Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Bikini catfight at a Vegas pool...ohhhh yeah!

Word has it that a bikini catfight went down at the Hard Rock Hotel and Casino swimming pool last week.  It all sounds like fun and games but this smackdown is heading to court!  Apparently, bikini clad hottie #1 was mocking another bikini clad hotties choice of swimsuit and decided she should go over to her and rip it off!  Works for me.  But security got involved and broke up the fight.

("Rehab", HRC's pool, on a better day)

30 mins later, the drama kicked in again as bikini clad hottie #1 returned and proceeded to pound away at the poor girls face with a drink cup.  This caused her cuts and bruises and now according to her lawyer, perhaps she'll even need plastic surgery.  Naturally, they're also suing the Hard Rock because failed to provide proper security, according to the lawsuit.

What happens in Vegas, ends in a courtroom.

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