Saturday, January 7, 2017

DR Nights trip report

Another guest sent me in his recent trip report from DR Nights down in the Dominican Republic.   It's a resort that's much like any other vacation hot spot, but you also get legal sex with hot women at the resort, it's all part of the package.   


Having recently going thru a nasty divorce I decided to treat myself to a vacation.   I went over the site and decided on the threesome package because I needed a little variety after 10 years of marriage!   


I took off on a Sunday from my home in New Jersey flying out of Newark Liberty early morning an by 2pm, I was in sunny Dominican Republic really to start my good times.   The resort picked me up at Punta Cana Airport with 2 ladies, a cigar and drinks!   On the ride over there we flirted while they gave me a nice neck massage.   Goodbye bad memories!

(the room)

Once I got the resort, I was met by about 20 ladies to welcome me to the resort.  Now came the fun part, picking 2 ladies to hang out with from the group.   Talk about a trip!   Sitting with a bunch of babes and I get to choose 2 of them.   I like busty/curvy dark women so I choose two that made me very happy.    A special shout out to Mayelin and Larimar later.

The resort is nice and pretty soon after the reception party I got unpacked in my room which was a deluxe suite.   It had one king sized bed which I planned to put to good use along with modern touches like a Wi-Fi and AC and views to a garden.   I was actually tired so I mostly hung out for a few hours in my room before heading out for the evening.   

That night I met up with Mayelin and Larimar and headed off to dinner feeling like a champ.  The food and drinks are all included in the price and the ladies got to eat with me on that same deal.  There's a bunch of different restaurants, but I choose this buffet type deal to find food that I liked.   Afterwords I decided to hit up the bar with them to have a drink and loosen up a bit.  

(took a quick pic late at night)

At about 10pm it was go time, in a few different ways.  I wanted to head back with the ladies and have a super time.  I was nervous of course, but the drink helped and I figured this is not the first time I've been with a lady, so let's do it.   Once back in our room the ladies started off by dancing together while I just watched in amazement.  It took all of 30 seconds to become "excited" and they could pick up on it.  After a few songs, but both crawled up the bed looking at me before they both started kissing my legs and stomach before zoning in on my manhood.  OMG, what an experience.   For the first night I just wanted to experience that and hold out for as long as I could.  They both went at me taking turns as I was trying to hold off.   What a fool, I lasted about 10 mins before I could not handle it anymore and ended up spraying both of their boobs down in celebration.   After that, I wanted to crash along and get a good nights sleep before the next day of my 4 day/3 night package started.

Given the fact that I booked for 3 nights, I wanted to enjoy some pool side action with the gals and just chill out too.  My idea was to enjoy the resort, enjoy the company, eat a lot of food, get some sun and enjoy the evenings.   Mission accomplished.   I left the resort feeling rested, worn out and tan all in one.   Had more sex this week than at any point in my entire life.  

I'll be going back soon, unless I get stupid and get married again.   :-D   Cheaper this way really.

You can visit their website at:
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