Friday, April 30, 2010

What exactly is Emancipation Park? Kingston, JA

Emancipation Park is located in "New Kingston" which is about  3 or 4 miles away from the warm waters of the Caribbean.   It was completed in 2002 and now stands as a symbol of Kingston's attempt to revitalize it's surroundings.

"The Park was created to be a symbol of our Freedom to Hope, to Excel and to Be"

(an aerial view of the 10 acre park)

Where is it:  Kingston, Jamaica Google Maps to Park

This spacious park includes a running track, fountains, walk paths, reggae music pumping from hidden speakers and lots of green grass in the middle of the city.  Consider it a mini version of NYC's Grand Central Park.   One of the focal points of this park is a $4,500,000 US dollars statue called "Redemption Song" , by Laura Facey-Cooper.   It's a larger than life image of two slaves gazing up to the heavens.  The figures are around 9 feet tall and appear to be standing in a pool of water.  

The reason for the controversy?  The figures are both completely nude and their "proportions" are often times the talk of many first time gazers.   Others say the artwork by a white Jamaican fails to capture the significance of  Emancipation to the Caribbean.  Either way, they seem to be there to stay and it'd be nice to focus on their true meaning rather than the bodies.

  • The figures took 5 months to complete
  • 100 artists and engineers helped in their creation
  • The male statue weights 2000, the female is 1300 pounds
So for more learning about this park visit their official web site at:  Emancipation Park.   You'll find out cool facts such as no pets are allowed in the park, no bikes or motorized vehicles are allowed and that the park is filled with many flowers.

Thursday, April 29, 2010

Wynn Encore gambles big money on Adults-Only Nightclub/Pool

Casino developer Steve Wynn is banking on the idea that such pleasure seekers as yourself are going to soon come to Vegas to enjoy his new $67,000,000 adult pleasure playground.   It includes Surrender nightclub and Encore Beach Club, a 60,000-square-foot complex complete with shipped in sand, 3 tiered pools and 26 cabanas surrounded by 40 foot palm trees.   Cool thing:  each 350 foot cabana has private hot tubs, showers and temperature-controlled cooling and heating!

(the building of the Encore Beach Club)

 Set to open this Memorial Day 2010 (Monday, May 31st) Wynn has named DJ Kaskade as his pool side music man.  Those hooked to gambling CAN gamble poolside while taking in the sights of barley dressed people.  After the sun goes down, the entire complex morphs into one massive indoor/outdoor nightclub.  The beach club closes nightly at 7pm then Surrender opens up nightly at 10pm.  

The pool is "European style" AKA topless.  Hotels already held “castings” employees who must show up with a swimsuit to audition to be a server, bartender, bus staff and the like.  The back wall of the Wynn Hotel restaurant is being removed and replaced with glass so that diners can gaze at the nightclub revelers.  Executive chef Rene Lenger of Switch has designed a daytime menu of salads, sandwiches, wraps and BBQ in the restaurant’s main dining room and on the new 1,200-square-foot outdoor patio.

(happy times soon to be found at Wynn Hotel)

Are you ready to book a room and get in on this fun party?  Wynn Hotel has deals at their website, Wynn Hotel that offer 25% off with early booking.  Promo code:  EARLYBOOKING.  Since the party at the pool won't open for a few months, now is the time to book and save.  Keep that money for the poolside blackjack!

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Long live the super airplane - The Concorde!

I was never lucky enough to fly in a Concorde plane before they took them out of service in 2003.   I wish I had the chance, they were one remarkable plane, super fast and safe!   They started flying commercially between Europe and NYC back in 1976 and for 27 years only one fatal accident ever occurred.  And that was because it ran over debris on the runway setting off a chain reaction of unfortunate events.

This plane was FAST.  The fastest flight ever on record was from London to NYC at a time of 2 hours, 52 minutes, 59 seconds from takeoff to touchdown.  BOOOO YA!   With only 20 ever built it's amazing that so much ingenuity went into just 20 units.   The Concorde cruised at an average speed of 1,330 miles per hour, that's FAST.  A 757 for example cruised around 570 miles per hour.  It went so fast in fact that the nose up front would lower up and down during flights to assist it in it's travels.

(Inside a Concorde in service)

Currently there is a group of French Concorde fans that are keeping one Concorde in near flight ready condition where the plane is being kept at the Le Bourget Air and Space Museum in Paris.  There are companies trying to come up with the next commercial super sonic airplane to take to the skies.  I hope they're successful. 

(A Concorde breaking the speed of sound -768mph- and causing a sonic boom)

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Southwest serves Monster on their flights!

Caffeine junkies like me might like Southwest Airlines simply due to the fact that they sell Monster on board for either $3 or $5 a pop.  (I've seen both prices advertised)   How smart is it tho to down 200 plus mg of Caffeine when you still will be in the air for 4 hours?   Who knows, I'll try it anyway!

Southwest is trying to go paperless so they're ditching their coupon tactics and going with credit cards only.  I'm not sure if any airline will ever go back to free dinners and drinks but I can keep dreaming.  It seems the industry is moving towards the "less is more" ideology.

A little something soemething for the ladies...

When:  May 23rd to May 30th, 2010
Where:  Hedo III Jamaica
Why:  Well, I guess that for the ladies to figure out!

What do you get when you get a group of guys together stripping at Hedo III?   I'd gamble to say happy ladies and their men who are hoping to take advantage of their ladies visual happiness.   With names like:  Blaze, Extension, Extreme, Usher, Hollywood, Nexx and the "Jamaican Sensation" these guys book in for a week at Hedo III where they put on nightly shows for the female guests at Hedo III.

Event website page:  Devine men of Choice

Monday, April 26, 2010

Viking Resort in the Dominican Republic - Trip Report

***For the record, I did not and will not go to this resort.   Nothing against it but I'm happily married***

 Viking Resort,

About two months ago I was desperately in need for a vacation so I decided to go online to search out the ultimate destination. While online I came across your web page. After looking it over I immediately knew that the Viking Resort was the place I had been looking for. I quickly made my reservations and couldn't wait to arrive. 

Because of my hectic work schedule I arranged for the 3-day 2-night VIP package. Upon arrival to the airport a man holding my name greeted me. He quickly escorted me away from the eager taxi drivers and brought me to the van where I would meet Charlie and Lana for the first time. They were both so friendly and made the 10-minute ride to the villa a pleasure.

Finally, I had arrived. Charlie grabbed my bags and took me to the villa's front door. We entered... As I walked thru the door I was stunned by all of the gorgeous ladies that were there. I didn't know what to say. I was in heaven! I sat down and began to mingle with the ladies. I must admit I was a little nervous at first and wasn't quite sure what I was supposed to be doing. It was only seconds later that I met Steve. He quickly calmed my nerves and he even got me a beer! He told me to relax and enjoy everyone's company. So, with that in mind, I began to settle in a bit. The girls were so outgoing that it made it easy for me to feel at home.

After a few drinks, I was taken to my villa where I would be staying. Yanina, a beautiful Russian brunette escorted me there. I quickly changed and we were off! We took a walk hand in hand out to the ocean that backs right up to the villas property. It was breathtaking. We stood on the rocks and watched the waves crash below our feet. Yanina was so warm and loving. I felt like I had known her for years. She made me feel very welcome. 

We later took a taxi ride out to a beachfront bar located a few minutes from the Viking Villa. It was there that we got to talk and get know each other better. I couldn't be happier. Before I knew it, it was time for us to return to the villa where we would have dinner.

Dinner was held at the villa where I was staying. All of the gorgeous ladies were there, as well as the other friendly guests. We gathered poolside by a long table big enough to fit all of us. All of the ladies were breathtaking! The meals at the resort are nothing less of exquisite. Meals were prepared daily by the wonderful Viking Chefs.

I remember sitting at the table where we all gathered, set out under the stars, candle-lit, and set as if we were a royal family. Everything was elegant yet relaxed. Next to me sat Yanina. She made me feel so special, always showing some sort of affection. It was almost romantic in a way. Dinner was great; we all had such a great time together.

Night time activities can range from a visit to the casino at the near by Breezes resort, to a trip to the disco near the beach. Or maybe you might just want a quiet night, or not so quiet night at the villa. Whatever you choose you will have a blast. I know I did! Now I know what some of you might be thinking. Where is all the "Adult Entertainment"? Not to get into it, but trust me it is there. The girls are so romantic and affectionate. You won't be disappointed!

So to sum it all up. Would I recommend this Exotic Vacation to the Viking resort? ABSOLUTELY! It was like being in a dream. If I didn't have to be at work the next day, I would have arranged to stay longer. Make no mistake; this is not your ordinary resort. There are very few guests at one single time so you will be treated like a king!   Dean is always there to make sure things are going smoothly and guests are having a good time.

2.5.11 UPDATE:   It looks like Viking Exotic Resort is out of business, November 25, 2009. There are several rumors as to why they had to close but we want to hold off on reporting rumors.   We suggest checking out DR NightsThey got packages from $995 for 2 nights.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

La Piedra Beach in Malibu, CA - A personal visit!

If you're like us and luckily living in Los Angeles you're not all to far from La Piedra Beach in Malibu.  It's a hidden little beach just south of famous Paradise Cove.  Google Map of La Piedra.  (Do a street view, it's cool)  It's a state park that's open from 8am to sunset daily and they have a nice little parking lot that cost $4 as of last fall of 2009.

Once you pay and park you better break out your shoes are heavy duty sandals as you got a 200 foot decent down a dirt trail.  Watch your step at the base as the trails runs out at basically a big pile of huge rocks with waves rolling in (at high tide).   But the trail is a nice nature hike, going down is much easier than the hike up, burn those legs people!

(a lizard we found on the trail down)

Once you do make it down to the beach it's a nice secluded spot where not many people will be.  You'll find couples, surfers, families and we even saw one topless lady with her man.  This area of beach and it's larger co-part just south on the PCH, El Matador, used to have frequent nudist but over the years it's dwindled down to just a few brave naked souls. 

To read a cool blog about one fashion photog's adventure at La Piedra check out this link:  Photo shoot at La Piedra Beach.

(my lovely dips her toes in the cool waters)

 (our lonely v'ball and the ocean)

(a mystery wash-up from the Pacific)

Besides nudity another thing that's technically not allowed on this beach is dogs.  So what did we do?  Brought along our little guy Chico to help us explore the findings in the sand.  Note:  Chihuahua's do like to play (dig) in the sand but are NOT fond of waves chasing them right where the water breaks.  :-D

At the end of the day we were tired yet LOVED our little "daycation" to the beach.  For $4 bucks of parking and a gallon or two of gas it was well worth the cost and time.  If you're living in Los Angeles, get out there and report back your adventure to La Piedra.  If you're visiting LA then I vote this as a place you should check out time permitting.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Trip Report for Sea Mountain Inn

Courtesy of Tim and Serena! 

Travel dates: 2009

We went to Sea Mountain Inn with my wife in 2009 and wanted to share our experience there.

We live in Los Angeles so we hit the freeways and 1 hour and 40 mins later we found ourselves pulling up to SMI in what is an otherwise residential neighborhood. This at first throws you off but you can can tell it's clearly the resort from parking and the giant sign on the wall. When you get to the front gate you'll find it locked but you push a button and one of the staff will see who you are. (I think it's on camera too). In a few moments a staff member came to let us in and take us to the office.

Now the staff at SMI is what makes it great. They take care of you and make you feel at home from the start. We were handed drinks and filled out the sign in sheet. In about 4 mins we were off to our beautiful room. The rooms are VERY nice, no kidding. If Hedo II is a 5-6 (on a scale of 1-10, then SMI has 8-9 rooms on that same scale. Big beds, VERY clean and all the bedding/towels are high quality. The room is Zen like. Big flat screen TV on a mount in the corner of the room with a DVD player built in, a mini fringe, and a very nice shower. Again, the rooms are awesome. BTW, they give you a welcome package including lube, condoms and a porn DVD!

Dewey is an owner at SMI, he's not only a nice guy but a complete riot. I swear he's drinking Red Bull 24 hours a day, the man never stops keeping the party alive and well.

Outside the room there is a nice pool and bubbling hot tub. The resort itself is not huge, perhaps the size of the nude pool at Hedo. Lot's of naked people engaging in open sex, there are NO sex police at this place, that's for sure. It seems a lot of the guests were there for the sex and sharing. The pool was very busy during the day and the hot tub got busy at night.

The music at the resort rocks, a nice mix of party tracks that get you going. In the morning it's chill music till about 10am. There's also a disco room with stripper pole that got it's share of use while we were there. Also a bed in the disco got used more than a few times as we soaked away in the hot tub.

Food: Snack foods are free to guests but it is snack food. If you want a nice Hedo like meal, either order from anywhere or go out. We went to a market prior to going where we got drink and food to help us with our munchies. I'm pretty sure there was a microwave in the room. If not, I know the staff would warm up your snacks in theirs, they're very nice.

Speaking of staff, unlike Hedo they will walk around either topless OR naked, that's a switch. As they stroll around you'll be offered drinks often as you lie there asking yourself if you're in Jamaica or America.

Here's our ratings:

Staff - 10
Rooms - 10
Music - 10
Pools - 9
Food - 5 (snack food)
Party atmosphere - 10
Price/value - 8 (mostly sold out each weekend)

(on the freeway as you get into Desert Palm Springs)

So as a summary, if you're looking for a Hedo like escape here in the states, you'll be very happy. For us SMI is a great 2-3 night place, any longer than that we'd jump on a plane and head to the Tropics.

Vacation Barefoot says, "Thank you Tim and Serena!!!" 

Ladies & Gents - protect those vacation feet!

When you go to any seaside resort such as Hedo II or III, Breezes, Sandals, Couples or wherever you go to get your vacation on it's always a good idea to pack along a pair of cool water shoes.  Protect those feet so you can dance the night away!

Crocs are out, these are in.

Both of these rad sandals can be found at my Amazon Store, pick them up before heading out!


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Historical photos and places of Jamaica!

I think you all know how I feel about Jamaica, I love it!   I also have gotten into history more in the last few years.  PRESTO, here comes a historical photos and places of Jamaica post!   Jamaica has a rich history even out-dating America.  I'll try to post some photos here of early Jamaica and events over the years worth looking at.


Created 1671 by John Ogilby from

A Concord Airplane flies to Montego Bay in 1987

A modern photo of an OLD sugar mill water wheel in Montego Bay

Bob Marley in Kingston in 1963 with his Mother.  Approximate age 18.

An old scuba tank washed up on the east coast of Jamaica

Haile Selassie visits Kingston in 1966

A remarkable cache of rare Fine Old Jamaica Rum circa 1870-1890
Read about them here:  Old Rum

Photograph by Algernon E Aspinall. 
Image on postcard posted in Retreat, Jamaica 1922. 

Old Jamaican managroves along Jamaica's "Black River"

In 1912 these two ladies perpare for church near St. Ann

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Travel Insurance and a Volcano

If you bought travel insurance before the volcanic ash in Iceland started messing up flights, you might be wondering what travel expenses it will cover.  If you haven't bought travel insurance you might be seriously thinking about it in wake of this natural phenomenon.

Americans spent $1.6 billion on travel insurance, compared with $578 billion on life insurance premiums in 2008. Roughly three in 10 travelers buy coverage for their trip, and many of them have been calling in to file claims this week.

Want to compare trip insurance plans?   Check out these guys:   HTH Worldwide

'Trip Cancellation Package Policies', the most comprehensive type of  travel insurance plans, offer the greatest benefits for travelers forced to cancel their trips prior to leaving   Additionally, these policies include coverage for the travel delays that are heavily impacting travelers everywhere and provide reimbursement for hotel accommodations, meals, and transportation needs due to cancelled flights caused by the volcanic event. Coverage varies by company and plan however.

Watch TV reports just TRY and pronounce "Eyjafjallajokull"

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

More featured Jamaican models

Jeneil Williams
Ms Williams was born in Kingston, Jamaica in 1990.  She's been on several high profile covers and is being noticed for her strong looks.  Her lips and legs get much attention and she won the Caribbean Model Search. 

Tara Vendryes
Ms Vendryes is a 20 year old Jamaican up and coming model.  She's from Kingston Jamaica and has made herself rather known on the internet.  She's done a lot of work in Jamaica and is looking to make her name known here in America.

Raschelle Osbourne
Ms Osbourne was born in Jamaica in 1989.  This leggy model is 5'10 and has graced magazines plus worked for several high profile advertisers.  Word has it she's a fun spirit and easy to work with.

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