Sunday, January 23, 2011

Old Photos of Hedonism II - shot 19 years ago!

Here are a few old photos of Hedonism II from Negril back in the day.  This resort and spa has been jamming in the warm sun of Negril, Jamaica since 1976 when it opened up first as Negril Beach Village.  In 1981 it became Hedonism II and since then, the party has yet to ever stop.

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Here's a photo of the old prude beach bar in 1992

Off the nude beach Hedo II used to have
floating platforms, now they're all gone!

Delroy, the head bartender of Hedo II, is
still going strong nearly 19 years later...

This "orgy stump" was carved from a tree but it's
long gone.  It was near the start of the nude
beach where they still keep the sailboats.

And lastly, the rooms.  They pretty much look
the same today, but with TV's now.

Hedonism is still THE place to go even after all these years.  Check out SuperClubs where you can book yourself a deal at:  Hedonism II.   They have specials that can get you in on the party from $140 per night/per person (up to $254) for the all-inclusive fun.

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