Monday, January 31, 2011

An ad for Negril Beach Village in 1977

As found in the January 10th, 1977 issue of New York Magazine...

(click to enlarge, note the shark teeth they used to give out)

This full page ad was on page 4 of the magazine, a pretty prominent (and expensive) placement.  Negril Beach Village opened up sometime in 1976, but which month I don't know, it opened up December of 1976.  So this ad was when the resort was less than one year old.  In 1981 the resort changed names to Hedonism II.

View the magazine at:  New York Magazine - January 1977

UPDATE:  "International Mikey" told us he was next door at Sundowner (which is now Sandals) in early summer/late Fall of 1976 when he noted the new Negril Beach Village.  He was able to walk around the property, purchase the legendary sharks teeth, dance at the disco and take in a show.  In fact, he says that was his start of being a "Hedo-phile" and has been back to Hedonism II 30+ times after that trip back in the day.

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