Thursday, January 5, 2012

Name that Beach - the answer!

Martinique: The Hidden French Destination in the Caribbean!  Martinique is a 436 square mile island that's French, very pretty and they have topless beaches!   All of the beaches on Martinique are open to the general public.  Although there are no designated nude beaches on the island, topless sunbathing and swimming isn't uncommon at beaches near hotels, and even at hotel pools.

The island was occupied first by Arawaks, then by Caribs. It was charted by Columbus in 1493, but Spain had little interest in the territory. It was claimed by France in 1635 and, despite several interludes of British occupation, has remained a French possession.  In 1946, the French National Assembly voted unanimously to transform the colony into an overseas department.

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If you wanna check out the island of Martinique on the cheap, one place you might want to consider is Domaine de l'Anse Ramier.  It's a hotel on the island that has room rates from $59 to $80 bucks (and up).  That's a hot price! awards the hotel "#1 value hotel in Martinique."  And the joint looks pretty decent too.

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