Saturday, May 28, 2011

Resorts Casino Hotel has a '20s theme for Memorial Day weekend

Back in April we brought you a story about Resorts Casino Hotel and their new planned outfits.  It was a lawsuit at the time because waitresses were getting canned in preparation of new sexy outfits.  I have no idea what happened to the pending litigation but I see now that the outfits are in place and the resort plans to show them off this Memorial Day weekend with a 20's theme party. 

Memorial Day weekend has always been the traditional kick-off of the peak tourist season in most areas with Atlantic City being no exception.   And Resorts Casino is ready for it.  The re-branding of Atlantic City’s oldest casino follows its $31.5 million sale six months ago to gaming executive Dennis Gomes and New York real estate magnate Morris Bailey. 

Resorts’ new theme is more than a simple marketing gimmick.  The new owners are also refurbishing parts of the property to give it a 1920s appearance, including an Art Deco-style makeover for 480 hotel rooms in the Ocean Tower.  Also, the employees will do more than serve the customers — they will also entertain them.  It's all part of the act of the new Resorts Casino Hotel 20's theme.

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