Sunday, January 15, 2012

Archived footage from 2004 - Hurricane Ivan hits Jamaica

Nearly a decade later comes photos out of Hedonism II that show the damage left in the wake of Hurricane Ivan.  Negril took a hit in September of 2004.

The bad news was that 17 Jamaicans lost their lives from the storm.  The good news was that nobody got hurt while at the resort.  They had minor damage but the capable crew of Hedo took care of the cleanup in a few weeks.

Testimony from a guest that was there, "We rode out Hurricane Ivan at Hedo III in '04. It was one of our best trips ever. We had just been through two hurricanes in Florida, saw Ivan coming and went down early before they shut off the airline flights. I think there were about 75 of us there plus some of the staff managers and E/C's who managment brought in to look after the place (and us). We had a blast. They even boarded up Pastafari as a "safe" room, took out many of the tables and put mattresses in there. We were all (staff included) ordered into the room by 8:00 PM to ride out the storm and wound up having one of the largest "slumber" parties any of us had ever seen. 

Power al over the island went down but the resort has a huge generator(s) that supplied full power until the electricitiy came on several days later. We don't recommend it, but there were lots of our friends there with us and it was an experience we won't forget. The resort only took minor damage because the storm track shifted and it skirted the South coast with the mountains blocking the full force of the storm."

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