Thursday, May 26, 2011

The girls are out playing at DR Nights

The weather in the Dominican Republic is very nice this time of year, not too hot, the 'canes are not blowing just yet and everyone's in a summer state of mind.  The girls of DR Nights, the #1 Escort Resort, are out letting the guys know they're happy to see them at the resort.

* click any photo to enlarge it

Check them out at DR Nights, they got specials from about $1,000 for a couple of sex filled fun nights!


  1. Hey these girls looks really very sexy.. All of them have have great figure with your great ass and tits. I wanna definitely come to taste them once and with bet i can say they will definitely get fully satisfied with all my activities...

    London Escort Ebony

  2. Who the hell dont want to go to a place like this. Such romantic beach, such fucking girls. Man, I cant let my penis wait anymore.

    London Escorts


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