Sunday, January 23, 2011

Business travel lessesn due to conference calls

Business executives with an upcoming meeting have two choices: they can pack their things, travel to the airport, catch a flight, unpack in a hotel, and take a cab to an office or they can go into the next room and hook up with their business contacts via a conference call.

These days, more and more business is being done with conference calls.  In 2010 alone it's said that business being done either using conference calls, web conferencing and/or sites like have reduced travel by 37% among the suits in the sky.

And it's gotten easier as technology has improved.  Gone are the days when you had to buy expensive equipment for video conferencing and yet settle for hazy picture and unsettling time lag in voice.  Web conferencing technology has made great strides in the past few years.  Firms are also seeing productivity increasing as they don't have their employees sitting around airports getting tired.

I don't airplanes will EVER go out of style, even for the business travelers but there is a trend going on here.


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