Monday, January 24, 2011

Pirate's Cove in Avila Beach, CA (near Santa Barbara)

Pirate's Cove north of Santa Barbara, Pirate's Cove, is a non-official nude beach that's been in action for years.  On most days you'll find an older crowd and maybe a few creepy guys hanging around waiting for some hot babe to show up but that doesn't happen all that often.   But the plus side is the Volleyball, decent seclusion and a nice group of nudists. 

This Pirate's Cove in Avila Bay should not be confused with Pirate's Cove in Los Angeles.  This one is for nudists and the other....not.  It's a quarter of a mile long of wonderful beach and even has a decent mix of ladies.  Getting there, directions, is not too hard, but it's not in the heart of Los Angeles.  We'll have to get up there personally and give you a better review.

(Here you can join Gaby Sun Heart, Photos, as she tours Pirate's)


  1. They have drum circles on full moons there! Clothing optional but most of the drummers come clothed haha so there's something for people of every comfort level. I like to camp when I am up that way because I'm a traveler who has to stay on a moderately tight budget, but when I make my way down to Santa Barbara I always stay at the Sandman Inn ( It's such a nice hotel you will feel like you're splurging but it's really quite affordable. Great accomodations and two pools! (not nude haha)

  2. I love the full moon drum circle! And The Sandman Inn ( is a great hotel, it's close enough to all the bars downtown that taking a taxi back isn't outrageously expensive, you could even walk if you wanted to. Santa Barbara is awesome!

  3. Avila Beach is so gorgeous and the most quaint little beach town. A bit north of Santa Barbara which is by far my favorite town in the area by far! A lot more to do and the best hotel in town by far would be the South Coast Inn ( So elegant and the perfect place to catch up on some much needed R&R.

  4. Avila Beach is quite nice and well worth making a day trip too. They have a ton of great little restaurants right by the beach and not too expensive either. Sand dunning is pretty popular in this area and well worth trying if you like some thrills and excitement in your everyday! I personally love spending my time in Santa Barbara whenever I am in this area. More to do and the hotels are much nicer! The Sandman Inn ( is great for those traveling on a budget and looking for a nice place!

  5. Santa Barbara has the best beaches in the area, why go anywhere else? Avila Beach has a tremendous marine layer every single time I am driving through or even trying to stop to check it out! Of course there are clouds in SB but sunny skies just love Santa Barbara just as much as I do. This past summer was so beautiful and the beach weather was AMAZING! My family and I stayed at the South Coast Inn ( Close to the beach and the rooms were huge!


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