Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Fewer bookings for cruises post Costa accident

This story shouldn't be a big shocker, but Carnival Cruise Lines are reporting that their bookings are down in the "mid-teens" percentage-wise.  Carnival Corp is the parent company of other known cruise lines such as Costa, Carnival, Princess and Holland America.  

The drop in bookings was found in non-Coasta brands.  The Costa Brand is even worse but it's hard to judge their bookings with the disaster still in progress.  Recovery continues in Italy since the ship ran aground on January 13th, 2012.

It's amazing, one mans bad judgment can affect the lives of many and the bookings of cruise lines everywhere.

Monday, January 30, 2012

Vacation Naked Episode 1 - Tampa's Caliente Resort

Here's Vacation Naked Episode 1 fresh out of Tampa!  It features Dayle Hoffmann who interviews the guests who choose to vacation naked.   In Episode 1 it was shot at Caliente Resort, which is one of the "World's Most Luxurious Clothing-Optional Resorts" according to them.  It does look very nice.

Check out Caliente Resort in Tampa at: www.calienteresorts.com/tampa.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012's 5 coldest cities in the US

It seems that this winter has been pretty chill, I mean, warm, for most people in the country.  The last few weeks brought in a few storms and much needed snow to ski resorts, but overall, it's not been that bad.  But it is winter and so I bring you a list of the top 5 coldest cites in America!

5.  Caribou, ME - Average Annual Temp:  47 degrees
4.  Jackson, WY - Average Annual Temp:  39.4 degrees
3.  Gunnison, CO - Average Annual Temp:  38.1 degrees
2.  International Falls, MN - Average Annual Temp:  37.8 degrees
1.  Barrow, AK - Average Annual Temp:  11.7 degrees

(chilling out in Barrow)

Some bonus facts about cold days in the Caribbean...

The coldest day in Jamaican History:  30.1 degrees way up in the Blue Mountians.   But the record for the coldest day ever in all of the Carribean?  It got down to a bone chilling 26 degrees in the Dominican Republic March of 2011.

Saturday, January 28, 2012

Too thick or just right?

It's time for another poll!  Here's some random internet chick with a phat booty.   This one seems like a no brainer but we'll see.

So the question is...

Too thick or just right?

Friday, January 27, 2012

A review of Cialis - $109 for one wild week

A lot of the readers to this blog enjoy going to resorts like Hedonism II, DR Nights and Sea Mountain Inn.  A lot of the readers are men, and a lot of the readers are men who aren't 20 years old anymore.   What's all this mean?

Cialis for $109 plus shipping:  www.KwikMed.com.

It sounds to me that there are a lot of guys who love a nice wild vacation and the sexual pleasure that goes along with it.  For guys who want an extra boost of confidence, they can try a number of ED pills including Viagra, Levitra and Cialis.   Each are different but I got one personal favorite - Cialis.

Cialis works the same as Viagra and Levitra, they increase blood to the penis when excited, but the big difference is that it works for up to 36 hours!   So you pop 1 Cialis and about 45 mins later, you're good for up to 36 hours of sexual fun.

How long do they normally last?
Viagra: 5 hours
Levitra:  6 hours
Cialis:  up to 36 hours

For guys going on a nice vacation this is great.  At KwikMed.com they offer a 3 Cialis pill package for $109. Each pill is 20mg and for a lot of guys 10mg does you just fine.  So using the FREE pill splitter that KwikMed supplies you can now have (6) 10mg pills.  6 times 36 hours is 216 hours!   A 7 night stay at any fun loving resort is 168 hours.  Guess what - you got the week covered dude!

The other benefit?  These pills are both LEGALLEGIT!  You're getting the real deal product and it's authorized by a bonifide United States doctor.  You can travel with your pills and paperwork, it's 100% legal and you won't have issue at the airports.   BOOO-YA!

Check them out at:  www.KwikMed.com/CialisOffer.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

How to use the new "fantasy date" feature!

Ashley Madison has a new feature on their site called "fantasy date" - follow the tutorial with swimsuit hottie Ashley Byford.  She'll show you just how to use the new feature, if you can keep YOUR focus!  :-D

Get the the site and the new "fantasy date" at: www.ashleyrnadison.com.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

North Dakota puts out sexy travel ad

Well, sexy on Midwest terms anyway.  :-D  Check out the ad below.  It features 2 guys and 3 babes flirting at the airport with the caption, "Drinks, dinner, decisions. Arrive a guest. Leave a legend."  

The ad was meant to show that the state has at least SOME type of nighlife other than just being a boring state.  But the state's tourism division yanked it from its Facebook page late Thursday after it drew dozens of complaints and comments.

The ad may have been a little cheesy but it didn't offend me in any way.  But that's the Midwest for you, a little behind on the times.  :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Leesa Unique in Smooth Girl Magazine

23 year old Leesa Unique was one of the beautiful models who went down to Jamaica for last years photo shoot for Smooth Girl Magazine, Live from Jamaica!   She's a Puerto Rican/Panamanian model from New York with sexy measurements of  34-25-41 all stacked on a 5'7 - 134 pound frame.  

* click any photo to enlarge it

You can follow her at:  http://twitter.com/leesaunique.

Monday, January 23, 2012

SMI is hosting Halloween this weekend!

I think that Dewey over at Sea Mountain Inn has lost his mind!  He's got an event coming up, Halloween in January.  Jeez, it just seems like yesterday Halloween was here, and it's a great holiday - so why not have it again!

Great idea Dewey!   Who's all going?  Reach them at: www.seamountainInn.com.

Magic Jack Plus

MagicJackTM Plus can be used with or without a computer - it’s the customer’s choice.  Each MagicJackTM Plus comes with an Ethernet (internet) cable and a Power Adapter. You can, of course, still directly plug the MagicJackTM Plus into a computer’s USB port. A USB extension cord is included with each MagicJackTM Plus. This option is especially useful or individuals who travel with their MagicJackTM Plus. 

In addition to offering free local and long distance phone service throughout the United States and Canada (including Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands) that will stay on at all times, customer’s existing phone numbers can now be transferred or “ported” to their MagicJackTM Plus. Please note that there is a $19.95 charge to transfer/port a phone number and it’s $9.95 per year thereafter.

Porting is only available in the U.S. only for now. Of course, each MagicJackTM Plus includes a free new phone number so customers who do not wish to transfer or port their existing phone number may select a new one. magicJackTM Plus, like magicJackTM, includes free: Voice Mail, Call Waiting, Caller ID, Call Forwarding, Directory Assistance and emergency 911service.

I-Pad or MacBook Air?

What's the better travel deal, the hip I-Pad or the hip MacBook Air?   It all depends on what you're trying to do!   Both the iPad and the MacBook Air are amazing hardware devices, but they're different in nature.

A well-accessorized iPad may take you pretty far along the way in getting work done on-the-go, but in no way does it provide the full OS X experience.  In cost, as well as weight, a low-end MacBook Air is not all that different from an iPad, but it lacks the simple form factor and touch-based interface that makes the iPad a perfect lightweight reading and connectivity solution. 

The I-Pad is great if you just want to surf the web and share photos while on vacation.  Not many people would need much more than what it can offer.  It also acts as a game playing device, a book reader, music player, movie player and more.

If your travels include more serious number crunching, business use, or the moving of data from one device to another, then the MacBook Air might be your better bet.  It's still light but it's more robust and you can still get more done on a traditional laptop than you can an I-Pad.

In the end, it all comes down to you and your needs. The iPad is not a laptop, and laptops are not iPads. Your specific use case and your personal needs should guide you as to whether you want to cuddle up with an iPad or drink mocha with a MacBook.  They are both powerful, affordable and usable solutions.

My vote?  For travels, I think 95% of you would do just fine with the I-Pad.  It starts off at $5999 too compared to $999 with the MacBook Air.  If you're looking for a machine that you can use at the office PLUS in your travels, then the MacBook Air would be a wise choice.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cat Island in the Bahamas - a monastery and mermaids!

I bet you didn't know that there's a monastery in the Bahamas.  Typically you think of monasteries being on high mountain tops in cold countries.  But in the island chain of the Bahamas there is one monastery, on top of Mount Alvernia on Cat Island.

(The Hermitage offers amazing views of the island)

At 206 feet above sea level, Mount Alvernia is the countries highest peak.  And on that peak sits The Hermitiage,  which was built by a reclusive Father Jerome, an architect and Catholic priest.  Today you can visit the grounds for a great view and relaxation.

On the North part of the island is a lake with a supposed mermaid!  It's a 10 foot deep lake called Mermaid Hole and it's believed that a mermaid lives amongst 4 blue holes within the lake.  Blue Holes are all over the Bahamas.  They are natural pools that connect with the ocean through underground, limestone tunnels.

Cat Island, Google Map, is a 150 square foot island that has a total population of 1,678.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Order legal US Cialis & other ED pills

Ok gang, there are so many online places where you can order ED pills.  99% of them are bogus sites out of India, China or elsewhere.   Kwikmed is a company out of Utah, it's 100% legit and one of only a few places in the US where you can LEGALLY order ED pills online.


When you order from Kwikmed 3 things happen...

#1.  You get guaranteed REAL brand name medications.  Cialis, Viagra, etc.
#2.  You pay more for the medication than other sites, but it's legal and real.
#3.  You get a doctor that looks over your info, then will issue an order if safe.

Up to 1/3 of the order requests that are sent are actually turned down by Kwikmeds, so they're making sure they do it right.  Prices?  Check out the site for specials but you can get deals for around $130.

Link:  www.KwikMed.com.

Buy a mega-yacht that's also an island!

Here's a rich mans toy, a 100 million dollar yacht that dubs as your own private island.  Yacht company, Yacht Island Designs, has the plans all laid out for this pimping, floating island.  It's just a concept at the moment, but if you dish out the $$$, they'll build you this cool yacht. 

According to the England-based company, “The brief for this concept was to create an idyllic, floating island, with all the features of a tropical island getaway built into the design.”  Note the pool has a glass wall so you can swim up to it and look out at the ocean beyond you.

Amenities on-board include:  Luxury guest suites, a media room, a library, a game room, gym, and a helicopter landing pad.  The master suite is a 2 deck suite built into the side of the volcano so you and your lovey can watch over the pool deck.

If anyone super super rich is reading this and buys it, don't forget to send me an invite when you set cruise in the Caribbean!  :-)

Friday, January 20, 2012

Did travel insurance work if you were on the Concordia?

If you had travel insurance and were one of the unlucky (but lucky to be alive) people to have been on the sunken cruise ship Concordia would your insurance plan have worked?   The short answer, YES.  

Leading travel insurance provider, Travel Guard, which had at least three customers on the Concordia, defiantly took care of their members.

While thousands of evacuated Concordia passengers waited for Costa Cruise Lines to offer assistance, the insurance company helped its customers with their individual requests to relay messages back home, replace ID (for those who left their passports on the ship) and get quickly on flights back home, Mueller says.

Travel Guard's most common Gold policy – priced at 5-7% of your trip cost – bundles coverage for trip cancellation and interruption, baggage protection, medical expenses and emergency evacuation.

If any of the Travel Guard customers on Concordia had been injured, reimbursement of medical expenses and emergency medical evacuation would have kicked in, Mueller says. The policy also includes $10,000 accidental death and dismemberment insurance.

I'm even going to give them a free link:  Travel Guard, jeez I'm nice.

DR Nights news update

Things are really hot down at DR Nights, it's been so busy that it's even been sold out.   Check out their news flash coming straight out of the Dominican Republic...

Dr.Nights Erotic Resort

"Dr. Nights sold out from 11-29-2011 to 12-2-2011 and we have limited occupancy for the month of January, 2012.   Currently there are too many clients booking last minute, so please book early so we can deliver the best fantasy vacation possible."

DAMN, DR Nights is booming!  Check them out at:  www.drnights.com.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Hedonism II 2011 Entertainment Crew

Here's a clip featuring some of the EC's at Hedo II in Negril, Jamaica in 2011.  They seem to have a high turnover rate so I really don't know who's still there.

These young people work hard to entertain you while you're on your vacation.  Not everyone enjoys them there, but I do.  

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Rihanna tweets sexy swimsuit from Hawaii

The girl's on vacation and taking pics.  SUPER!

Check out her feed:  http://twitter.com/rihanna.

Lots of death in travel - 2012's first shark fatality

I don't know if I'm hosting a travel blog here or if I'm working for a travel morgue.  With the death toll at 11 on the cruise ship and 20-something still missing it's a sad ocean related tragic.  

(a typical beach in Eastern Cape Province, South Africa)

Also a sad ocean related tragedy, a 25 year old man was swimming in the waters off South Africa this week when a shark attacked him.  The young man later died of his multiple injuries.  :-(   He was standing in a group in waist deep water when the shark got him on the legs, arms and torso.  

Sick Bonus fact:  14 people died in 2011 from global shark attacks.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

A few random facts about Costa Concordia

Before the Italian cruise ship, Costa Concordia, went down in the cold Mediterranean , it was a pretty nice ride!  Christened in 2006, this 952 feet long, 17 deck cruise ship could zip along at 23 knots.  It mostly did cruises in the Mediterranean that ranged from 4 night quickies to 14 night longer vacations. 

(the Costa Concordia in better days)

She had/has 1,500 cabins - 505 of which have private balconies and 55 have direct access to Samsara Spa.  58 suites have private balconies and 12 have direct access to the spa.  Speaking about this spa...the ship has one of the world's largest exercise facility areas at sea, the Samsara Spa, a two-level, 65,000 sq. ft. fitness center, with gym, a thalassotherapy pool, sauna, Turkish bath and a solarium.  The ship has 4 swimming pools, 2 with retractable covers, 5 jacuzzis, 5 spas, and a poolside screen on the pool deck.

(the pool deck on a nice summer day, note jumbo TV)

When it came time to drink and eat, you were in luck there too!   Costa Concordia has 5 on-board restaurants, 13 bars, including a cigar, cognac, coffee and chocolate bar.   When you wanted to have fun you could have hit up the three-level theatre, casino, and a funky disco.

NOT ANY LONGER!   Now this 570 million dollar made ship lies half sunk off an island.  Will they be able to right-side the ship and fix it back up?   I have no idea, but it looks beyond repair at this point.  

Monday, January 16, 2012

A man's ultimate sex toy, the Fleshlight...

Ok, when the ladies use sex toys us guys tend to love it.  We think nothing less of them!  Is there a taboo however when the roles are reversed?   The Fleshlight is a male sex toy that closely replicates the feelings of a real woman.  I haven't used one, not that there's shame in it, but people tend to rave about it.

The Amazon product description:  The Ice Lady offers all the same super-soft pleasures of the original Fleshjack, but with a clear sleeve color and case for enhanced visual stimulation.  Ice Lady is available with the exclusive Crystal inner texture which has been designed to stimulate your penis with distinctive sensations all throughout.  As you explore the Ice Lady you'll begin to appreciate the subtle nuances each uniquely chiseled pleasure chamber has to offer.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Archived footage from 2004 - Hurricane Ivan hits Jamaica

Nearly a decade later comes photos out of Hedonism II that show the damage left in the wake of Hurricane Ivan.  Negril took a hit in September of 2004.

The bad news was that 17 Jamaicans lost their lives from the storm.  The good news was that nobody got hurt while at the resort.  They had minor damage but the capable crew of Hedo took care of the cleanup in a few weeks.

Testimony from a guest that was there, "We rode out Hurricane Ivan at Hedo III in '04. It was one of our best trips ever. We had just been through two hurricanes in Florida, saw Ivan coming and went down early before they shut off the airline flights. I think there were about 75 of us there plus some of the staff managers and E/C's who managment brought in to look after the place (and us). We had a blast. They even boarded up Pastafari as a "safe" room, took out many of the tables and put mattresses in there. We were all (staff included) ordered into the room by 8:00 PM to ride out the storm and wound up having one of the largest "slumber" parties any of us had ever seen. 

Power al over the island went down but the resort has a huge generator(s) that supplied full power until the electricitiy came on several days later. We don't recommend it, but there were lots of our friends there with us and it was an experience we won't forget. The resort only took minor damage because the storm track shifted and it skirted the South coast with the mountains blocking the full force of the storm."

Saturday, January 14, 2012

A cruise ship in deep trouble in Italy

Check out the luxury cruise ship, Costa Concordia, as leans after it ran aground off the coast of Isola del Giglio island, Italy, gashing open a 160 feet on the hull and forcing some 4,200 people aboard to evacuate aboard lifeboats to the nearby Isola del Giglio island, early Saturday, Jan. 14, 2012. 

About 1,000 Italian passengers were onboard, as well as more than 500 Germans, about 160 French and about 1,000 crew members.  Passengers described a scene reminiscent of "Titanic", complaining the crew failed to give instructions on how to evacuate and once the emergency became clear, delayed lowering the lifeboats until the ship was listing too heavily for many of them to be released.

To date it's being reported that 3 total deaths have occurred. 

Oh jeez...Hedo II fun

Step right up, step right up!   Check out what this woman drew on her leg while at Hedo II!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Rihanna's newest video, "You da one"

Here's my celebrity crush singing away from her newest song of her newest album, "Talk That Talk."  The music video for "You Da One" was filmed on November 26 and 27, 2011, in Northern Ireland.

Side notes:  Rihanna grabs her crotch 11 times in the video, trust me, I counted.  

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mayfield Falls in Jamaica - a personal review

Ok, so this will be a dated review, but it's authentic none-the-less.  In 2003 (or was it 2002) I was enjoying time in Negril, Jamaica.  But after being at the resort all week 4 of us decided to escape into the "real" Jamaica.  The front desk suggested we go to Mayfield Falls.  The front desk brochure read, "Overall Mayfield Falls is truly a nature lover's paradise with it's two beautiful waterfalls, 21 natural pools, 52 varieties of ferns, an abundance of exotic tropical flowers and plant species, and several types of birds, butterflies, and indigenous wildlife."  Sounded good to us!  After we plopped down $70 bucks per person we were on our way around 10am on a perfect October Jamaican morning.

(yours truly, errr...NM, and a couple we met in Jamaica)

The trip itself was on a resort provided van/bus and it took maybe 45 mins to get to the falls from where we were staying in Negril.   Once there we took a hike in some woods and over a bridge to get to the river where we'd spend the next 2 hours playing in the cool river.  The scenic view in the mountains was really beautiful and made getting out of the resort worth it in-itself.  In the river we hiked on cool stones and splashed around in the cool clear waters.  At one point we came upon several waterfalls and had the chance to swim under them. You get plenty of shade and coolness that you're just not used to in Jamaica.

(Mayfield Falls are located in the Dolphin Head Mountains)

After we had our fun in the river it was a hike back to base came where the staff of Mayfield Falls had a lunch prepared for us.  I had the chicken, rice and peas,(beans), and pasta salad of some sort.  No, it's not 5 star food but it sure tasted good after climbing around in the hills.  At this point we also took the time to take our photos before jumping back on the bus and making it back to Hedonism II around 3pm.

Would I recommend a visit to Mayfield Falls?  Yes!  The staff at Mayfield made the trip fun, safe and they were sure to point out facts about nature alone the way, most of which I forgot.  We had the chance to walk about 3/4 quarters of a mile in some of the most beautiful back-country you can imagine.  I'd only recommend that you bring with you sunscreen, water-shoes so you don't slip and a sense of appreciation for Jamaica.  After all, if I can remember this tour nearly 10 years later it must be worth the price and time it took.

I want to include a Google Maps aerial of Mayfield but I'm having a hard time coming up with one.  As near as I can tell it's closest to Glenbrook, Jamaica but I can't pull it up.  I'll keep working on it as your hard working Jamaica loving blogger.  :-)

Bonus VideoJamaica - Mayfield River Walk.

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Ice skate at Rockefeller for just $7.50

If you're visiting Manhattan, you may be able to lace up a deal!  The ice rink at Manhattan's Rockefeller Center is celebrating its 75th anniversary with a $7.50 Tuesday promotion (skate rental included).

The deal runs through February 7th, 2012.  It includes four hours on the ice.  Typical pricing this time of year would start at $21 for adult rink time and skate rental and $16.50 for children under 11.  So jump on it kids!

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A bungee cord snaps sending a tourist into the drink

File this one under NUTS!   A 22 year old tourist decided to jump off Victoria Falls Bridge over Africa's Zambezi River.  The $120 jump over the Zambezi River, which is crocodile infested, normally goes down without a hitch.  Not this time, the cord snapped sending this young cutie into the river.

The good news is - is that she's ok.  Minus cuts, bruises, and a broken collar bone.  I wonder if she got her $120 bucks back!   Why did it snap?  The bungee company hasn't a clue.  The said, "Everything was working fine", yeah, tell that to the girl.

Monday, January 9, 2012

The countdown to 2012 on film at Hedo II

Here's a cool little clip shot at Hedonism II in 2011, well...and 2012!  It's the countdown to Midnight and the celebration that happens afterwords.   Now you know what "Auld Lang Syne" sounds like with a reggae twist!

The place was jamming!   I always wondered how it'd be at Hedonism II during the holidays.

Girls in bikinis in Miami Beach

Miami Beach is known for great weather, high fashion and hot babes on the beach.   So why not ring off the new year with a few of the bikini babes?!?   Enjoy!

The weather today in Miami Beach is going to be in the mid 70's with just a few clouds.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

The top 10 movies ordered at hotels in 2011

No, there're no adult flicks on this list.  :-D  Below you'll see mostly comedy flicks and a few dramas.

1. Bridesmaids (Universal Pictures)
2. The Hangover Part II (Warner Bros.)
3. Limitless (Relativity Media)
4. Fast Five (Universal Pictures)
5. Little Fockers (Universal Pictures)
6. Just Go With It (Sony Pictures Entertainment)
7. The Lincoln Lawyer (Lionsgate)
8. No Strings Attached (Paramount Pictures)
9. Hall Pass (Warner Bros.)
10. Life As We Know It (Warner Bros.)

This is all according to LodgeNet who complied the list.  LodgeNet provides pay-per-view services in 1.6 million rooms in Holiday Inn, Marriott, Hilton, Hyatt and other hotels.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

New - MagicJack on your I-Pad/Phone

If you're a customer of MagicJack here's some cool news for you:  Now you can download the MagicJack app on your I-Pad/Phone and use your current number, with that app!  Pretty cool huh?  For example, I have MagicJack at home, but before I could only use that number, a 213 number, when I plugged the device into a computer.

But now I can still use that same number by logging onto my MagicJack app on my I-Phone!  (I'll get the I-Pad yet)  Now I can make calls using that same number anywhere I can get Wi-Fi or 4G service speed.  So if I'm at Hedonism II I can jump on their Wi-Fi and then make a call even if I can't get cell phone reception!   Sure, I could have done it before by dragging along my MagicJack device, a laptop and a phone, but this is so much easier!   

All of this is FREE, the app is free and you don't have to pay for any talk time.  You do pay around $40 per year for the MagicJack but now it's even more useful so it's a hot buy in my opinion. 

UPDATE:  This is so groovy it's even for NON-MagicJack customers.  But when you call you get some goofy looking number as opposed to a "real" phone number like you get with your paid MagicJack device.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Abandoned since 1972 - Baker Hotel in Texas

In the small town of Mineral Springs located in Northern Texas lies Baker Hotel, a hotel with history.  Barker Hotel was built in the late 1920's and opened up in 1929.  At the time it was a pimping hotel!   It cost 1.2 million in 1929 dollars to build this 450 room swank hotel.  Amenities included 2 ballrooms, an in-house beauty shop, and other novelties such as a bowling alley, a gymnasium, and an outdoor swimming pool.  Guests to the hotel were treated to an advanced hydraulic system that circulated ice water to all 450 guest rooms, lighting and fans controlled by the door locks that shut off and on automatically when the guest left or arrived in their rooms, and a valet compartment where guests could deposit soiled laundry that was accessible by hotel staff without them ever even having to enter the guest's room.

(The day before the hotel opened, the stock market crashed kicking off the great depression)

This is all very well and good, so why is it empty today?  Well, in a post World War II world guests came less and less to this big hotel in a small town.  It shut down briefly in 1963 then re-opened up 2 years later under new management.  Then in 1967 the hotels namesake, Earl Parker, was found unconscious on the floor of the large Baker Suite and passed on from a heart attack.  In 1972 the Barker Hotel closed its doors for good.

  So for nearly 40 years the hotel has been rusting away in the Northern Texas weather.  Several groups have tried to buy the hotel for a rehab but, to date, nothing has happened yet.   In the meantime the hotel enjoys a ragging ghost reputation, in fact, some say it's the most haunted place in America.   Part of this is due to Mr. Bakers death and the other part lies in the suicide of the hotel managers mistress.  She jumped from her 7th story room and now her spirit is often seen roaming the grounds.

Bonus Link:  Google Map of Baker Hotel.

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Name that Beach - the answer!

Martinique: The Hidden French Destination in the Caribbean!  Martinique is a 436 square mile island that's French, very pretty and they have topless beaches!   All of the beaches on Martinique are open to the general public.  Although there are no designated nude beaches on the island, topless sunbathing and swimming isn't uncommon at beaches near hotels, and even at hotel pools.

The island was occupied first by Arawaks, then by Caribs. It was charted by Columbus in 1493, but Spain had little interest in the territory. It was claimed by France in 1635 and, despite several interludes of British occupation, has remained a French possession.  In 1946, the French National Assembly voted unanimously to transform the colony into an overseas department.

View Larger Map

If you wanna check out the island of Martinique on the cheap, one place you might want to consider is Domaine de l'Anse Ramier.  It's a hotel on the island that has room rates from $59 to $80 bucks (and up).  That's a hot price!   TripAdvisor.com awards the hotel "#1 value hotel in Martinique."  And the joint looks pretty decent too.

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Men of Dream at Hedo II

Here's a clip from December 2011 filmed at Hedonism II in Negril, Jamaica.  It features Russian queen Natasha trying to make her way across contestants from the "Men of Dream" event.  It looks like she's having a good time...

The guys from Men of Dream will be back in 2012 if you ladies wanna get in on the action.  And if you want to check out Natasha further visit her at: www.natashamagazine.com.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Kim K's nude yoga instructor

One of the apparent reasons hottie Kim Karadishan and then husband, Kris Humphries, broke up was over a nude yoga class being held in the home of the newlyweds.  Kris walked in and stormed out after finding a nude 22 year old Ashanga yoga instructor Ralph Craig in action.

Is this stuff for real?  Apparently, yes. Ralph Craig in action.

According to www.nakedyogahollywood.com, there are plenty of classes going on in the bigger cities such as Los Angeles, New York, Chiciago, Miami and Las Vegas.  In its simplest form, Nude Yoga is the practice of Yoga without wearing any form of clothing. In general, a nudist setting is the main difference of Nude Yoga from other styles.   Its objective is to enable you to feel free in your body and to do the poses and exercises without restrictions brought about by Yoga clothes. 

So I have to ask...would YOU partake in nude yoga???

BONUS PICPhoto - a yoga babe in the nude.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Mammoth Mountain webcam - there's snow!

If you're in California here's a nice link to webcams up at Mammoth Mountain.   Sure, the snow-pack is a little light, 2 feet, for this time of year, but there is snow.   At the time of this post, 3pm, it was a nice 40 degrees up in Mammoth.

(a live snapshot taken January 2nd, 2012)

Here's the link to the live cams:  www.mammothmountain.com/webcams
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