Thursday, January 12, 2012

Mayfield Falls in Jamaica - a personal review

Ok, so this will be a dated review, but it's authentic none-the-less.  In 2003 (or was it 2002) I was enjoying time in Negril, Jamaica.  But after being at the resort all week 4 of us decided to escape into the "real" Jamaica.  The front desk suggested we go to Mayfield Falls.  The front desk brochure read, "Overall Mayfield Falls is truly a nature lover's paradise with it's two beautiful waterfalls, 21 natural pools, 52 varieties of ferns, an abundance of exotic tropical flowers and plant species, and several types of birds, butterflies, and indigenous wildlife."  Sounded good to us!  After we plopped down $70 bucks per person we were on our way around 10am on a perfect October Jamaican morning.

(yours truly, errr...NM, and a couple we met in Jamaica)

The trip itself was on a resort provided van/bus and it took maybe 45 mins to get to the falls from where we were staying in Negril.   Once there we took a hike in some woods and over a bridge to get to the river where we'd spend the next 2 hours playing in the cool river.  The scenic view in the mountains was really beautiful and made getting out of the resort worth it in-itself.  In the river we hiked on cool stones and splashed around in the cool clear waters.  At one point we came upon several waterfalls and had the chance to swim under them. You get plenty of shade and coolness that you're just not used to in Jamaica.

(Mayfield Falls are located in the Dolphin Head Mountains)

After we had our fun in the river it was a hike back to base came where the staff of Mayfield Falls had a lunch prepared for us.  I had the chicken, rice and peas,(beans), and pasta salad of some sort.  No, it's not 5 star food but it sure tasted good after climbing around in the hills.  At this point we also took the time to take our photos before jumping back on the bus and making it back to Hedonism II around 3pm.

Would I recommend a visit to Mayfield Falls?  Yes!  The staff at Mayfield made the trip fun, safe and they were sure to point out facts about nature alone the way, most of which I forgot.  We had the chance to walk about 3/4 quarters of a mile in some of the most beautiful back-country you can imagine.  I'd only recommend that you bring with you sunscreen, water-shoes so you don't slip and a sense of appreciation for Jamaica.  After all, if I can remember this tour nearly 10 years later it must be worth the price and time it took.

I want to include a Google Maps aerial of Mayfield but I'm having a hard time coming up with one.  As near as I can tell it's closest to Glenbrook, Jamaica but I can't pull it up.  I'll keep working on it as your hard working Jamaica loving blogger.  :-)

Bonus VideoJamaica - Mayfield River Walk.

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