Saturday, May 21, 2011

A 26 year old American spends 48 hours in a Jamaican jail

What happens when you try to fly out of Jamaica and you have a .22 bullet in your travel bag?  You get to spend 2 more nights on the lovely island.   Steven Carter, 26, a married man and father of a baby girl, spent two scary nights in an open jail cell in Jamaica with other inmates on terrorism charges.

Carter could have faced seven years or more in a Jamaican prison had he been convicted on the terrorism charge.  Good thing he got out on a $3,000US bail because while in jail he had to pay guards to ensure he received food and water.

After a hearing and the bail posting the couple jumped on a Delta flight and got back to George Friday night (May 20th) where Carter could resume his career, preaching.  He and his wife were in Jamaica at a resort in Montego Bay.  Carter had no idea how the bullet got in the bag but it was an older bag and family members used to hunt, so it could have been leftover hunting items.

 Lesson learned?  Always make sure you know the contents of your bag before flying anywhere.

P.S., I wonder if they serve Jamaican beef patties in jail?  Yum.

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