Friday, November 11, 2011

When dining alone how do you pass time?

Dining alone on the road always comes with a few choices - what do you do once you pick a place to eat?  Do you take a bar seat and people-watch?  Do you bring a book or a magazine to read?  Do you just sit alone hoping to find someone else to chat it up with?

These days another option keeps most busy while dining: the smartphone.  You can text, surf the web, Facebook, take photos of your meal and post them on Twitter, whatever!   I see so many people on their phones at the bar I begin to wonder when bars will start adding power outlets for their customers.

What do you do while dining alone?


  1. I always try to get a bar seat... That way at least I can listen to conversations, people watch, and even have my own talk with the bartender or other patrons. Eating alone is miserable.

  2. I just eat fast and try to be at a place with TV's... at least I get to watch a game while I wait.


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