Wednesday, May 18, 2011

The top 9 reasons to visit DR Nights

Do you need reasons why to visit DR Nights other than the hot babes you get all week?   Well, ok then... 

1) Exotic Girls From Around The World
Girls in the Caribbean offer and unmatched experience,  and our companions will treat you like a king!  We ensure this by selectively choosing girls who can fulfill our requirements, and we also award a "Top in Client Satisfaction Badge" that's reflected on their online pictures on their site, DR Nights.

2) No Credit Card Required / Pay Cash On Arrival
This option is available to our clients, here at DR Nights we do realize seeing is believing, so we welcome you to come down and see for yourself, once you believe, you pay.

3) Medical Exams All our girls are screened for Health Issues
Here at DR Nights we feel a certain responsibility towards our clients, we comply with local laws and make every effort to keep you safe in the Dominican Republic, we take security very seriously, this includes screening all our girls from health to police records.  We keep all ID's on file with local police and as part of our licensing requirements we also keep clean bill of health certificates on file, these documents are available for your inspection on request.

4) Low Prices/ Great Value (Our vacation packages begin at $790 USD)
For 2 Nights and 3 days All Inclusive (Airport transfer, Caribe Club suite, Food, Drinks and Girls).  We also have private villas, your custom adult package is only a click away at

5) Prostitution is Legal in the Dominican Republic
Don't risk getting arrested in the USA, DR Nights offers clients security and discretion, we deal with upscale educated individuals who demand discretion from us and we aim to please.  :-D

6) We are the only adult resort who seamlessly integrates excursions with your adult vacation
Excursions liven up your vacation, how do we know?  This is what we do for a living, and clients with excursions have a much better experience on their adult vacation.  Hey, you can't have sex all day long man, or can you? :-D

7) We greet you with 2 Girls a cold beer and premium cigar on arrival
That's right!  We greet you with two beautiful models, your choice of beer and Petrus Premium cigar on arrival, airport transfers are included in your adult vacation package.  Sweet!

8) Private Beach w/Butler Service!
Welcome to the most upscale adult vacation resort, all packages include Premium International drinks, Private Beach, with butler service, Private Lounge, non-motorized water sports and entertainment! 

9) Reception Party!
Upon Arrival we throw you your very own reception party, where we line up at least 15-30 Girls, this is where you will mingle and choose which girl is worthy of being your main companion and which girls will be your daily 2 hr. companions.  They all want to get picked and will do whatever they have to do to get chosen, This part is very intense since most men haven't experienced 15-30 girls using all their assets at one time to get your attention, Good Luck.. :)

(DR Night Girls welcoming another lucky guest)
Check out their specials at:

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