Monday, May 30, 2011

HOT DEAL: Samsara in Negril from $36 a night

Word on the streets have Samsara Cliffs Resort in Negril, Jamaica having rooms from just $36 a night and that rate INCLUDES taxes and fees.  That's pretty incredible.  Let's see...a room for 7 nights would only cost $252 bucks, are you kidding me?

I went to their official website,, and tried a search for myself, I found a $49 room rate with just one search and if I had played with the dates who knows what I might have gotten.  I did June 23rd to June 30th to get that price.

Now you might have to pay extra for things like WiFi and even AC, but it's still a great price.  I know there are local places one can find to get their WiFi on but if you want the AC then check with Samsara on how much that might run.  Some rooms have AC, others don't.

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