Sunday, January 29, 2012

2012's 5 coldest cities in the US

It seems that this winter has been pretty chill, I mean, warm, for most people in the country.  The last few weeks brought in a few storms and much needed snow to ski resorts, but overall, it's not been that bad.  But it is winter and so I bring you a list of the top 5 coldest cites in America!

5.  Caribou, ME - Average Annual Temp:  47 degrees
4.  Jackson, WY - Average Annual Temp:  39.4 degrees
3.  Gunnison, CO - Average Annual Temp:  38.1 degrees
2.  International Falls, MN - Average Annual Temp:  37.8 degrees
1.  Barrow, AK - Average Annual Temp:  11.7 degrees

(chilling out in Barrow)

Some bonus facts about cold days in the Caribbean...

The coldest day in Jamaican History:  30.1 degrees way up in the Blue Mountians.   But the record for the coldest day ever in all of the Carribean?  It got down to a bone chilling 26 degrees in the Dominican Republic March of 2011.

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