Tuesday, April 5, 2011

A lawsuit in Atlantic City over sexy costumes

Seven former cocktail servers at Atlantic City's Resorts Casino Hotel are suing the hotel because the hotel fired 15 women after getting new costumes for their ladies to wear, apparently, the 15 didn't pass the "visual test."  

(Resorts Casino Hotel)

The discrimination suit filed in the state Superior Court alleges Resorts and its new owner, Dennis Gomes, created a "sham evaluation process" in which cocktail servers auditioned in new outfits in a Roaring '20s theme and were judged on their appearance by a modeling agency representing the casino according to PressofAtlanticCity.com.

(the new proposed costumes)

In the resorts defense, they are trying to launch a sexy new theme and those ladies who didn't pass the looks test DID get offered new jobs at the hotel, just not as cocktail servers.  Some took the new jobs, the others are suing!  The plaintiffs in the suit are seeking to be reinstated with full pay and unspecified damages.

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