Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Beef, booze and babes in Las Vegas!

A new steakhouse is set to open next month in Las Vegas that's owned by good time ex-Las Vegas mayor, Oscar Goodman.  Oscar's Steakhouse will be in the newly renovated Plaza Hotel and Casino downtown Las Vegas.  Their official website says that "the decor of Oscar's will be glamorous and uniquely Las Vegas, incorporating memorabilia from Goodman's 12-year tenure as mayor and classic photographs of Las Vegas over the years.

  Oscar's will have attractive hostesses who'll talk with diners "about topics like sports, wine and politics."  They will even eat and drink with guests, says Oscar.   The fun loving ex-mayor also said, "I want them to drink so much that they won't even care that the steak is prime — which it will be, I assure you."


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