Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Do you like the entertainment coordinator's of Hedo?

There's a growing battle over at Denny P message board about Hedonism II's entertainment coordinators in Negril Jamaica.  Should they still be there?  Do they serve a purpose?  Would you vote to keep them there?

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Myself, I like them.  They're not always useful but hey, they're fun to have around.  They tend to be both good looking and younger and often times with tons of excess energy.  That's what bothers some, they feel the EC's are just too loud.

As one frustrated resort guest wrote, "I find them loud and obnoxious.I come to Jamaica to relax and enjoy myself. I do not need the loud packs of immature hooligans disrupting the place."

Or as another guest wrote, "The best times I have spent with any of the EC's has been when we get to talk to them and just get to know some of them. Turns out some are pretty cool people."

           POLL TIME
Do you like the EC's of Hedo?

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