Saturday, January 29, 2011

Google Places - a new I-Phone App review

In this man's humble opinion, Google has it's search engine and host of products down to a science.   And now if you have an I-Phone, and who doesn't, you can download the FREE app from Google called "Google Places."

It's a simple app that pinpoints where you are using your phones GPS system then you can click on 9 little icons to find things near where you area.  Bars, ATM's, restaurants, gas stations and more can all be located quickly and without drama, the signature style of Google.

(this app came out Jan 6th and it's 6.? megs)

I did a quick search or two for the important things, like bars, and found the information pretty accurate.  You can even sign in using your Google log in and give places ratings helping the next person that comes along looking for a rum and Coke in your area.  So this might be an app you'll find handy when traveling or just out of your usual spots you visit.  Who knows when you'll wanna find a slice of pizza and the post office.  :-D


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