Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Female rapper, Foxy Brown, get's the boot off a cruise ship

What do you get when you cross a cruise ship and a diva passenger throwing a mega-bitch fit over something that was her fault in the first place?   The unruly passenger "walks the plank" at the first port-of-call the ship can find.   

Last week, 32 year old Foxy Brown was on a Royal Caribbean cruise as a performer for the Tom Joyner Fantastic Voyage Cruise which is an annual event for fans of Joyner's radio show.   Word has it that she had a manicure scheduled with the ships beauty department but ran about 3 hours late.  When she finally did arrive they were booked and couldn't do her nails.  So Foxy went nuclear and cause a MAJOR scene. 

(the un-manicured Foxy)

Ship officials escorted her back to her room and kept her under guard till the ship could make it to the next port-of-call, Grand Cayman, where they asked her to get off the boat!   As reported, you have to be pretty wicked nasty to get kicked off a cruise ship.  Way to go Foxy!

The Voyager of the Seas was on a round-trip sailing from Galveston, Texas, that departed March 20.

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