Monday, January 16, 2012

A man's ultimate sex toy, the Fleshlight...

Ok, when the ladies use sex toys us guys tend to love it.  We think nothing less of them!  Is there a taboo however when the roles are reversed?   The Fleshlight is a male sex toy that closely replicates the feelings of a real woman.  I haven't used one, not that there's shame in it, but people tend to rave about it.

The Amazon product description:  The Ice Lady offers all the same super-soft pleasures of the original Fleshjack, but with a clear sleeve color and case for enhanced visual stimulation.  Ice Lady is available with the exclusive Crystal inner texture which has been designed to stimulate your penis with distinctive sensations all throughout.  As you explore the Ice Lady you'll begin to appreciate the subtle nuances each uniquely chiseled pleasure chamber has to offer.


  1. Of course yes,
    It's an ultimate sex toy. I love fleshlight too much.

  2. Fleshlight is the sex toy, I like to play with most. It makes me up just in moments.


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