Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The best midpriced hotel for business travel?

According to a survey put out by Business Travel News, Holiday Inn Express takes the #1 spot this year.   The 2011 survey asked 519 business travelers their thougths on different hotels for business and Holiday Inn Express got a 3.86 score was the highest among the midprice hotels.

(a Holiday Inn Express in Pennsylvania)

There are now over 1,500 Holiday Inn Expresses in the world.  This is a nice jump since the line of hotels didn't take off till 1990.   At most HIE's you'll find 60 to 80 rooms, free internet use and business centers with computers, printers and fax machines.  The idea of the Express line was to provide guests a cheaper hotel option while keeping things clean and nice.  Most nights you can find rooms from $120 and $200 at a HIE.

Official site for Holiday Inn Expres:

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