Monday, March 21, 2011

Royal Caribbean now offers "all you can drink" packages

One problem with taking a cruise is the drink factor.  You can visit any number of 'all-inclusive' resorts where EVERYTHING is included but on a cruise ship, you don't typically get your booze included in the cost.  And on ships where drinks cost $5 and much higher this can really add up.  But Royal Caribbean is responding to customers requests for drink packages, so they came up with 3 new "all you can drink" packages.

So how much is this new offer?  If you want their "Beer and Wine Package" it'll cost you $29 bucks per day.  You can drink all the beer and house wine you can manage and you also get a 25% discount on all other wines and liquors.

Or you can choose the the "Classic Package."  This deal costs $39 bucks per day and includes all beers, house wine by the glass, all liquor (except premium and specialty brands), cocktails and 25% discount on all other wines and premium and specialty liquors.

Lastly, you can choose the "Premium Package" for those of you who live to drink on a boat.  At $49 bucks per day you get  all that is included in the Classic Package plus glasses of wine that normally sell for up to $10, cocktails, premium liquor brands and a 25% discount on all bottles of wine, glasses of wine over $10 and specialty liquors.

You can pick the days you want to lush out or book a package for each night while on the ship.  What do you guys think?   Good deal, bad deal?

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