Friday, March 12, 2010

A review of Hedonism III - Runaway Bay, Jamaica

Hedo III, this is Hedo II's "little sibling" located in the northern coast of Jamaica in Runaway Bay.  So there's a Hedo II and  Hedo III, you might ask, "Where is Hedo I".  THERE IS NONE!   There's a whole story behind that, I'll get into it at another time.

(Hedo III is located in Runaway Bay)

Hedo III is different than Hedo II yet the same in many aspects.  How is it the same?
  • It has a "nude" and "prude" side of the resort including pools/beaches
  • Hedo III is owned also by Superclubs
  • Hedo III works on the same kick butt "all inclusive" concept
  • Enjoy nightly shows plus H3 has a great disco & piano bar
  • Hedo III picks you up at the airport, Montego Bay (1.5 hour bus ride)

Ok, well how is Hedo III different than Hedo II?
  • The crowds can be younger at Hedo III
  • The resort is newer (it opened in 1999 compared to the late 70's)
  • Hedo III is less "lush" and more contemporary
  • The beaches of Hedo III are man-made perhaps not as nice
  • Hedo III has 225 rooms (210 rooms, 15 suites), Hedo II has 280 rooms

  Every bathroom at Hedonism III includes a mirror over the bath tub in the guest room.  Plus, each tub fronts a set of double windows which can be opened to "show your stuff."  A convenient pull down shade is provided for those who just have to have privacy. 

Some of the rooms at Hedo III are swim-up style, how cool is that?  Plus each room at Hedo III has a roman tub/shower combination, mirrored ceilings, tile floors and of course nice cool AC.   If you get bored flip on the TV and catch any number of shows including porn channels, on the house of course.  Also, each room has built in hair dryers and coffee makers.  

Dress throughout the resort is CASUAL, with beachwear the norm from thongs to shorts.  Hedo III is not a nudist resort, but most of the guests on the nude side stay that way for most of the day.  Most guys and girls wear shorts, T shirts/polos for meals.  Some actually "dress up" for dinner although it's not required.  And "dress up" usually means something tropical sexy, think of an outfit from a place like this clothes.  Guys do NOT need a jacket in any of the restaurants! 

Hungry?  Dining at Hedo III is one of the high lights to any hungry traveler.  Hedonism III features 4 restaurants to pick from.  For example, Munasan with a menu focused on Japanese food enables patrons to dine well without leaving the hotel.  There is also Pastafari's an Italian based restaurant,  The Reggae Cafe for causal dining and Tropical Terrace Restaurant offering breakfast, lunch and dinner buffets. 
(a view from the 3rd floor)

Since you're going to ask anyway... management's policy from Hedonism says "public sex is NOT permitted." If caught breaking the rules, you can be escorted off the property without a refund.  Now I've never heard of anyone getting kicked out for this and trust me, you might see this type of action especially in the hot tub late at night.  ALERT: You may see outright public sex occur around the nude pool and beach occasionally when large special interest groups are there for the week.  Check before booking to insure the crowd mix will be something you're comfortable with.

(two of H3's staff enjoying lunch themselves)
  • Wearing wind surf shoes helps you not to slip in the pool.
  • Get to the nude pool early if you want a seat.  There are only 30 or so chairs.
  • Take extra sunscreen, it's hot down here at Hedo III, that sun just keeps blazing away.
  • A nice BIG pair of dark sunglasses come in handy, think about it.  :-D
  • Make reservations early if you want to dine in the Japanese or Italian restaurant. 

Are you a scuba diver?  One more great thing about the Hedo's is the fact you can scuba dive FOR FREE with a valid scuba divers license.  If you're not a diver you can become one at the resort for around $70 and up depending on what level of dive you'd like.  The scuba shop is open 7 days a week from 8:30am till 4pm. 

The disco at Hedo III, Club Hurricane, is a true party place belting out dance tunes till the last person leave.  Action usually starts around 11pm.  One cool thing?  There's a waterslide that zips right thru the disco, how cool is that?  Drink prices?  INCLUDED!   Remember this place is all inclusive.  You're not even allowed to tip! 

(the waterslide going through the disco)

(Club Hurricane's DJ Phil with a thankful guest)

So get yourself down to Hedo III, it's an amazing place and like Hedo II, has one of the highest guest return rates of anywhere on the globe.  People don't stay that loyal unless a place is amazing, and Hedo III is the type of place that will most likely have YOU returning too!

I'm not a travel agent but you can book here BOOK, where they currently have a $570 price reduction at the time of this posting.  Enjoy being wicked for a week!


  1. We've only been to Hedonism II but have often wanted to visit Hedonism III. It sounds like it's a great resort too. Thank you for the review.

  2. Thanks Tom & Patty, I'm glad you enjoyed the review.

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  8. Great article! We have hads a lot of fun at Both Hedo II and Hedo III. It is to bad hedo III was closed. Be wicked for a week and give it a try.


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