Wednesday, November 30, 2011

An old and very costly bottle of Bacardi Gold Rum

I've been posting a lot lately on rum.  Why?  I haven't a clue!  But I do enjoy rum.  I think it's partly the drink, partly the history of the spirit and it has a lot to do with the Caribbean.  So I was cruising the web searching for the oldest and most costly bottle of rum money could buy, and I think I found it!

Presenting to you a bottle of Bacardi Gold Rum from the 1930's.  Yes, this is a complete bottle of rum in the original bottle with the original rum and label.   This is when Bacardi was made in Cuba before Castro decided to start this little revolution, take over the distillery and Bacardi decided to get the hell off the island. 

(click the bottle to enlarge it)

I don't know the back-story to this particular bottle.  How did it stay sealed for 80 plus years?  Where has it been?  Clearly it's been somewhere safe because the label on the bottle looks great!   This is why it's priced, as of today, at 2,100 euro.  And at the conversion rate today that's $2,840 American smack-a-roos.  If I was wealthy for life you bet I would buy it for my collection, till that happens I'll stick with the local market Bacardi for $20.

You can actually buy this bottle at:  I think it's funny that someone on their site left a comment for this bottle, "Best served with coke."  Hahaha, now I agree that Coke and a fine rum make for a delicious drink but if I got my hands on this bottle I would NOT mix it with Coke.


  1. Price is actually 2,100 GB POUNDS - just a little change from US$3,300
    Cheap compared to the most expensive scotch whisky - GBP 15,000 or, if you need to know, 23½ thousand US$
    It's in a decanter, not a bottle, so perhaps the price is justified. lol

  2. Either way, would you buy a bottle like these, if money wasn't a concern? I think I would.

    However, I hear that rum past 20 years really doesn't improve, so it might just be a collectible.

  3. Rum, whisky, wine - makes no difference - they mature in the barrel, in bulk. Once bottled that process stops.
    i. e. Buy a bottle of 12 year old rum, save for 9 years, you won't have something similar to a bottle of 21 year old.


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