Saturday, March 26, 2011

More photos DR Nights Erotic Resort

We got more photos coming out of the worlds hottest escort resort, DR Nights.  This is THE resort for guys (or women) that want to take an all-inclusive vacation where the food, drinks, room, entertainment and even the LADIES are included.  They have specials that start off at a grand (air not included) and they go up to 100k if you're a big spender.

Check out their web site to see any current specials they got going on:  DR Nights.  They've also recently hired 4 more escorts for guests to "get to know."  :-)

(DR Nights is right on the ocean, in fact, you can fish there)

If you like Hedonism II then you'll REALLY love DR Nights.  It's pretty much the same thing, but ladies are included. 

(Escort Yvonne is chilling till you get there)

(take a swim in the pool with your new lady friend, whichever one you choose)

(the end)

Again, visit them at, DR Nights for more photos.

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