Thursday, November 10, 2011

Buy cool pirate coins and other artifacts

Here's a cool site I found that I in NO way, shape or form guarantee it's authenticity - that being said, it looks pretty legit.   On this site you can purchase pirate coins, guns and even canyons.   They got coins starting off at $25 (plus shipping) and up.  A lot of the coins are in the $300 dollar range.

Most of the coins seem to come from the wreck of the Consolacion from 1681.   According to their website...

"The Consolacion, a Spanish Armada del Sur (South Sea Armada) galleon, was lost in 1681 after striking a reef near Guayaquil Ecuador.  A delay in receiving silver coins from the mint in Potosi prevented the Santa Maria de la Consolacion from sailing with the rest of the armada from Callao, Chile.  When the lone ship met pirates, the captain decided to ground the Consolacion on Santa Clara island, nicknamed Isla de Muerto (Island of the Dead), but struck a reef in the process.  The vessel was evacuated and intentionally set on fire by the crew to prevent the plunder of treasure; Consolacion coins are thus true pirate treasure coins.  Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity & history."

So if you're down for some authentic pirate booty check them out at: Pirate & Shipwreck Treasure Coins.

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