Friday, November 18, 2011

Another look at Google Flights

I love Google.  They come up with so many cool ideas and products including Google Flights that debuted this summer.   Users can search for flights at and then filter their flight queries by price, airlines and routes.   It offers a super clean interface that's quick and very easy to use.  Another cool factor:  it shows on the map prices for others cities across the nation.

(sample screen-shot)

I decided to check it out for myself.  Flying out of Los Angeles I added "Sin City", Las Vegas.  For a round trip starting Friday December 16th to Monday December 19th I found fares from $118 on Spirit all the way up to $503 flying Delta.

Now you don't book your flight with Google directly.  Once you find the price you want to book you select it and you'll be whisked off to the website of the airline who's price you like.   I don't know how Google makes money off it and ordinarily I'd research it and find out, but I'm trying to watch a game of Football on the side here, so you're on your own buck-a-roos!


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