Saturday, June 5, 2010

Welcome to the biggest nude beach on the Atlantic Coast!

Within the national park "Sandy Hook" is Gunnison Beach, a six mile stretch of beach where it's legal to be nude on part of it.   From Memorial Day to Labor day it cost $10 per car and outside of that season, free.  I guess they figure who's gonna skinny dip at Christmas?

(An aerial view of Sandy Hook)

This beach is on Federal Land and there are NO bans on alcohol so this beach is both nude and you can BYOB!   Over 5,000 sun seekers hit the beach in the busy summer weekdays.   On the weekends that number climbs to over 8,000!   Check out the official park's website here:  Sandy Hook Park.

Back in the 1800's there was a Fort built on this land used to protect New York harbor but in 1972 it was decommissioned and the nudity ensued.   For the cost of admission you also have lifeguards to help protect you from those Atlantic waters.  If you get tired of just laying around take a bike ride around the hook or check out the still in operation lighthouse!

So if you're ready to enjoy the summer in the buff and you're in the NE part of our great country check out Sandy Hook!   Here's their Google Map:  Sandy Hook.


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