the streets of Jamaica...

Is she looking goooood or what?  The actual video should be mass released very soon and we'll make sure to post it.

Man Down [Explicit]

Dr. Beach names 2011's top beach in the USA

Who the &$(* is Dr. Beach?   He's a Florida International University professor by the real name of Steven Leatherman.   And every year Dr. Beach puts out a list of the beaches according to sand, water quality, weather, facilities and crowds. 

This years best beach?  Siesta Key, Florida.  Siesta Key is south of the Tampa Bay area on the west side of Florida facing the Gulf of Mexico.   According to Leatherman Siesta Key has "40 acres of almost pure quartz crystal sand."  The area also has gentle currents making swimming safer for all.  I've personally been to Siesta Key and it is very nice, if not a little boring.  If you want an active night life, forget it.  If you want topless or nude sunbathing, go elsewhere.  If you want to chill with the kids for a week, you're good.  If you're 70 years old and like to just kick back, it's perfect.

View Larger Map

The runner-up beach was San Diego's Coronado Beach, followed by Kahanamoku Beach in Waikiki, Honolulu; Main Beach, East Hampton, N.Y.; Cape Hatteras in North Carolina; St. George Island State Park, Florida Panhandle; Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island, S.C.; Coast Guard Beach, Cape Cod, Mass.; Waimanalo Bay Beach Park, Oahu; and Cape Florida State Park near Miami.

Wray and Nephew's calander babes - a year late

Jamaican distiller, blender, and bottler of rum, Wray and Nephew, puts out a sexy calendar each year with local Jamaican women posing for marketing.  Works for me! 

J. Wray and Nephew began in 1825 when company founder John Wray opened 'The Shakespeare Tavern' in Kingston, Jamaica.  In 1916 J. Wray & Nephew Ltd., purchased the Appleton Estate - the oldest and most famous of all Jamaica's sugarcane estates.  Then in 1997, Joy Spence was made the master blender at J. Wray and Nephew - the first ever woman to occupy this position in the industry.

Go Jamaica!  Go Rum!  Go Progression!

Monday, May 30, 2011

HOT DEAL: Samsara in Negril from $36 a night

Word on the streets have Samsara Cliffs Resort in Negril, Jamaica having rooms from just $36 a night and that rate INCLUDES taxes and fees.  That's pretty incredible.  Let's see...a room for 7 nights would only cost $252 bucks, are you kidding me?

I went to their official website, www.negrilhotels.com, and tried a search for myself, I found a $49 room rate with just one search and if I had played with the dates who knows what I might have gotten.  I did June 23rd to June 30th to get that price.

Now you might have to pay extra for things like WiFi and even AC, but it's still a great price.  I know there are local places one can find to get their WiFi on but if you want the AC then check with Samsara on how much that might run.  Some rooms have AC, others don't.

Sunday, May 29, 2011

A lawsuit from an ocean cruise

Last year the 2,758-passenger Carnival cruise ship Victory was in St. Thomas with a boat load of cruisers.  The ship made a stop in St. Thomas where many passengers got off and checked out land.  On the way back a gang shoot out occurred and while on an open-air safari taxi a 14 year old girl was struck and killed making her way back to the ship.  

The young woman's parents filed the lawsuit this week alleging Carnival should have known the violence was likely.   St. Thomas is one of the most visited cruise ports in the Caribbean but has had a string of violence recently and has many travelers wondering if they should even visit the island and its famous Coki Point Beach.  The U.S. Virgin Islands had a homicide rate in 2009 that was about 10 times the USA's national average of five killings per 100,000 people.

No word on the lawsuit yet, should Carnival be held responsible for this?  IMHO, no.  How can a cruise line stop a random gang shootings bullet while on a water taxi from land back to the ship?   On a good note,  a 22-year-old resident of St. Thomas was convicted of two counts of murder last month for the killings.

The newest travel accessoriy - toothpaste in a tablet

As a traveler who's lost products going thru the TSA lines this is a product that is interesting to me.  As you might know you can't carry more than 3 ounces of liquid on the plane.  Sometimes that big ass tube of toothpaste is more than that.   Here's a product that's a fix to that problem...

Toothpaste tablets!


  That's right, now you can have your tooth cleaner in the form of a tablet.   The tablets come in a chewable tablet form and can be used without water.  Put tablet in mouth, then brush as usual.  It's available on Amazon ($5 for 60 tablets) or at retailers such as REI. 

Saturday, May 28, 2011

A visual treat for Saturday

Resorts Casino Hotel has a '20s theme for Memorial Day weekend

Back in April we brought you a story about Resorts Casino Hotel and their new planned outfits.  It was a lawsuit at the time because waitresses were getting canned in preparation of new sexy outfits.  I have no idea what happened to the pending litigation but I see now that the outfits are in place and the resort plans to show them off this Memorial Day weekend with a 20's theme party. 

Memorial Day weekend has always been the traditional kick-off of the peak tourist season in most areas with Atlantic City being no exception.   And Resorts Casino is ready for it.  The re-branding of Atlantic City’s oldest casino follows its $31.5 million sale six months ago to gaming executive Dennis Gomes and New York real estate magnate Morris Bailey. 

Resorts’ new theme is more than a simple marketing gimmick.  The new owners are also refurbishing parts of the property to give it a 1920s appearance, including an Art Deco-style makeover for 480 hotel rooms in the Ocean Tower.  Also, the employees will do more than serve the customers — they will also entertain them.  It's all part of the act of the new Resorts Casino Hotel 20's theme.

Friday, May 27, 2011

A magazine host a travel contest with a 25k prize

Travel + Leisure magazine is once again doing it's popular annual "America's Favorite Cities" survey and this year it comes with a chance at $25,000.  This years survey question:  Which U.S. city has the people-watching?  The contest, which runs through July 15 offers you a chance to vote among 35 US cities.

Ok, let me share with you some of my thoughts.  You can't beat Miami, Las Vegas, New York City and Los Angeles for some good people watching.   Each of these cites are known for a big population of diverse people making the people watching that much more fun.  Other choices you can vote for include:  Boston, Memphis, Chicago, New Orleans and others.

You'll need to work a little to earn your chance to win, you'll need to rate your pick in 50 characteristics including street food, wireless coverage, culture, historic attractions, safety, tranquility, etc.  Good luck and if you win the $25,000 prize, don't forget your friends over here at Vacation Barefoot Travel Blog!!!  :-D


Have your very own private island for just $100 a night

So now you're thinking I've flipped my lid, come on man, a private island for $100 a night!?!?   It's true!  Just 20 miles off the coast of Honduras, and not far from Roatan, are two little islands that can be yours.  Little Cay and Sandy Cay are both super cheap if you want to kick back on your own island.

Now at these rates the accommodations are not 5 star, but you're on an island baby.  Each Cay has one small house outfitted with limited electricity via solar power. A generator provides power at night. There is running water, but it’s limited as well. Fans, yes. Air conditioning, no. Pampering, definitely no.

(a dock at Sandy Key)

Rates for Sandy Cay are just $100US per night up to 6 people, then $15 usd additional per person.  If you are just staying one night, the rate is $130US for the night.     Rates for Little Cay run only $115 US per night up to 6 people, then $15 US additional per person up to 12 people.   If you are just staying one night, rates start at $150 US for up to 6 people.  

 (Little Cay House and Sandy Cay House)
To get to either Sandy Cay and Little Cay, you can arrange a boat ride with the managers of the Islands, for  an additional fee, $42 usd one way for the boat.  Sandy Cay is about 15-20 minutes from Pigeon Cay and about 45 minutes from Utila, and Little Cay is about 10 minutes from Pigeon Cay and about 30 minutes from Utila.          

Both Sandy Cay and Little Cay can be rented by contacting George Jackson or Barry Jackson (English speaking), who live on Pigeon Key.  Everyone knows them there.  You can also reach them via email at CayosUtila@hotmail.com or Telephone: 011- (504) 408-3100.       

Thursday, May 26, 2011

Embassy Suites has free drinks!

Embassy Suites has a new line of TV commercials that are funny.   But the point of the advertising is MORE MORE MORE, including more free drinks!   Embassy Suites was founded in 1984 and today has 209 hotels, with an additional 33 in the pipeline.

The commercial features Mr. More and his family enjoying more complimentary cooked-to-order breakfast at Embassy Suites. It's more more than a mortal man can handle. Embassy Suites Hotels. More Reasons to Stay.™

Check out their site for more free things, like breakfast:  www.embassysuites.hilton.com/deals.

The girls are out playing at DR Nights

The weather in the Dominican Republic is very nice this time of year, not too hot, the 'canes are not blowing just yet and everyone's in a summer state of mind.  The girls of DR Nights, the #1 Escort Resort, are out letting the guys know they're happy to see them at the resort.

* click any photo to enlarge it

Check them out at DR Nights, they got specials from about $1,000 for a couple of sex filled fun nights!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

A Hedonism II "trip report" from 1989

Here's a reporters account from a trip to Hedonism II back in 1989 that was featured in The New York Times.  It written by reporter Maureen Dowd who reported for The Times.  

WINTER IN THE SUN; Sun, Surf and Singles

By MAUREEN DOWD; MAUREEN DOWD is a correspondent in the Washington bureau of The Times Published: December 10, 1989

The streetcar named Desire may be retired, but there is still a bus called Hedonism. I found myself heading for this bus one recent afternoon at the Montego Bay Airport.  

Until landing in Jamaica, I hadn't really focused on the name of my holiday destination, Hedonism II, the all-inclusive resort I was visiting on assignment. It suddenly hit me that I had signed on for the sort of vacation I had long scorned: a singles bar by the sea. I had always turned up my nose at Club Med, disdaining the idea of organized fun in groups with flirtatious strangers. Now I was going somewhere that bragged about being ''more free'' than Club Med.

Total freedom, promised the brochures featuring people in slinky, clingy bathing suits, drinking and nuzzling and splashing about in snorkeling gear. ''And if you like the freedom of wearing nothing, there's even a private part of the beach for doing just that,'' the brochure said, adding ominously that ''the mood is always in fine fettle because seeking pleasure is a way of life.''

''Where are you staying?'' the Jamaican customs agent asked shortly after my arrival in Montego Bay, interrupting my dark Calvinist reverie. ''Hedonism,'' I whispered, mortified. He looked me up and down with a knowing smile as he stamped my passport.

''No problem,'' he grinned, offering the nonchalant Jamaican answer for everything.
Later, I would learn that the local folk refer to Hedonism as the Den of Decadence. Even without this bit of lore, however, I was beginning to get the drift.

An airport official checked my luggage. ''Where are you going?'' she asked.

''Hedonism,'' I mumbled, hoping the people behind me in line could not hear. A porter loading the luggage asked, ''Where are you staying?'' I couldn't take it any more. ''Rita,'' I innocently called out to the girl friend traveling with me. ''What's the name of that place we're booked into?''

''It's Hedonism, O.K.?'' she screeched at the startled porter, as she turned pink with embarrassment and everyone in the airport turned to look at us in a Felliniesque moment of amused leers.

Outside the airport, we waited for the bus under a white sign with large black letters reading Hedonism. That was bad, but it could have been worse. The guests at Couples, another SuperClubs resort near ours in the Negril section of Jamaica, had to stand under a logo of lions copulating.

The Hedonism logo is a bare-breasted Mona Lisa with the legend, ''The pleasure comes in many forms.'' But the resort had the unexpected good taste not to put up this poster at the airport.

On the hour-and-a-half ride to Negril Beach, the bus lived up to its name. All the passengers except Rita and me swigged the local Red Stripe beer and smoked the ubiquitous Jamaican reefer called Ganja as reggae music blared on a cassette player.

My bad mood got worse when we checked in and examined our room, a small, cheesy stucco affair with twin beds, a mirrored ceiling, threadbare towels and a forlorn white candle for atmosphere. I glumly realized that for five days I would have to give up everything that had made life worth living in my previous travels: televisions, telephones, newspapers, room service, wake-up calls, valet, minibar and worldly, sophisticated men.

The point, of course, is to discourage guests from staying in their rooms. If you are in your room, you cannot have the Total Experience. The all-inclusive price - more than $400 a night - includes unlimited food and drink and excellent facilities for tennis, volleyball, squash, horseback riding, badminton, basketball, scuba diving, water-skiing, windsurfing, sunfish sailing, snorkeling, swimming, kayaking and table tennis. There are also aerobics classes and a Nautilus gym. (It was the activities, along with the easygoing Jamaican atmosphere and perfect weather, that ultimately brightened our stay.) Charming Jamaican pros are on hand to give tennis, squash and windsurfing lessons and to flirt relentlessly with female guests, always pressing about the possibility of a walk on the beach or an evening in town.

The concept behind the resort became abundantly clear when we attended an orientation session on our first night with a Hedonism social director named Larry, a thin Jamaican with a bored attitude and a Mick Jagger accent.

Larry went over the upcoming activities. The Hedonism camp counselors were planning a boating expedition over to a nearby island, where ''we feed you a lot of rum and play lots of drinking games and then we bring you home whether you're standing or on your back.''

There were five bars, four on the prude side of the beach and one on the nude side called the Bum Bar - get it? - where you had to shed all your clothes to merit a vodka slush. That meant, Larry explained, a total of 19 hours a day drinking time, since the disco stays open until 5 A.M. or until the last customer leaves. ''Then you go up to the nurses' station, they feed you some Alka-Selzer tablets and some water, and you're O.K. again,'' he said.

There is a toga party once a week at dinner. ''No sheet, no eat,'' he warned. There is a pajama party with a disk jockey spinning platters at midnight on Tuesdays. ''No P.J., no D.J.,'' Larry said.

There are piggyback and tug-of-war contests, beer-chugging contests, tanning con-tests, 50's dance contests, limbo contests, Who Can Be the First to Show Up With a Piece of Male or Female Underwear or a Condom contests, Putting a Finger in Your Ear and a Basketball Between Your Legs and Spinning Around Eight Times Until You're Dizzy contests, Best Male Asset contests and Best Ladies' Chest contests. (You guessed it: ''No skin, no win.'') The hard truth had now sunk in: This was the reggae version of Animal House, complete with toga, limbo and rum road trips. In health-conscious 1989, the ethics of party-till-you-drop and easy sexual encounters are passe most everywhere. But they live on at Hedonism.

''This place is called the Zoo and we are known as Zoo People,'' explained one stocky, 40-ish developer from Florida who comes to Hedonism twice a year and enjoys nude volleyball and the nude Jacuzzi.

Perhaps the perfect Hedonism guest was a slight, blond man who was celebrating his 27th birthday by drinking 27 bottles of champagne in five days. Day or night, he could always be found carrying a cigar and two bottles of champagne.

The center of the action is the dining room, where the swinging singles of all ages come to hang at the bar, chow down and exchange meaningful eye contact.

The food, dished up cafeteria style, is mediocre American fare, although between Tex-Mex night and Cajun night there is a weekly bow to the local cuisine on Jamaican night. Gut-wrenching wine is available from kegs. Attire is informal: For the women, leopard skin bikinis, fishnet tops and fringed Me Jane, You Tarzan outfits. (In a sight that dismayed almost everybody trying to eat dinner, one older, heavyset woman came to dinner one night wearing only hot pink pasties and Capri pants.) For the men, attire consists of shorts and T-shirts with legends such as Wrecked by a Bermuda Swizzle, Beach Potato and, with black wings, Fatman.

''I don't think we're going to meet the man of our dreams here,'' Rita joked with a mock glum expression, looking around the dining room. ''I don't see any C.E.O.'s. I don't see any power brokers.'' I was inclined to agree.

Not having the nerve myself, I persuaded Rita to check out the nude beach. Maybe we'll discover some important Washington official there, I told her. She strolled the beach feeling conspicuous in her swimsuit but came back disappointed. She had only discovered a middle-aged man who pointed out the Hedonism catamaran of nude partygoers and urged her to try ''the life style.'' ''What life style?'' she asked. ''The life style of total freedom,'' he replied, as it dawned on Rita that this was code for undressing in front of people you don't know.

 The men and women who enjoyed Hedonism said they liked the array of sports and the way you could have your run of the place without paying separately for each drink or meal or tennis lesson or diving expedition. There's no tipping allowed, so you don't ever need to carry money with you, unless you want to buy some postcards or sunscreen.

The guests who were not so enamored said that they did not like the emphasis on sex and drinking. ''I've been to Club Med and it's more wholesome there, not so risque,'' said one young woman from Boston, while she was waiting for her turn during a tennis clinic. ''A smaller percentage of guests get smashed and take off their shirts.''

Gary, a sweet, 35-year-old New York lawyer, came by himself and described it as his ''last fling.'' At first he told women he met that he owned a bagel store because he thought it sounded more interesting, but stopped when they kept asking him if he knew Cher. He spent most of his time taking tennis lessons and snorkeling.
His roommate, Cary - if you come by yourself, they assign you a roommate - spent his days diving. A handsome plumbing fixtures buyer from Minnesota who owns two bait and tackle shops on the side, Cary was too shy to talk to any women for his first five days. Instead, he spent his evenings chatting up the security guards on the beach, fetching them drinks and hot dogs and quizzing them about the local culture. Although he said he loved to dance, he refused to approach any women at the disco because ''I won't compete for women.''

The best thing Hedonism has going for it is its location. Jamaica is a sensual lullaby, with people who sing and dance and relax with an infectious style. Women traveling alone are easy marks for the persistent and uninhibited Jamaican men, and it can get annoying at times, but never overwhelming.

Lulled by the balmy winds and the lyrical Jamaican tempo, we adapted to survive and ended up having a pleasant enough time. We circumvented the beer chugging contests and the chest contests - ''C'mon ladies, shake it, bob it up and down, parade it, show it!'' - and we did what we felt like doing.

Rita jogged and went to the beach and mastered wind-surfing. I took squash lessons and got Swedish massages. (Since squash and tennis require some degree of sobriety, the courts were often pleasantly empty.) We went horseback riding at dawn and played tennis in the afternoons and went bicycle riding through Negril at sunset. At night, we sang old Bob Dylan songs in the piano bar and drank banana daiquiris in hammocks on the beach.

Toward the end of our stay, as we were biking along the lush coast, some Jamaican peddlers selling black coral jewelry recognized the distinctive red-ribboned keys tied on our arms and sang out, ''There go the girls of Hedonism.''

It didn't sound so awful anymore. As the Jamaicans like to say, no problem, man.

A topless babe chills in Jersey

Check out this photo a reader of ours told us about from Sandy Hook's "Gunnison Beach" in New Jersey.  Sandy Hook is the east coast's largest legal nude beach in America and it's been getting busy this month.

 (click here to see the real deal)

The temps at Sandy Hook have been around mid 70's during the say with lots of sun, sound like perfect beach weather to me!   Click here for current Sandy Hook weather.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Las Vegas considers gambling in hotel rooms

Nevada legislators are considering allowing hotels in Vegas to install gambling inside the hotel rooms.   Despite concerns that in-room gambling could open the door to underage gambling, Nevada's senate judiciary committee on Friday morning unanimously approved a bill that would allow it.

Hotel Check-In asked it's members about what they thought on in-room gambling, here's what they said...
  • 59% No, there are enough options in the casino
  • 30% Yes, I want to gamble when and where I want
  • 12% Only if they can prevent underage gambling
If Nevada's full senate does pass the bill it could mean big money for Nevada.  How much?  Nevada could see new revenue from gambling taxes as much as $18 million a year from the new in-room gambling.  So with states seeking new money, it could very well be voted in.   

Personally I don't see the need for it.  What's the point of going to Vegas just to stay in your room and gamble your money away?   Half the fun is going down to the casino with a drink in one hand, and a crowd cheering you on.  You know what they say about people who drink at home alone...for me, the same applies here.   I vote NO!

Something for the ladies...

Here's one of the Divine Men of Choice getting down in a pool at Hedonism II back in March. 6 guys were at the resort as part of Goddess Week where then put on shows for the ladies and made all the guys at the resort reconsider hitting the gym next time before they vacationed.

Ladies, check out these guys more at:  www.devinemenofchoice.com

Monday, May 23, 2011

Windstar Cruises sells for $39 million

Financially troubled cruise line Windstar Cruises is being sold to a surprising cash buyer, Los Angeles businessman Philip Anschutz's company Anschutz Corp.  A U.S. bankruptcy judge in Delaware is approving the deal after Windstar Cruises voluntarily filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in April.  

Anschutz, 71, owns interests in the Los Angeles Lakers and LA Kings, entertainment venues including L.A.'s Staples Center and the company that provides lodging at U.S. National Parks. This is his first cruise line.  Anschutz has a net worth of $7.5 billion according to Forbes where he also ranks in at 124th on Forbes list of the world's richest people.

Windstar Cruises are motorized sailing yachts that carry 148 to 312 passengers all over Europe, the Caribbean and Central America.  They've been sailing since 1984 with a fleet of 3 tall ships (msy Wind Spirit, msy Wind Star, msy Wind Surf) after the 4th (Msy Wind Song) burnt down in a fire in 2002.  A cruise on a Wind Star ship is considered high end luxury. The ships are relatively small, with the Wind Surf having a capacity for about 300 passengers, and the others about 150.

Too thick or just right?

Another installment in the "too thick or just right" poll here at Vacation Barefoot Blogging.  In the past most of the choices have been mostly yes's on the are they hot or not.  Past polls  This one should be pretty easy unless you just don't like thick women. 

Her name is Bria Myles and she's a 27 year old model born in North Hollywood, CA.   If you need more than these two photos to decide then check Bria out more here:  www.modelmayhem.com/BriaMylesPhotos.

Too thick or just right?

Ace Hotel & Swim Club, Palm Springs, CA

This hipster's hotel south of downtown Palm Springs proves you can have style on a budget!  Combining a modernized Sixties motel with retro furniture, a classic diner and aquatic activities, there's a boho mood at the 180-room Ace Hotel that's totally West Coast.  Vintage furniture and vinyl record players (in Patio rooms or above) ensure attitude.

Outdoors a kooky caravan and fabric-draped alfresco lounging areas add to the 'glamping' (glam camping) feel.  The sexy Swim Club sports two pools, a hot tub, sauna, steam room and that Californian essential, the massage yurt.  Bring a guitar for fireside singalongs.

Prices at the hotel run anywhere from $80 to the low $200's depending on when you book.  And it's rated 26 among 67 hotels reviewed over at TripAdvisor.com.   You can take your pets, use high speed WiFi, work out in the gym or just chill by the pool.  Either way, it's a sexy retro hotel that people seem to enjoy.

Sunday, May 22, 2011

Sting Rays in the water in Florida

Having once lived in Florida I know about the "String Ray Shuffle."  When you're on the beaches in Florida it's best to walk with your feet in the sand to scare away these critters before you step on them.  In this clip you can see just how many can be just off the beach.  This was a taken from the 17th floor balcony of a condo in Panama City, FL.

If you do get stung by a sting ray it's best not to panic, it just mostly hurts really bad.  Once stung expose the string location from any clothing.  Next, soak the sting spot in the hottest water you can stand for about 1 hour.  Then wrap up your sting in sterile cloth then use a topical antibiotic to reduce the chance of infection and relieve pain. If the wound site shows any signs of infection, such as redness, prolonged swelling, or pus, seek medical attention immediately.

Pirates of the Carribean - On Stranger Tides

If you can't escape to the tropics this weekend you could slip into any theater and check out the 4th installment in the Pirates film series.  For the next 2 and 1/2 hours you'll be visually taken all over the Caribbean while Jack Sparrow and friends go on the search for the legendary fountain of youth.

In this film Sparrow and Barbosa are off seeking the fountain but find Black Beard and his daughter also on the hunt for it.   Repeat actors from the past 3 flicks?  Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Kevin McNally, Keith Richards and others.   Those out?  Orlando Bloom, Keira Knightley, Jack Davenport and a few others.

I don't know about you all but the cost of a movie out here in LA cost around $13.50 per person.  That's a lot of booty to pony up!  But I'll be checking out this movie as a fan of the series, pirates and the Caribbean.

Saturday, May 21, 2011

A visual treat for Saturday

A 26 year old American spends 48 hours in a Jamaican jail

What happens when you try to fly out of Jamaica and you have a .22 bullet in your travel bag?  You get to spend 2 more nights on the lovely island.   Steven Carter, 26, a married man and father of a baby girl, spent two scary nights in an open jail cell in Jamaica with other inmates on terrorism charges.

Carter could have faced seven years or more in a Jamaican prison had he been convicted on the terrorism charge.  Good thing he got out on a $3,000US bail because while in jail he had to pay guards to ensure he received food and water.

After a hearing and the bail posting the couple jumped on a Delta flight and got back to George Friday night (May 20th) where Carter could resume his career, preaching.  He and his wife were in Jamaica at a resort in Montego Bay.  Carter had no idea how the bullet got in the bag but it was an older bag and family members used to hunt, so it could have been leftover hunting items.

 Lesson learned?  Always make sure you know the contents of your bag before flying anywhere.

P.S., I wonder if they serve Jamaican beef patties in jail?  Yum.

Smooth Girl Magazine is shooing in Jamaica

Smooth Girl Magazine, the hottest magazine anywhere, is shooing it's 7th annual "Live from Jamaica" issue this week down at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.  The issue itself should come out in October.  Last year this blog did a contest where we gave out one issue to Steve, we'll have to do that again this year.

Here's 3 sexy pics of what's to come.  It looks like it'll be a hot issue...

Visit Smooth Girl Magazine @ www.smoothmag.com.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Hedonism II reps are at Miami's Exxxotica

If you're in Miami this weekend swing by this years Exxxotica and visit some reps from Hedonism II.   You can win a 3 night FREE stay at Hedo II if you swing by their booth #511 and register.   They'll be there Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  May 20th, 21st and the 22nd, 2011.

(3 hotties chill at the pool at Hedonism II)

Check out the schedule of events for Exxxotica @ wwww.exxxoticaexpo.com/schedule.

How to pack for a trip to Jamaica

Step 1
Obtain a passport well in advance of your trip.  Processing of a standard US Passport application typically takes between four and six weeks.  You can locate your nearest Passport Acceptance Facility by visiting the US Department of State's website.

Step 2
Exchange some of your money for Jamaican currency.  A few small bills and change can be useful in getting from the airport to your final destination.  US money is widely accepted in Jamaica, so you don't need much, but some might come in handy.  (plus it's part of the fun in preparing for your trip)

Step 3
Take high-SPF sunscreen to protect against the strong sun in the Jamaica.  A hat and sunglasses will help to shade your face.  Also, don't forget shoes for the beach to protect your feet from uncomfortably hot sand and underwater sea urchins.

Step 4
Pack extra batteries for cameras and other electronic devices.  While you might be able to purchase new batteries on the island, they can be difficult to find in more remote locations where you could find the most stunning shots.  You can also pick up a solar charger for $30 from Amazon and be worry free. 

Step 5
Pack plenty of lightweight clothing.  Depending on where you go you might not need much in the way of formal clothing (think Hedonism).  Most resorts in Jamaica are fairly casual, so think mens dress shorts and short sleeved button shirts for the guys and sexy summer dresses for the ladies.  Check out the Barefoot Blog Store for ideas.

 Stunning Jeweled Peacock Tunic Top

Step 6
Include at least two swimsuits if you plan to spend the majority of your time on the beach or participating in water activities.  This will allow you to don a dry suit each day, while providing at least a day for the wet one to dry.  An extra suit also will be handy in case one gets damaged.  While beachwear can be purchased in Jamaica, you might not want to spend the time searching for a new suit, especially if you have a difficult time finding the right fit.

Step 7
Pack items necessary for any activities that you plan to participate in.  This might include snorkeling gear for the clear waters and golf equipment for the challenging oceanfront golf courses throughout the island.  Supplies for these activities also can be rented on site if you are not particular about having your own.

Masturbation Facts!

Masturbation - let's face it, we all do it.  Here's a few facts on just how much we do it and the demographics of who does it... 

And if you need something to masturbate to go here!  :-D

Porn:  for Men - for Women

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Another rum review - Appleton's White Jamaica Rum

If you know me you know I like my rum.  If you know me you'll know I really enjoy 10 Cane and Appleton Rum.  10 Cane is brewed up in Trinidad & Tobago and Appleton is a Jamaican favorite dating back to 1749.  Where as most rums have a little brown coloring from the longer aging process in wooden barrels Appleton's White Rum is...well, white or clear. 

(Average price:  $14 to $17 a bottle)

Appleton's White Rum is distilled on the island estate using copper pot stills then lightly aged (a month) in barrels.   Next up it's carbon filtered to remove color and impurities then bottled up for consumption.

Appearance: Clear with no hazing, separation or floating sediments.  Long legs develop on swirling. 
First Impression: Crisp, citrusy, honeyed bananas, vanilla beans. Slight off/varnish notes after a while. 

Taste: Medium weight body, sweetish but crisp mixed anise, toffee.  Vanilla notes at the finish with a molasses/slight sulfur lingering tang and licorice.  Finish is medium length. 

Final Thoughts:  A decent rum for the money, especially for the price/class.  Most of the rum under $15 will make you feel like you went blind sometime during the night, this is not one of them.  One of the better economy white rums.  Honest, straightforward, and better than Bacardi, for less money.  A solid choice for a white rum.

Bottle/Packaging:  Clear glass with sloped shoulder, "Since 1749" pressed into the shoulder, silvered paper label with simple graphics with typical layout for a island rum label.  Silver neck wrap with black lettering and a screw cap closure.   Too bad they don't use corks.

Visit Appleton at their official website:   www.appletonestate.com.

BONUS LINK:   Sandals Resorts drops Appleton Rum in favor of El Dorado Aged Rums, Sandals Rum Switch in Jamaican Observer.

Book a room in Vegas and let your woman see the Chippendales

Now you can let your woman see 98 degrees with the Chippendales Dancers in Vegas, if you dare.  The Rio in Vegas is offering this deal where you get 2 nights and 2 tickets through June 5, 2011 for $98 Room and Show Package at the Rio.

The Rio is a 2,522 room resort/casino that opened in 1990.  It's got 3 hot clubs, 120,000 of casino floor and it has Sapphire Pool, once home to strippers before Vegas police shut that down.   The Chippendales are a bunch of half naked men dancing around that will turn on your woman, later that night, you might get the benefit from the show.   Bonus link for the ladies:  Chippendales - Save a horse, Ride a cowboy.

Enjoy your stay!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Random people photos from Hedonism II in Jamaica

The part keeps rolling along at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.  Some places get worse over time, others just keep getting bettter.  Hedo 2 is the later.

(a grotto model)

(wood carving table at Hedo 2)

(he's one happy guy)

(the end, damn, nice ending)

Check them out further at www.hedonismresorts.com.  You're welcome Hedo for the free plug, anytime you wanna comp us 2 tickets, we're down!!!  :-)

The top 9 reasons to visit DR Nights

Do you need reasons why to visit DR Nights other than the hot babes you get all week?   Well, ok then... 

1) Exotic Girls From Around The World
Girls in the Caribbean offer and unmatched experience,  and our companions will treat you like a king!  We ensure this by selectively choosing girls who can fulfill our requirements, and we also award a "Top in Client Satisfaction Badge" that's reflected on their online pictures on their site, DR Nights.

2) No Credit Card Required / Pay Cash On Arrival
This option is available to our clients, here at DR Nights we do realize seeing is believing, so we welcome you to come down and see for yourself, once you believe, you pay.

3) Medical Exams All our girls are screened for Health Issues
Here at DR Nights we feel a certain responsibility towards our clients, we comply with local laws and make every effort to keep you safe in the Dominican Republic, we take security very seriously, this includes screening all our girls from health to police records.  We keep all ID's on file with local police and as part of our licensing requirements we also keep clean bill of health certificates on file, these documents are available for your inspection on request.

4) Low Prices/ Great Value (Our vacation packages begin at $790 USD)
For 2 Nights and 3 days All Inclusive (Airport transfer, Caribe Club suite, Food, Drinks and Girls).  We also have private villas, your custom adult package is only a click away at www.DRNights.com/booking.

5) Prostitution is Legal in the Dominican Republic
Don't risk getting arrested in the USA, DR Nights offers clients security and discretion, we deal with upscale educated individuals who demand discretion from us and we aim to please.  :-D

6) We are the only adult resort who seamlessly integrates excursions with your adult vacation
Excursions liven up your vacation, how do we know?  This is what we do for a living, and clients with excursions have a much better experience on their adult vacation.  Hey, you can't have sex all day long man, or can you? :-D

7) We greet you with 2 Girls a cold beer and premium cigar on arrival
That's right!  We greet you with two beautiful models, your choice of beer and Petrus Premium cigar on arrival, airport transfers are included in your adult vacation package.  Sweet!

8) Private Beach w/Butler Service!
Welcome to the most upscale adult vacation resort, all packages include Premium International drinks, Private Beach, with butler service, Private Lounge, non-motorized water sports and entertainment! 

9) Reception Party!
Upon Arrival we throw you your very own reception party, where we line up at least 15-30 Girls, this is where you will mingle and choose which girl is worthy of being your main companion and which girls will be your daily 2 hr. companions.  They all want to get picked and will do whatever they have to do to get chosen, This part is very intense since most men haven't experienced 15-30 girls using all their assets at one time to get your attention, Good Luck.. :)

(DR Night Girls welcoming another lucky guest)
Check out their specials at:  www.drnights.com.
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