Friday, May 27, 2011

Have your very own private island for just $100 a night

So now you're thinking I've flipped my lid, come on man, a private island for $100 a night!?!?   It's true!  Just 20 miles off the coast of Honduras, and not far from Roatan, are two little islands that can be yours.  Little Cay and Sandy Cay are both super cheap if you want to kick back on your own island.

Now at these rates the accommodations are not 5 star, but you're on an island baby.  Each Cay has one small house outfitted with limited electricity via solar power. A generator provides power at night. There is running water, but it’s limited as well. Fans, yes. Air conditioning, no. Pampering, definitely no.

(a dock at Sandy Key)

Rates for Sandy Cay are just $100US per night up to 6 people, then $15 usd additional per person.  If you are just staying one night, the rate is $130US for the night.     Rates for Little Cay run only $115 US per night up to 6 people, then $15 US additional per person up to 12 people.   If you are just staying one night, rates start at $150 US for up to 6 people.  

 (Little Cay House and Sandy Cay House)
To get to either Sandy Cay and Little Cay, you can arrange a boat ride with the managers of the Islands, for  an additional fee, $42 usd one way for the boat.  Sandy Cay is about 15-20 minutes from Pigeon Cay and about 45 minutes from Utila, and Little Cay is about 10 minutes from Pigeon Cay and about 30 minutes from Utila.          

Both Sandy Cay and Little Cay can be rented by contacting George Jackson or Barry Jackson (English speaking), who live on Pigeon Key.  Everyone knows them there.  You can also reach them via email at or Telephone: 011- (504) 408-3100.       

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